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No Backum Up Gear


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Last Monday our Volvo 770 Autoshift decided it was not going to function properly. Would not stay in reverse. Would go in, show me a bunch of arrows on the gear selector, and then maybe engage...or not. By the end of the day, it would not engage at all. Forward works fine, upshift / downshift work fine, just no reverse. Whipping around town trying to find a campground knowing you can't back out does bring the focus level up a few notches.


Because of my history with this truck, I was fairly confident that the issue was most likely some sort of sensor issue. That said, it could have just as easily been the syncro set. Point was, I was not likely to be able to diagnose it myself laying on a bed of nasty sharp little rocks in 95 degree heat.


So down the road to the Volvo dealer - 4 miles. 2 shop shifts later, they determined that the switch, plug, and small wiring harness that control the reverse circuit could not be repaired in the shop - plug and pins just to worn out. Sssooooooo....they have asked for permission to replace all those parts. About 6 hours labor, plus a little time for diagnostics. Wow.....


We used to have a saying that if you weren't having enough fun, you weren't spending enough money. Near as I can tell, so far on this trip we ought to be drowning in fun...




Paul & Paula


P.S. There isn't really any way to PM this thing, or to do anything other than wait for it to give out.



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Wow! Paul and Bill and I have the twin trucks!!!! I guess I'd better get ready!!!!!!!

Of course I don't have a trailer to back into for hitching now (got towed away yesterday), but I may need to back the truck somewhere, sometime!

Shouldn't that be triplet trucks??



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