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direct link brake controller


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Only problem we had was the wire gauge used on the actuator was too small so it was not sending enough voltage for the actuator to communicate with the controller. A simple upsizing of the wire solved that issue.

But if you are not using their actulink electric/hydraulic actuator then this would not be a helpful guess.


Full disclosure - I did not install the actuator and I did already have some of the basic wiring done in the truck from the previous brake controller. The rest of the setup in the truck I did do, but that pretty much was just hooking up the connectors. Mor/ryde did the actuator installation. It was their first one, so I helped a bit and we figured it out together.

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Biggest problem with simple anymore, is shelf stock is the only product left. They're not making the simple units anymore.

Not true. Hayes still makes their air to electric controller. Like Glenn said, it is simple and very effective. I've got 30k miles on mine and love it. I would have liked to have a BrakeSmart like I had in the LGT but oh well.

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The Hayes controller works. On ours, or in our setup there is a short delay between applying pedal pressure and feeling the trailer brakes apply. If the stars ever align for us, where we had a rv with disc brakes , I would set up a Blu-Dot system on rig.



We had a delay with our unit as well however we played around with the "Brake Balance Control" adjustment and the delay went away.


Below is the blurb from the Hayes instructions......







The controller handle adjustment affects the rate of application

of the trailer brakes. This adjustment has no bearing on the

maximum braking capacity of the trailer brakes. This adjust-

ment should be made to provide for slight lead of the trailer

brakes over the tow vehicle brakes. Turning the handle clock


wise will decrease the rate of application of the trailer brakes,

while counter clockwise will increase the rate of application.

When the desired setting is reached, the controller will hold the




Drive on........(Brake with care.....)

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I have a DirecLInk on my truck. The controller shipped almost immediately, but it took a few weeks for the adapter to arrive. It has been a great controller, though. Works very well for me. I did have a question for their support and they answered it immediately. Very happy with their product and company.

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