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  1. I changed the oil in my 2014 V10 Triton engine the end of September and used Mobil1 extended mileage synthetic oil and a new extended mileage filter. I have only taken 2 trips totaling less than 1500 miles since. The odometer is around 21,000. Do I really need to change it now, or can I wait much further than the 6 months since the change?
  2. Thanks. I'm going to do just that. The guy at the manufacturer told me today that, because the cover was extremely warm to the touch that it was probably the switch. I don't buy that. If it was the switch, I don't think all electrical systems would have functioned.
  3. I just went to the RV and removed the switch cover and saw that the red wire from the power cord coming in is black and burned about 2 inches up from where it is attached to the switch. The tightening screw also got hot and burned the yellow paint off it. All other wires and connections look to be in good condition. All electrical items in the RV still work. Could this have been a faulty pedestal or do you think it's a damaged switch. By the way, my surge protector is permanently in line AFTER the transfer switch.
  4. Thanks. It's in storage now and I'll open the box asap. By the way, it 's a Progressive Dynamics in a 2014 Winnie Vista.
  5. Our last camping trip in our motorhome we smelled something like an electrical wire burning. We checked the interior to see wherein was coming from and I turned things on and off to check if they worked. Everything did work and the smell went away. I checked the bays and the strongest burnt smell seemed to be coming from the electrical bay where the power cord, installed surge protector and transfer switch are located. I touched the transfer switch box and it seemed to be pretty hot. I had never touched it before, so I don't know if it is supposed to be that warm to the touch. We left the next
  6. Attachment. They will not snap on the J hook. And, I have always replaced my own wipers on vehicles. I've never paid anything close to what these cost, either. There were not any adapters or any other parts in either box. I also went to the Trico site and it says the same part # is correct.
  7. Today I purchased Trico 28" RV wiper blades at Camping World for my 2014 Winnebago Vista. The book there showed 67-284 were the correct replacements. They did not fit. I had already tried other (regular) 28" blades and none worked. Has anyone else had a problem finding blades for their coach? Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. I only use Mobil 1 synthetic in my coach's gas engine and have been told that it leaves a better film (longer lasting) than conventional oil and you won't have as many dry starts. Is this true?
  9. You might need a legal lease agreement with the LLC and some type of proof that you are making lease payments to the LLC. I don't believe that you can just say that you are leasing it. Also, when a vehicle is leased, the insurance company needs to be aware of it. You, the lessee, are listed as the insured and the LLC, the lessor, is listed as an additional insured.
  10. I have a camera system on my 2014 Winnebago and every time I hit a decent bump in the road, the screen goes blank for a couple of seconds. I don't think that it is one of the cameras, because it happens when the monitor view is on any of the 3. It has been doing this for quite some time and always comes back on, but I'm worried each time that it won't. Any ideas?
  11. I just checked my NG policy and there is nothing in about 10 months in my state. However, I am glad I checked because I had it in storage this winter for a couple of months and they removed liability for that time and gave me credit. What concerns me is that they dropped my liability limits to 100/300/100 and deleted my $5,000 medical when I called them to take it out of storage and reinstate my liability. I carried 250/500/100 and the 5k med before storage. This left me wide open because I have to carry 250/500/100 for my Umbrella Liability coverage through my primary company. I could ha
  12. Thanks. Makes me feel a little better.
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