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  1. Our Jeep is in route from factory to Oregon.Dropping price to $7,000. 4" drop down receiver can be included to get tow bar level, and Pressure Pro 10 monitor, repeater, and 10 sensors can be included if you need it.We will trade in this 2012 Honda Fit set up for towing in 2 to 3 weeks when Jeep arrives --- unless someone locks in a sale prior. Mileage is now 50,400.2 - 3 weeks until no longer available.
  2. My buyer backed out, and this Honda Fit set up for towing is back on the market. Our ordered Jeep Grand Cherokee will be delivered within the last 2 weeks of November. We will likely do a trade in at that time unless the Honda sells privately sooner.
  3. 10/12/2020: I have received a deposit to hold the Fit pending final transaction in 1 to 3 months. I will update here if deal goes through, or if deal fails and car is available again.
  4. Thanks all for the replies. We re-did our schedules, and now plan to take the motorhome to SD the last week of April. We had different plans, but adapted to get the renewals accomplished.
  5. I am already a SD resident with a real ID act SD drivers license. I need to make a quick one night trip to ANY South Dakota Airport with a decent close by hotel in order to get the receipt no older than one year so I can renew on line. Flying from Huntsville AL on or about 2 April. Any advice on which airport / hotel to use? Bonus if I can go to DMV while at the hotel, but not absolutely necessary. Thanks for any leads.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. We have been traveling and working other issues but will begin looking into the solutions recommended.
  7. I am going to start researching a simple temp monitor to install in the coach. Temp sensor to connect via Wi-Fi to our on board wireless network, and then be able to check temps via our cell phones while away from the coach.Even better if the wireless temp sensor is programmable to send alerts (email and/or text) at set points for high temp. Purpose: in case power goes out in hot weather, get alerts to protect pets on board from overheating (by returning to the coach). No desire to change thermostat set point while away from coach. Anyone already done the research?
  8. He was asked to stop by others present and he refused. Then he sent his sons to change the plates on their truck to cover up his crime. Not the sign of a man sorry. His wife is no better, and one of the girls started to carve as well - like "daddy" just taught her.
  9. On the Mobley, check the shipping email. They changed my Mobley order to a Audiovox connected car device with no prior contact nor permission. I just returned that incorrect device. If your shipping email says Audiovox they have done the same to you.
  10. AC7880

    Mt Vernon?

    Very few sewer drops, mainly 30 amp. We are TT members and stay there sometimes, but paying full retail for no sewer and 30 amp???
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