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A special thanks to fellow HDT'r

Star Dreamer

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While on the Hot Rod Power tour the other day on our trip from St Louis to Memphis, we had stopped to help out some guys doing the Tour from Australia in a right hand drive blown Ford Falcon. While my son was helping them change a water pump belt, BMZERO saw our truck and trailer on the side of the road and stopped to make sure everything was OK. Thanks for stopping, it just shows what a wonderful group people we have here.

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Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I saw your HDT. That's when it all added up. I remembered you saying you had a van that you took to shows, but I never thought about you taking on the Power Tour. I'm glad you were able to get everything going, but I doubt you could just whip into Autozone to get a belt for that blower. :)


I haven't posted any updates in a couple of weeks due to being out of town. I had a conference in Chicago right before the tour started. Tonight, I'm at home since the tour stopped in Birmingham, AL, where I live, which was very convenient. I appreciate them taking my family time into account when designing the tour route. :P


I'll be back on the road in the morning, headed to Gulfport and then to Baton Rouge. I'll keep an eye out for the Star Dreamer!

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Ahhh.... new school in AC comfort ....... LOL...Just kidding, nice looking Vette.


I tend to run old school hotrods like we did them in the late '60's early '70's before you were born..... I am still debating about knocking the shock towers out of the '64, adding a mustang II front end and putting in a Coyote engine just to play with some of the kids around here and make a pro touring car out of it... I might even break down and add AC to that one. I am still running a points and condenser distributer in that car right now just to make sure I can still keep my old school cars going and to educate some of the kids about the "old days".

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It seems there is a lot of common interest in this forum! Had air and power windows in the 1930 Hot Rod. The truck with a 2003 Duramax/Allison has A/C and made just over 1000 hp on N2O. :) The need for speed has cost me a lot of money over the years but as I get older the need for speed has diminished....... a little. :) I dug up and old picture of the 1970 GMC (built it 37 years ago) farm truck before the farm truck got popular on TV.The motorbikes still keep the adrenaline flowing though.








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