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Recomendation please


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Hi Gang, total newbee to escapees. Herself and I are not quite ready to full time but are trading the bumper pull in for a much larger 5th wheel with multiple slides. For now we want to use it as a base in AZ until we get retire (if ever)We have owned every style and type of RV in the past 40 years and had some expensive lessons along the way. What I am hoping to get from y'all is some recommendations of well built long lasting brands and models. Every Rv manufacturer has a full selection of quality levels but I can't say in all my years that I have ever met an RV sales person that was unbiased and honest so I am turning to you guys the real users. I plan on having a 1 ton diesel dually for the tow vehicle so I should be able to pretty much pull anything within reason.

Thanks in advance for all and any advice.

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I plan on having a 1 ton diesel dually for the tow vehicle so I should be able to pretty much pull anything within reason.



Unfortunately this may also be an expensive mistake. You need to be aware of all weights in order to decide which tow vehicle will work for the trailer you want. Pulling is one thing but more importantly is stopping. Newer 1 tons have a better capacity than the older ones, but it comes at a cost.


5th wheel trailers quality can be different from one year to another and from model to model within the same manufacturer. A lot will depend on what you are willing to spend. Spacecraft, New Horizons, Forks are just some of the well built full timer trailers. A lot all depends on what trailer has the features and floor plan you want. It is all about comprising.


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Check out http://www.hhrvresource.com/

for much more info on HDT's.

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As noted, know the limits of your truck. The tow rating as published by the manufacturers have some limiting footnotes. You also need to look at the pin weight of the trailer and the GVWR of the truck. You will usually reach the GVWR of the truck well before the GAWR.



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Appreciate the advice chaps, It's just that I don't intend to get anything bigger than a 1 ton dually diesel truck because of the costs and other limitations with a bigger tow truck than 1 ton.

Point is well taken though I will have to pick a fiver that works within the limitations of the truck. On first looks I should be fine in the 13-16K GVW which seems to be about where all but the biggest 40'+ rigs are which should give me plenty of choices. I am looking at a 2012 36.5 (measures 42') quad slide Cardinal right now. It has very little use and appears to be in perfect condition. Priced at 36K Just not sure yet though I will have to look at a whole bunch more before deciding.

Also while I am asking anyone have any recommendations for RV parks (long term ) in the cooler regions of Arizona.

Thanks to all.

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Welcome to the Escapees club & forums! Glad to have you here as part of the group.


Let me suggest that before you make a choice of RV you might be wise to take a hard look at the RV Consumer Group who evaluate RVs and separate them by general use levels. While it has been a few years, we have known several who owned Cardinal fivers and found them to be of less than stellar quality with problems when used heavily. I have personally never owned one, but based upon those observations, I never will.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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Keep in mind that the 'cooler' places in Arizona in the summer will be 'cold' in winter. You would be looking at the Flagstaff area and Payson, Show Low, Pinetop areas. Some parks close in the winter. Good luck!

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I have a 5th wheel made by Heartland and have been pretty happy with it. I am in my 5th year of ownership and my 3rd year of full time use. I also looked at Voyager and DRV. Lifestyle makes a good 5th wheel also.

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Thank you so much for your replies, I have checked into all the information and manufactures you have suggested and joined\downloaded the RV consumer group reports. Fascinating stuff, I had no idea there were so many brands of fifth wheel. Also amazing to me was just how much a "top tier" fifth wheel can cost new and "previously owned"

I visited an RV dealership this weekend with new informed eyes and can certainly spot the quality versus the mediocre. So again thanks you guys I shall continue my quest.


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You are wise to get a 1 ton dually and it should handle 90% of the fifth wheels on the market. A few of the larger units do require a MTD. Some people like to have a HDT which is great for them, but it is by personal preference and not justifiable with any common sense reasoning. There are no fifth wheels made that REQUIRE a HDT to haul them as suggested by the camper manufacture. My son and I had a owner/operator business and are quite familiar with HDT's and they are needed in the commercial business but are very expensive to operate.


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Welcome to the site. I'm happy to see some planning ahead rather than hearing the familiar statement that dealer X said I could pull the RV with Truck Z.

The dually will be much more comfortable to drive and added safety if you blew a tire

I don't know the Make pickup or age you may be looking for but I will add this if you are going for a gas consider the large Blocks.

If you go for Ford they had problems with 6.0, 6.4 the 2011 6.7 diesels. Dodge has had good rating with the Cummin's Engines..

Another fact, the Difference between a newer F350 vs F450 is brakes. Basically identical truck but much heavy brakes on the F450.


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We enjoy Venture In in Show Low and spend time their every summer. But they do close during the winter even though people that live their say they now have very little snow. But it is still cold.

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Loving Green Valley, AZ (just South of Tucson)

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We travel with a couple who have a side patio. They like it as she is paranoid about snakes and likes to sit up off the ground in the mornings.

They dont really have a problem finding sites large enough but generally we all prefer to boondock.

<p>....JIM and LINDA......2001 American Eagle 40 '.towing a GMC Sierra 1500 4X4 with RZR in the rear. 1999 JEEP Cherokee that we tow as well.


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