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  1. MsChrissi

    Air leak help

    "Forget the Whisper"... you go right ahead. I spent a little time with our Infocon Whisper with the Volvo running. My hearing is not that great but I managed to track down about six small leaks, five of them were just a matter of reseating hoses, one we replaced a fitting. The Whisper makes it obvious where the leak is, even small ones.
  2. MsChrissi

    Rough roads

    So many of the highways have terrible right hand lanes where they are miles of bone jarring pot holes, poorly done patches and repairs, scalloped concrete etc. This stuff is fatiguing to drivers, tears up your vehicles and trailers, prematurely wears out tires, sidewall and tread damage. Yet you get the stink eye if you spend any time in the left or middle lane. The state does not reimburse for the damage their roads do to your property.
  3. Go to Amazon, cheap is $60, expensive is $150, several in between.
  4. Problem solved! Got the fan motor assembly out and powered it off a battery... no joy. Ordered a new motor assembly on Amazon and once installed everything works like a charm.
  5. Fan motor? Oh joy, I’ve seen what it is going to take to get to that level. I wonder if I could get to the motor connector and apply some power from an external source and see if it runs before tearing into the air box?
  6. We were rolling down the hiway then nothing, no speeds.
  7. 2000 VNL 770 Detroit Auto Heater fan stopped working, 40A heater fuse designated : MF5 40A CAB HEAT is good. Any experience or insights? Pulled dash heat/ac control sub panel, looked good. Going to pull pass side dash covers and check fan connection.
  8. Great tutorials on SW by Irish guy named Tim on YouTube, he teaches CAD at a Jr College.
  9. Randi starts from the back of the top and hooks her toes over the fairing... not for the faint of heart to watch.
  10. In Missouri the medical requirements for both inter-state and intra-state, excepted and non-excepted all include the word "commerce" as being the activity. The excepted listing does not have a subgroup that would describe anything close to our use as a motorhome. There is no commerce involved.
  11. We built a large parallelogram linkage, 2 small air bags and a shock absorber. Can handle a range of tongue weights depending on air pressure.
  12. MsChrissi

    OT: Table Saws

    We've done all the cabinet making on a folding portable, no room for a nice heavy iron one (no substitute for cast iron) That said, if you can find yourself near one of Grizzly's showrooms they are always hot to make a real deal on stuff in their scratch and dent showrooms, we found a HD metal shear and large HEPA air filter, neither were damaged in any way and paid much less than 50% the catalog and way less than the tag in the scratch and dent dept. Well worth the trip, give them a call and ask what's in the S&D showroom. They have an online S&D page but never reflects what they actually have. They can't ship the stuff so they hold it for an annual sale.
  13. We went through something similar checking out a used embroidery machine we found on Craigslist, doing a little research the same model was made in both Sweden and China, if it was made in Sweden it was worth a lot, if made in China it had a really bad reputation. Same machine, same parts, same part and model number, two different countries of origin.
  14. I think Grizzly has the right idea, they probably have people over there but they also go through the machines themselves. The few that we have are really good.
  15. Many years ago in the online bulletin board systems on the net I participated in some Silicon Valley chat rooms on electronics. As with most interests you'll eventually see some old codger who was no doubt a union guy and would swear he was there when they put the first two electrons together, you know the guy, we may have a few here =)... anyway they may have the chops, they may be a self appointed expert but they always seem to have what they feel is the final opinion. So one day someone asks about an entry level Asian oscilloscope and people weigh in and the rag chewer rears his head and pronounces "If you don't have Fluke and Tektronics on your bench you don't have sh..!". Good god I hate bullies. What that person is doing is bragging and brow beating. I posted that I was a slave R&D engineer trying to break out of my lab prison and start my own moonlight prototyping business. If I had to buy a Fluke bench VOM or multimeter (about$1k back then?) or a Tek oscilloscope (many $$$$) I'd not have been able to even get started but if I ran down to Radio Shack and bought a piece of crap mulitmeter for $20 or their best one for $99 I'd be able to buy the Asian oscilloscope, and the Chinese lathe and mill and many other tools to get a foothold keeping my startup costs to a minimum. Codger's response was "Yeah but the Fluke has a lifetime guarantee!" to which I responded that I could blow up a cheap Chinese meter a week and still be ahead of the game (and maybe learn why I was blowing them up in the first place?) So my rambling point here is that yeah, I have used and loved Fluke, Tektronics, Snap-on, Bridgeport, Clausing, Haas etc but on a budget for something that is occasional use (not earning it's way 8 hrs a day) spend wisely and then you will have the money for a great diversity of tools AND capabilities. The local HF knows Randi on sight, they're on a first name basis. I believe she may have one of everything in their catalog or at least the store thinks so. She grabs people in the aisles and says "hey have you seen this?(some cool tool)". If we break or burn out something she gets an immediate replacement. Doing the interior of the MH we kept snapping their 1/4" straight carbide router bit (known problem) so she'd take the whole set down and come back with a whole new multi piece set. Did that 4x in one day. It used to be if electrons flowed through it don't buy it. That has changed; their new $100 cordless drill is brilliant, could not live without it. We have relentlessly flogged their Baur thickness planer, our whole interior is solid oak milled down from lumber. They have replaced the machine once. The criteria we use is "will using this tool in any way degrade our workmanship or do a poorer job than a different tool at a better price?" I think we have a HF freebee mulitmeter in ever room of the house as well as several flashlights.
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