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Broke down?


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It would probably be best to have it towed to the nearest Ford truck dealership. I would find them by using the Ford chassis hotline.


~ ~ ~ ~ Motorhome Customer Assistance Center

This 24 hour, seven-days-a-week Hotline was designed to serve both motorhome owners and RV dealers. By dialing 1-800-444-3311, the caller has access to: • The nearest appropriate service location. • Assistance in scheduling a service appointment. • Service Assistance for motorhome customers and RV dealers in resolving Ford chassis-related concerns.

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Just noticed on the last couple of starts, if you don't goose it, it will die! Im going to clean out the air filter. And next Time out, take it out of overdrive and run it a little harder. I alway have babied it, usually never run it over 50 or 55.


We have the same motor /chassis and I rarely run over 55-60 . Never a problem , so far .


If you have run through rain , insure that the air filter has not collapsed . Last year a friend had that happen and spent a week or better chasing ghosts he thought might be the problem , until he found his filter was nicely spiraled down into a tight formation that would only allow a small amount of air in .

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If you're running ok at speed/RPM(?) - then chances are the fuel filter is not restricting flow. But if it's time to change, might as well eliminate it as potential problem.


Best to checking the air cleaner for restriction, and or moisture.


You could run tank of fuel with Sea Foam, or some other cleaner, to see if might help.


Does the engine seem to run rough, even at speed? The V10 has the individual spark plug ignition coils, one of them out, going out, could cause low RPM stumbles.


Kirk - Yep, I did not drill down into his profile to see what year his coach is...


Best of luck,


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I hate the going rate most shops $100 -$125 per hour but I do like people who know the vehicle Ford. Not sure if dealers in El Paso can service a coach but if they can't they should be able to direct you to a good shop. If spark plugs need changing Ford knows what they are looking at and the risk.

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