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Tioga George RIP


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Sorry to hear this.  While I was never a regular read of his blog, we did meet him 10+ years ago at the campground in Zion National Park (he still had his Tioga at that time).  We had a great conversation with him.

Thanks for posting this, Dutch.

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George and I never met face to face, but we did talk on the phone.  I think the last conversation was about a year and a half ago.  

He influenced many to become fulltime RVers and blog about it.  He was quite good at stealth camping since he only slept a few hours a night and would move on by 5 to 6AM.

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He was a big part in helping me make the big decision to fly out from the UK with my life in two suitcases and spend two wonderful years exploring North America in a Safari Trek.

Tioga George boondocker extraordinaire has made his last night camp. 


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He made his mark on many of us.

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