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  1. Is your valve an "Anderson Kantleak?" If so, anytime you switch water sources while under pressure the valve o-rings may become displaced or break. You can replace the entire unit or you can just replace the valve behind the switch (you may even find success just resetting the o-rings).
  2. I will start by stating that we love Eugene, Oregon. However, if you are traveling with a bike be warned that bike theft is rampant. In fact, we were told that Eugene ranks amongst the highest bike theft rates, per capita, in the USA. We stayed 1 night in the Valley River Mall, a boondocking area near a bike trail. The mall welcomes RVers, is well lighted, and is patrolled by a security car 24/7. I have a "bombproof" lock on my bike and bike rack. It turned out that my lock worked perfectly. However, no bike lock can prevent a thief from removing the front fork and handlebar of a bike. So when I woke up in the morning I discovered that my bike frame was still on the bike rack attached to my lock, my rear tire was messed with but remained on the bike rack, and my rear de-railers were bent. But the entire front end of my bike was gone. The estimates to repair the bike almost equaled the cost of a new bike. The interesting thing was that, according to other people I met, the next night in Armitage Park Campground, 5-6 bikes were stolen. Coburg, OR is 5 miles north of Eugene. I can't recommend avoiding Eugene in your travels. However, if you have bike(s), either bring them into your rig at night or camp far away from the city.
  3. gfstryder

    Alaska 2016

    Sorry, we just got a reasonable internet connection today, so I didn't get your post until now. We have moved to Homer and are at the Elks club. Fantastic views. If you are in the area let us know.
  4. gfstryder

    Alaska 2016

    We are in Seward now and are on the water. Seward is great. I just wish it would stop raining. We will be in Homer at Homer Spit CG for the 4th.
  5. We will make sure be there for 2017 Escapade.
  6. Thanks for all the information. I updated my Garmin through Garmin Express in late April, just before entering Alaska. Its a good thing I always backed up my research with paper maps and/or Google maps as those sources prevented me from following incorrect directions.
  7. As you noted, we are staying on the main roads. I agree that we don't really need a GPS for Alaska. I was hoping to use it for driving time estimates. I have learned not to count on it for specific campgrounds.
  8. We have a Garmin 760 RV GPS with the most recent updates and are having a lot of problems with it in British Columbia and Alaska. So far: 1) we had the Garmin tell us to take a right into a forested area with no roads when our campground was actually 90 miles further down the road on the left; 2) we left Stewart, BC for Watson Lake, a 9 hour drive. Our Garmin told us to turn south on the Cassiar instead of north, sent us back to RT 16 all the way to RT 97, then onto Dawson Creek, and then up the Alaska Highway for a 25 hour journey; 3) in Glennallen, Alaska it told us to take a left onto a muddy, dirt road when our campground was actually a left 10 miles further down the road; and 4) today it told us to take a left onto a road to nowhere when in fact our campground was 5 miles further straight down the road. We having been using this unit for over 2 years in the lower 48 and love it. We know very well how to use it, so it is not us. This thing just sinks when heading north. Are there any any other GPS units which perform well in Canada and Alaska?
  9. Like Ron, we purchased a lot in Titusville and found that all our ownership expenses were covered by the winter rental.
  10. gfstryder

    Alaska 2016

    No problem getting through customs in Sumas yesterday. Today we are in Hope, BC waiting for the weather to clear.
  11. gfstryder

    Alaska 2016

    We will be a few days behind you as we are entering through Sumas this Wednesday. We will be watching for those stop signs. Thanks for the warning.
  12. I have a 2013 Dometic 12 cubic foot refrigerator in my motor home. I have been in discussions with the owner of a product called ARPrv Control. Apparently, his product senses when the refrigerator is overheating and shuts the refrigerator off when a specified temperature is exceeded. According to the owner of ARPrv Control, I am at risk of a refrigerator fire and his product is the only one which can prevent refrigerator fires from occurring. Has anybody heard of this product and do you know if ARPrv Control is an essential addition to my refrigerator to prevent fires?
  13. Does anybody know the exact dates for Boomerville at Quartzsite?
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