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  1. We won’t be able to vote in person this year so want to vote by mail. Does anyone have info on how to sign up for vote by mail procedures? I’d hate to lose our opportunity to vote... John
  2. Anyone have the times for in person mail pickup in Livingston?
  3. Thanks all. I'll give both of them(Sod and Kyle) a visit when I get there next month.
  4. Thanks, I couldn’t find anyone either last time I looked about 4 years ago. Hoping it had changed, with all the SKPers with large vehicles in this area you’d think someone would fill the need. i did find someone near Conroe and I could always go back there. But thanks for the reply.
  5. Bought this coach in 2017 from a Florida lawyer, it had only 17,000 miles and paid $273,000. Although it had all its regular services performed, I felt it could be done better. Over the last two years we have been full timing and used my spare time doing all the little things (some of them expensive!) to make this a first class coach. I can now say this coach is in excellent condition. But, my heart isn’t, needed stents put in twice this year. So I’m investigating selling the coach. I keep detailed records, below is a link to the blog for my coach. Take a look, it currently has around 35,000 miles. We are currently in north Texas, will be around Houston early next year. Market price seems to be around $200K so that will be my asking price. Click here If you’re interested drop me a line at John at Laninga dot com. No dealers please and no low ball offers, I’d sooner just keep living in this very comfortable coach than sell it below market. John
  6. We’ll be in Livingston early January and it’s time for our annual coach inspection. Anyone have any recommended place that will do inspection on a 45ft motor coach?
  7. Thanks Joel guess I got an early one. But got it back to what it was by taking a different device (using a different browser) and trying to access the control panel. And that worked. Went back to different SSID for the two radios and now it is working again. But I do appreciate your reply. == John
  8. I have a WFRanger GoAC which was working pretty well. I had two unlimited mifi devices running, one on 2.4GHz from ATT and one on 5GHz from Verizon. I was also transmitting on two frequencies, again 2.4GHz and 5GHz, each with their own SSID. I had them configured as MultiWAN, and the entire system was running well. Then in order to minimize all the radios, I decided to try the WFRanger option to transmit both radios using the same SSID. Once I did this the system rebooted and I could no longer attach to the WFRanger Control software. It just couldn't connect. I tried everything I could, and eventually decided just to reset the WFRanger and start over. So I followed the reset procedure, no change. Thinking I may have mistimed it, I did it again, twice. But I just can't get it to do anything. So it would appear that my WFRanger is, at the moment, bricked. Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.
  9. I have had an ATT Mobley account since they came out. I am using it more and more as I learn how to better use my allocated internet space. When I got my new coach, I didn't put on a dish with the intent of using only internet TV. So far that has worked well but my monthly data usage is going up. So i have some concerns that I may eventually fall into an abuser category and lose my unlimited status. So the release of the VZW unlimited plan was good news for me. Took my unused Jetpack to the Verizon store and I was in and out with my Unlimited plan in under 10 minutes. Never got out of a phone store that fast! The Jetpack works well and so far I am happy. I have a WiFiRanger Go so I will set that up to load balance between the two account, plus any "free" WiFi it can find. So far, so good...
  10. My background is in technology, and I am quite comfortable with Apple, Windows and Android operating systems. I have in my coach 3 iPads, 4 Android devices, and 1 Windows. But I will say that anyone, myself included, should stick with the least amount of operating systems. Even though I have experience with all these systems they are evolving faster than my ability to keep up. My wife likes her iPads, and I need Windows for some specific software but I would prefer to just her on Apple and me on Android. So my suggestion to you if you do not have Apple in your current mix don’t add it now. My $0.02. John
  11. We plan to drive to Livingston to vote on November 6 and wondering where we have to vote? We have a Rainbow Drive address.... Thanks, John
  12. After the success I had with ATT the problem resurfaced. I had the United Explore off, since the coach was in for service. When I got it back and turned it back on once again I got the SIM error. I took it to a different ATT store, the manager said that it probably was the United Explore causing the problem. Only suggestion was to get a new router. So when I got back I put the SIM back in the Mobley, did a factory reset, and reset passwords etc. my Mobley is running fine with no rebooting after 2 hours (but it is still on 1.0.1 software). So my problem was the United Explore, not the SIM card or my account. John
  13. I was quite impressed with the store level ATT support I got. Told them my problem, had the SIM card in the United Explore. She got a new card, flashed all the data with a scanner/writer, and re-registered the device. Unit powered up, tested the connection, and all is well. No issues about the Connected Car although I told her I used it in my RV, which of course is true. I found the support to be easy, quick, thorough and maybe best of all no charge. Go Connected Car!
  14. So far no go. I put the SIM back in my Mobley and got two green lights, which I believe means it is on and on the Internet. However, no SSID is being transmitted, either a known or unknown. Guess I’ll try a few more things and if all else fails visit an ATT store. But I have doubts that anyone working in a retail store knows what a Mobley is.
  15. I've had the Mobley system since they first became available, moved the SIM to a United Explore MiFi device almost a year ago. It has worked fine until now. I wanted to check something so I took the SIM card out of the Explore, and since I put it back in I get an error message "SIM not installed" and then to check the SIM card for proper insertion. I tried that multiple times, the Explore won't come up. I checked my ATT app, it shows the United Explore device on my account and it shows it as active. So wondering if anyone had any experience with this error and what I can do about it. Thanks for any help you can give me. ==John
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