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series 1 steering wheel


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Have any of you guys put an aftermarket steering wheel on a 1st gen vnl?  What did you do about the dual horns? I either need a smaller wheel, longer arms, or a smaller belly. :)

I found a couple of wheels that I like, But I'm not sure what to do about the adapter.


As always, Thanks in advance


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I'm not much help on the Volvo side, but gotta say I hated the 16" wheel I tried.  Hard to put it in words, but it made the truck feel all twitchy and stuffy.  On the flip side, I have this little mid-90's MDT that has an old 20" wheel and for some reason you automatically drive that truck all slow and wide like you've got an old needle nose or something.  This isn't to say someone else might actually like a change to a smaller wheel, but shy away from going all out big $ on your first one till you know.  It is surprising how much of an impact it makes.

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I touched base with steering creations in Ocala Yesterday. They make an adapter but you have to pick which horn you want to work. The first gen VNL had no airbags.  But they did have buttons for both horns in the wheel. Apparently most people put a city horn button on a spare "wink" switch in the dash. Steering creations was very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

I agree about going too small on the steering wheels. I was thinking of going to an 18 inch wheel.


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So, like, one morning I’m driving a new flush by rig to the elevator to weigh it as rigged for the field. KW T800 Twin steer axles 3 drive axles weighs 13,600kg front about 22,000kgs rear whatever that is in pounds anyhoo I always tried ever switch and control on these test drives before handing over to the customer. Well anyways I grab a downshift to 1900rpm as I approach the sharp right hand turn off the highway and reach over and flick the Jake on. Instead of the awesomeness of the ISX delivering 700 retardation hp with that high manifold pressure of the VG turbo and the familiar bellow from the exhausts....

every light come on the dash, all gauges swept back and forth like windshield warshers s couple times then all went dark and quiet as the engine stalled...

I uttered something intelligent like “whoa bitch!” and

we rounded the corner in a cloud of dust listing more to port than normal for a $800,000 piece of brand new well servicing equipment...

due to hours of emergency training (ya right) I forgot and left the trans in gear so the wheels were still turning engine in a wrong gear so I still had 43 psi of steering pressure...

so yeah you do need s certain leverage on the steering wheel of them big rigs.

Wiring mistake at the equipment builder tying in some deck controls to the truck wiring. 

No roll over no fire it’s all good. 

If a Volvo iShift goes into econoNeutral roll if engine stall make sure you have big enough steering wheel leverage so weDon’t roll :)

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