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Millenicom is Back


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At least according to the email I just received . . .


Millenicom is BACK ...

… providing blazing fast 4G LTE mobile broadband service up to 22GB/month with free UNLIMITED non-LTE if you run out of your LTE data (and we’ll roll any unused LTE data forward).

… with free UNLIMITED movies (Netflix, HBO, ESPN, YouTube and many more), free UNLIMITED music (Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and many more).

… with LTE data throughout the US, Canada and Mexico and free UNLIMITED non-LTE data in 140+ countries.

And now we have UNLIMITED talk and text phone plans to go with our amazing data plans throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

No Contract – No Taxes – No Fees – Free Shipping

Take a look, you’ll be glad you did: www.millenicom.com



4G LTE Data Only Plans -- 22GB @ $95/month usable in US, Canada, Mexico, & Europe


So what 4G LTE network?

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Have just finished a trip to Canada, where I specifically bought the Millenicom (Great to see them back!) 22GB Data only plan. Following The Two C's (Technomadia's) advise about traveling in Canada. (A very timely write up for us...), we added the Passport Silver plan to my wife's ATT Plan. I put my Verizon phone onto Airplane mode. We bought a ZTE Z917 HotSpot, and the T-Mobile, as pointed out in the Canadian write up from The Two C's, provided pretty good coverage for us in Alberta and British Columbia. (We had about 8 days total of zero coverage on any of our devices, regardless of any amp or extended external antenna we tried...) T-Mobile has agreements with almost, if not all, of the carries in Canada. So the Millenicom HotSpot had better coverage by far, then the ATT iPhone 5S that my wife had.


Great customer support. But not surprised, as they did a great job on our first plan with them under old Verizon...


Welcome Back! A good option to add as needed, for another Internet of Phone tool in the tool box:)!


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Some of the offering is pure T-Mobile service, some is their own. We have a 6GB per month T-Mobile phone ($65 month) and can watch video from most services at 480p (DVD quality) on the phone without using the data. I can wifi hotspot the phone up to the 6GB limit, but all wifi usage is counted, including video. We have the phone because we were in some areas where Verizon was not working and have family needs to be available. I now carry two phones, not something I am happy about. Verizon definitely has better coverage overall, but there are places where T-Mobile (and AT&T) have coverage that Verizon does not. Two examples are many places around Port Townsend WA and the south area of Lacey WA, where Verizon is weak and does not work well in buildings. We will see how the coverage compares as we make our way out of Washington state this fall and winter.


T-Mobile is changing their own plans starting September 6th, all will be unlimited data with a possibility of throttling when you are in the top 3% of users ($70 a month for the first line, cheaper with more lines). But those plans are not for those who want to hotspot the phone, since all hotspotting is at very slow 2G speeds. Alternatives on T-Mobile's network, like Millenicom's and Metro PCS, will still allow full speed tethering. I suspect that Millenicom will be much like Metro PCS (which T-Mobile owns) and be prioritized lower than T-Mobile direct customers on the network, but might be wrong.


BTW: The new Verizon plans include Canada and Mexico if you are in a higher data plan, or for $5 extra a month, and it includes data. We have already called both Canada and Mexico since we changed to the new plan and will be in Mexico for a family trip this winter. I am hoping to be able to use our Verizon hotspot and our Verizon and T-Mobile phones in Mexico.

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I have both a T-Mobile and Verizon hotspot. T-Mobile data only, Verizon for data and phones. I have been keeping 2 services because a) T-Mobile will roll over data; and B) T-Mobile works in Canada and Europe, and c) T-mobile has their binge viewing and listening features. But Verizon has better phone coverage, especially on my recent Alaska trip-- no T-Mobile at all that I could find. Although there is neither service in Pagosa Springs, CO.


Now Verizon has their new plan with Canada and Mexico and limited data rollover, so I may re-evaluate my service providers. Right now I'm in Northern New Mexico and have both services, but Verizon is much superior in download speed (Netflix won't run on T-Mobile here). And I will be in British Columbia for three weeks shortly so I will be able to see how well Verizon works there.


Good thing I'm retired and have the time to look at all the alternatives....


== John

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