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Another Exploding Tire Fatality


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Yesterday at a Sears Tire store in NH, a worker was killed and a customer seriously injured when a truck tire blew up on the tire inflation machine. Details on the exact cause, whether machine failure or operator error are unknown and still under investigation. Although rare overall, this exploding tire story seems to re-occur every year under slightly different circumstances. A grim reminder that these tires we inflate to the 100 PSI range can be a small bomb under the wrong circumstances.


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Many places use cages...but I have seen plenty that did not. I've seen a tire explode. I stay away from them in tire shops. While the odds of it happening to you are slim, I see no reason to tempt fate.

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There is a difference between seating pressure and running pressure. If someone puts a 16.5 tire on a 16 rim this can happen. If it is a split rim it can happen. If the bead is damaged it can happen. We just need to carry around a professional tire guy to air up our tires. But wait, I can get a job at Discount Tire and before the first break I am a professional tire guy.


Have I about covered the future of this thread?

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Here is a story from the Boston Herald. There is a thread on this forum about Discount Tire. Having had several sets of tires mounted at Discount Tires in Henderson, NV., they put all tires, they don't do big truck tires, in a cage to air up. I asked a tech one day about it and he told me that any employee that doesn't use the cage may as well pick up his lunch bucket and head on down the road kicking pebbles.


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Years ago I had a friend mounting a split rim type on a truck after inflating it in a cage. The rim came apart and hit him in the face. After about 7 procedures he did look pretty much like a normal human being but NEVER looked like the same person.

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Another clear reason why the maximum air pressure allowed for seating tires to the rim is 40 psi.

I have filled them way over 40 psi. Setting 30 profile tires can be a chore sometimes. I just lubbed them up really good, so the bead would slip into place with the least amount of pressure.

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What is trying to be said, is that it should never require more than 40PSI to get the bead of the tire to seat on the rim. If you get to 40PSI and the bead isn't seated, then deflate and put more lube on the bead of the tire, and/or investigate why the tire isn't seating on the rim.


Once the tire is seated on the rim you can inflate the tire to the proper specification.


BTW, for large vehicles the proper term is a "wheel" for what is commonly called a "rim" in passenger cars.

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