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  1. You have a difficult challenge here. You have high bandwidth but critical needs (working remotely, video conferencing), but only setting out for a 5 week trip (at least to start). So it's not likely worth the effort to invest in a high end setup (such as the video above, which is also the setup we essentially use). Unless you are committed to a longer term adventure. Also keep in mind, National Parks are not known for having much connectivity. Here's our specific guide to your scenario - Part Time / High Bandwidth Needs
  2. The Netgear MIMO antenna has not been updated, there's not a newer model - still the same one. If you're using a hotspot device with T-S9 ports, it's a great option. For it's price point and not needing installation - it's a great value and performer. And there are also many other approaches to antennas in all sorts of form factors and price points. Relevant Links: Netgear MIMO Antenna Selecting Cellular Antennas - Cherie
  3. Here's our top pick data plans guide - constantly updated with the options, use the 'Routers' filter to narrow down the options for your router. Top Pick Data Plans Both T-Mobile and AT&T offer 100GB plans now for $50-55/month. - Cherie
  4. StraighTalk primarily sells smartphone plans, which aren't authorized for use in routers.
  5. Here's our guide to resources for researching in advance for expected connectivity in your RV travels: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/travelplanning
  6. Absolutely... the guide I linked to above goes over why boosters can result in lower data speeds in many situations. Especially with a 4x4 MIMO device like the M2000. View the 'MIMO vs Boosters' video within.
  7. No, it does not have antenna ports. It can be used with a booster, but a booster only covers some of T-Mobile's frequency bands and is not alway optimal for data performance. More on boosters: http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/boosters
  8. Thanks for the mentions of the resource center Since your focus is on video streaming (which is very data intensive), here's our specific guide to that with some tips - including using screen casting to mirror: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/tv - Cherie
  9. This is just one of the many many 'global SIM' companies out there, similar to Skyroam, that gives you easy international access. In the US, the data pricing gets.. well, there are better options.
  10. That's the fine print.. but as we updated in the article and latest video: "Updated: We have multiple reports of the $40 surcharge not being charged. " And indeed, the plan STILL hasn't shown up on their postpaid site, but it is on their prepaid. And plenty of people have gotten the plan by calling in or going to a store. It is a limited time offer (no disclosed end date), so if you want the plan be sure to snag it. - Cherie
  11. Thanks for sharing our article. For clarity... you do NOT have to use the new M2000 mobile hotspot device to get this plan. You only need that if you want access to T-Mobile's 5G coverage. And it is available for 50% off if you sign up to pay $7/mo extra for 2 years. If you're good with LTE coverage, there are plenty of other compatible devices, even some with B71 support. - Cherie
  12. In the free video in the below guide, we share about modem specifications and how they impact performance. At the end, we show head to head comparisons of several generations of Verizon mobile hotspot devices as an example: http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/lte-modems By the way, we also have Visible vs Prepaid vs Postpaid testing results available in our Visible review: http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/visible
  13. Visibles plans are still available with unlimited on device data, unlimited mobile hotspot capped at 5 Mbps for one connected device (but rarely enforced) and video throttled to 480p. They're a great value, and one of our top pick data plans. Here's our full review: http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/visible
  14. I would recommend a different router/modem for use with that plan. A couple months ago T-Mobile started blocking the Telit Cat-18 modem used in Peplink and Cradlepoint routers from their flat rate unlimited plans, including 3rd party reseller plans. The service that Rene has discussed here is just a typical 3rd party reseller selling bulk rate unlimited plans - and this reseller has been around a while. There are many others out there like them. To answer the original question of this thread - there should be no risk in dropping smartphone lines from a prepaid account that h
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