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Pine Tar/Resin Removal


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Paint thinner is now sold/known as Mineral Spirits which has replace turpentine on hardware store shelves. Mineral spirits is probably your best bet.

Turpentine can be bought in small amounts. . .easiest to find on line. I'm not sure if that's the same stuff as what used to be available locally.

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I've parked under pines for up to a couple of months - advice from neighbors was don't sweat it, park in the sun for a couple of weeks & it washes right off with car wash detergent. It did - this was a fiberglass roof.


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Years ago on another forum a chemist suggested isopropyl alcohol. In NH we were parked under pine trees and they dropped a lot of sap on my motor home and car. I tried the alcohol and it worked on dried and fresh. I found it was better to daub it rather than rub it. I used some Dawn and water to remove a light cloudy residue left behind.

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Hand sanitizer even works well for removing pine pitch from clothing. I particularly favor it over most of the other products because there's no need to go back and "clean the cleaner" off the affected surface.


True. I had forgotten. I sat under a pine tree in brand new jeans and got pine tar on the seat of the pants. DH reminded me to rub hand sanitizer on the spot. voila. all gone.

AND, its something we keep in the rig anyway, so we always have it.

If YOU have hand sanitizer around try it before you try more harmful products that are harder to come by.



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Been using Goo-Gone for years, pitch, stickers about anything comes off with a short soak and no damage to the surface.


It even works well to remove the stick on labels off paperbacks as the cover ink keeps it from soaking in long enough for the sticky to release.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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