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Smart Car stops with rachet


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They are all fabbed....(the chocks). I designed the originals and Larry fabbed them, and since then Larry has made them shorter (lower profile) with just enough height to mount the ratchets. That provides better clearance for the bumper/fairings on the smart.


I prefer the ratchets that use a wrench to tighten, vs the bar. There is more room to use the wrench (socket) than a bar. But it may just be a personal preference thing.


One thing to point out on these - and it is a design "flaw" that I knew about and can live with - is that they are bolted to the deck and the ratchet is on them. Failure of the bolts will cause that wheel to be loose. But there are four of these on most installations - which is why I can live with the design flaw.

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If this is what you are referring to, fabed mine with steel plate, angle iron and some welding help from Roadfitter. Ratchets from US Cargo Control. Coated with paint on Herculon available at any car parts store. With your welding skills should be a piece of cake. BTW raised mine 2" with the angle and use 2x12" beveled pieces to raise rear tires in order to store ramps under Smart with plenty of clearance. Fabed some "slip-on" rollers to slide ramps easily under Smart.

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One thing to note regarding the ratchets. They come with a left handed side for the wrench (socket) and a right handed side. Even saw one at the Rally that had ones on both ends.

This is do that when you put a wrench on it, it will be to the side of the car and not into the bumper.

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I use Rotochoks on my trailer and the handles work great for the ratchets to tie down the Smart. Gregg @RV haulers makes a lot of these for their decks....maybe give him a call and it may be cheaper to have him ship you four of them complete since there is a 35% break in exchange rate buying from Canada now. Here is a picture of two mounted from deck level.



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Thanks everyone. I had found the racket from Jack's site. Had not found any steel chops to mount them on. Thought they might be fabbed up

Got mine from Camping World, on sale online. The steel work great. I welded a plate to the bottom with one inch on each side where I drilled 4 holes to bolt them to. I can load from either side.


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