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Shower Drain


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My 5th wheel is almost 4 years old. The drain in my shower is draining slow. I have purchased a tool from Home Depot to remove the hair. It helped a little bit for a little while but it is now draining slow again. Is it safe to add liquid drano in the drain of an RV or will this hurt the plastic drain or holding tank?

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I can't say about other substances but I use baking soda and vinegar. You need to get as much hair and stuff as you reasonably can. (I don't have the issue of long hair (almost none) Try and pour as much baking soda in the drain as you can. Then start pouring a little vinegar in and watch it boil out. I did this last summer and mine was fairly bad so it took multiple treatments. I didn't even do it all on the same day. It worked really well. I have done this several times since 1999. This last one took the longest. I don't know if this is a factor but I spend a fair amount of time in area that have a lot of solid in the water like calcium. I would think it isn't generally a good idea to put chemicals down your drain and particular depending on where you are able to drain.

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I'm not a fan of chemicals. It's fine to use drano or such as most RV's use the same grade of PVC piping as a stick'n'brick. I prefer using just a hot water jet sprayer thingy. The one in the link is a bit pricey, but you get the idea. It's very lightweight, doesn't take much room and has a multitude of uses.


I just fashioned my own with a 3/4" to 1/4" hose adapter (but brass) and tubing.

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Over many many years on many many RV's I've successfully used chemical drain cleaners such as Liquid Plumber etc. with NEVER a problem. HOWEVER once finished I drained and flushed and drained and flushed the traps and drains and holding tanks numerous times WITH VERY HOT WATER.


Still, I'm NOT going on record to recommend it to you or others as I don't like chemicals either and you could cause damage. Just because I had good luck (but a lot of draining and flushing) don't mean you or others will. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK


John T

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I'd go with a big kettle of boiling water too, does a lot of good with no chance of damage. The hair clog removal tools are pretty good, they will snag and remove a lot of stuff with minimal effort. You can also get a long plumbing brush with a long flexible shaft that you can insert into the drain from the shower that can do some good.


If things are still slow I'd find the P-trap and open it up (put a dish pan or something under it to catch spills) clean the trap and the pipe as far as you can reach (the flexi-brush helps here) and follow with another big dose of hot water.


flexi-brush http://smile.amazon.com/Easy---Use-Drain-Cleaner-Brush/dp/B004YE7JCA/ref=sr_1_3

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Hot water and oddly enough, Tide detergent. Pour approx 1 qt of hot water into drain and let sit for a while then follow with 1/4 to 1/3 cup Tide, then 1 pint to 1 qt of hot water then let it sit for the day. Next day shower as usual.


We do this one about once a quarter.

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If you have push to close drain, the easiest thing is to remove the plunger and clean it.

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We have had to clean our shower drain a couple times, but our installation does not use a P-trap. What is installed is a waterless fitting and hair and crud builds up in the membrane. What I have used is a small diameter bottle brush, works great. The fitting is like what is pictured in this link. http://www.rvpartscountry.com/Waterless-Trap-1-1-2Inch.html

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