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DOT Officer Harassing HDTers, Beware!


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LOL - Sorry Mark. He was probably setting a CMV trap for us, and you got caught. We just stopped short of Houston in Goliad, TX and are taking a side detour to San Antonio. (Oh, the things we do to avoid the MAN).


Now, if a little Verizon bird (phone) happens to let him know when we are passing through (finally), We may be caught it his snare. I did by some Dr Pepper as a ahmm... (dare I say it out loud?) a Peace Offering.

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Dolly - many of us know each other and if we are "passing through' an area. we'll stop and have lunch, coffee, Dr. Pepper, etc. What isn't displayed here, is that Big5er and I had e-mailed each other and were / are planning on stopping for lunch with him on the way through. The timing just slipped a bit. I was actually close to his parents, and now am with other mutual friends. And, we had left the same place where Mark and Dale were.


SuiteSuccess is also a long time friend.


The hugs part, that is right out of the Escapee book. - One large extended family.


Just another one of those things that don't always end up in the "face value" of some posts.

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Phil I hear ya.........a few weeks ago we were at a pit stop and I lowered the ramp on the "Dolly-Stall" in the module in the toyhauler, Dolly does not get out since she has a pipe gate panel that we have to open to let her walk down the ramp........so......almost everyone at the pit stop comes over to see the Paint-horse that rides in "private stall room" in the back of the RV.


Dolly loves people and is a real tease so she sometimes nickers to see if anyone has a mint or ..........a spare carrot .........


So..... as I was smearing the bugs around on the windshield, this very nice lady taps me on the shoulder and says "I just love your horse" I says "oh ya, she is a real family pet".....she smiled and said "I just was shopping at the health food store and I bought a bunch of Organic Carrots would you mind If I gave her one?"

I said "oh sure go ahead".........she trotted over to her BMW and jerked a couple of big Organic Carrots out and Dolly chomped them down with a huge Horse-Smile...........I get NO hugs.......no carrots......no Dr Pepper.........I just get to smear bugs on the windshield.........


IF you are getting ANY hugs........your doing real good.........maybe I just don't drink enough Dr Pepper........



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A related sighting. Yesterday in Kentucky I spotted a 36' (?) Renegade MH based on a Columbia chassis pulling a brand new Sure-Trac 40' flatbed bumper pull complete with retractable tarp system installed. Had some racing equipment website in 16" letters on both sides of motor home. And Illinois RV plates on the MH.


Was I looking at a violation in progress? Drove right past the open TN and KY scales on I-65 north.

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Well, it finally happened. Not only did I get 'pulled' over by the DOT officer, I listened to him and came right in. Sort of like a moose to a mating call. But the moose avoided a bunch of downtown Houston traffic by listening.


We had a nice visit, a little cramped I the cab of the truck, with Phil yesterday. Phil, a pleasure to finally met up, a week late, but ....still a nice visit.

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I'm getting so many RV stops under my belt (Dandy2, Mark & Dale, Bill B, Brad Dadles), I am beginning to feel like one those old WW II flying aces :ph34r:



Maybe I could get some little decals to put on the side of my truck :D

Maybe something like this?


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