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occasional no start issuse


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My truck act up sometime. Not consitance at all. It acts like a bad ground. I went to Lowes last weekend. Truck cranked right up. Went in and got some plywood for removing skylight. Loaded up and truck would not start. Turn key on, goes thru setup and enguage starter. Everything goes blank. My tablet gps, camera, everything. Turn key off and then back on, let it go thru setup, same thing. Repeated this several times. It eventually cranked and fired right up. Have not had time to go thru and check grounds yet. It has done this one  time before. Checked ground then and all was good. Is there something else that I am overlooking.

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Glen,  Sounds like you have just good enough connection to light things up, but not start.  Do as Jim suggests.  Battery connections can loosen over time.  Take them all off, and I'll bet in the process, you find one that isn't tight.  Clean everything up and tighten again.

Quick and dirty, see if any cable can easily pivot on the terminal.  But still, clean ALL of them.

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Don't forget the connection at the starter itself.  Vibration and heating/cooling of the copper terminals can loosen them.


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My truck did that a few times then in Utah it wouldn't start.  Turn the key on and it seemed ready but then just click.  The problem was internal battery cable corrosion.   The positive cable was bad.  Changed both cables and all has been good.  Both cables looked good and I cleaned and tightened the cables but that didn't do it.  When we jumped around the positive cable the starter cranked but slowly as the jumper cable was to small.  Replaced the cable and all was good.  Changed the negative cable just in case.  Wish I had found the problem before I was traveling. It can be difficult to find good help when stranded in an unfamiliar area.


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Glenn I also agree this is a connection issue and or bad cable.  Loosen the cables wire brush and sand off the terminal ends.  Make sure you reinstall with some dielectric grease, it makes better electrical contacts and reduces corrosion. If you want to know if it you key switch causing the issue purchase a push button tester from Harbor Freight $10; turn on key and start truck at truck relay.  Let us know your outcome.


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Agree with the comments above.  it happened to me and it took me awhile to think of checking.  the retainer bracket had come off, the batteries were sliding around loose, and many connections were loose.  Dumb owner, true confessions...   😊

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