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  1. Cover the beast with a tarp when ice is probable. You might try spraying the gears with silicone or teflon spray in advance; no idea if that will work. Actually...thinking about it... it might "see" through a tarp or windscreen if it's held above the dome.
  2. A good snort of Purogene would kill the algae and remove the biofilm but a new hose would probably be cheaper.
  3. I drove through Southwind a couple of years ago. It looked very decent, a residential park in a very rural area. It's not near anything; the nearest supermarkets etc are in Foley. No idea about cell service.
  4. You'll need to get a Roku. I've been doing Playon for a couple of years now, works fine. A benefit is that it'll cast the recordings to the roku when there's no internet so long as the router is on.
  5. A blast from the past. I was on Fidonet, 1:363/29.
  6. This is where they came from. http://www.firefightproducts.com/Fire_Fight_Supplemental_Hal.html
  7. There is no reasoning. Just knee-jerk reactions.
  8. To spcifically answer your question, no, you may not retain your homestead exemption if you rent out your home, according to the Pasco County Property Appraiser.
  9. I use this stuff https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T3BXP3X/?coliid=I1SM45FJ7E21N9&colid=XYN4Z4HQXODB&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it to replace Happy Camper in warm weather because Happy Camper is insufficient. Although not sold as a sensor cleaner it may work. I do note, however, that the same company sells a sensor cleaner https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T3BXP3X/?coliid=I1SM45FJ7E21N9&colid=XYN4Z4HQXODB&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I don't know anything about it but I'd be inclined to give it a try. Maybe filling the tank 1/3 or so plus a big glug of Calgon and Dawn
  10. How much sodium would you expect to find per liter of softened water?
  11. We considered a cell amp/repeater but since we hardly ever talk on the phones and this was before Wifi Ranger etc, we put the bucks into data service knowing we could do VoIP if we wanted to.
  12. Waverly, FL Floral City, FL A few miles outside Mayo, FL A few miles south of Grenada, MS A few miles outside Demopolis, AL Several COE parks along Thurmond Lake, GA/SC Washington, TX To name a few. Note that data is derived from a BR-1 and two BoatANTs up on the roof rail, while voice is via the dinky little antenna and low-power transmitter in the phones. VoIP via wifi essentially connects the BR-1 and antennae to the phone allowing voice calls that don't otherwise work.
  13. If you're in a low-signal area, use your phones for VoIP (Viber etc) and use the Pepwave's wifi. It can mean the difference between whether you get to talk or not. I've spent years in places where the phone signal was unusable but VoIP worked fine.
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