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  1. I like shifting just fine. The only auto I drive is my girlfriends Toyota. Kenworth has a 15 speed in it and it's perfect as far as I'm concerned. A really liked the 5&4 I ran for a while when I drove commercially.
  2. We have double towed on occasion at 83 feet. So far through CO, WY, NE, KS, NM & TX. Old school '83 KW with 255" tandem wb, 36' triple axle 5th, and either 16' tandem axle enclosed cargo or flat car hauler (20' w/tongue). I mostly run secondary and local paved roads and avoid Ports of Entry. With the big truck we do look large, but it looks to have the right proportions. If I was towing with a large dually like a 450/550 or so, then it would look odd. I haven't scaled the total, but it's probably around 52,500. I run two brake controllers, and the lighting/brakes on the second trailer are entirely separate from the 5th wheel circuits. Also have 3 cameras on the back of the 5th to hook up and watch the tires and other things. We don't double tow routinely, just on certain dedicated trips.
  3. DamianF

    Nice Tool

    I use this 40 year old Gregory hydraulic rivet nut setter. Have used it many times on the rig from fuse holders to lp regulator mounting, lighting, etc. Now it's a Huck tool.
  4. Max height for the Deer Creek Entrance at Chatfield State Park in the Metro Denver area is 13', but the Plum Creek entrance has no restriction. It would be an unexpected re-route stumbling into that for those that don't know.
  5. DamianF

    AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    I don't know what transmission you have, but it could be a range shifter piston o-ring, but I think you'd be able to hear a very muffled slight hiss at the bottom of the trans housing.
  6. Alie&Jim'sCarrilite, I clearly mean off track driving, as in possibly pulling a 5th wheel camping trailer. Except of course Dallas where the interstate must be on track from my experience.
  7. We drove through Dallas last Monday morning and saw several semi trucks being driven in a "sporty" fashion, with and without trailers. One more reason not to drive through Dallas again. A sporty semi?
  8. Those fold out steps look like a decent solution because if they cease to work for one or both of you, then getting in/out of your trailer won't be working either. There are a lot of ways to skin that cat. I just pick up my lady like a bag of potatoes, climb up and put her in the truck. However, I do have a rope/pulley system with a sling if my back is bad. I would not put the same platform lift I presently use on the trailer again, but rather heavily modify an air jack cylinder and make a lift out of it. A lot less to go wrong.
  9. DamianF


    Sold a used air compressor today on Craigslist. This is what the guy who bought it drove up in. He said the mod was done by an outfit that builds limos. First time I've ever seen a six door F anything in person. I thought members here might find it interesting to look at.
  10. DamianF

    Page Change??

    I'll try a pic to see if it works for me. Here is a trailer I checked out for a friend that might purchase it. 48' Teton Seems that it worked as a direct upload!
  11. DamianF


    A Hayes controller can be had for $225.00 presently, and they have a service life as far as I can tell from my experience. I replaced my original Hayes after 12 years of service and added a second for double towing trailers, plus added a third to my parts storage on the truck because they're affordable. I installed the first Hayes because the original Brakesmart controller failed after running rough roads. It had a service life as well, although RandyA repaired it for his own use. I must be a throwback because I prefer mechanical or electro-mechanical over electronic solutions to achieve an end. The Hayes fit the genre of my truck better than an electronic brake controller. I'm not a purist though, I do have a CB radio and a yet to be installed new Pioneer AM/FM radio. I splurged, it has a CD player included. Each to their own here I believe, and I try to be respectful of that and have tolerance for those that can't appreciate a 1983 KW.
  12. I run an RTO14615 (15 speed). Overdrive is quieter than a 13. I've never driven an automated trans truck. I'm old school and like to shift.
  13. My old KW is 255" wb to center of tandems, and the air hitch is directly over the rear axle. Pin weight roughly a shade under 5k, trailer nearly 21k as it sits today. With all my crap on the truck, plus the trailer weight (1 trailer at the moment), we are about a half of a fully loaded semi rig. From personal experience which isn't a lot compared to some, but still well over a million miles commercially, fair caution is required to get around on wet, snowy and icy roads, especially over a pass. As Jim described slipping tires on the white painted line, that issue doesn't really get fixed by adding 5k more on the hitch. Makes it a little better yes, but far from decent in my opinion. The last two times I've driven over Raton Pass between Colorado and New Mexico, weather was terrible despite forecasts otherwise. Personally, with the total weights involved here, the last thing I'd want is a hitch any significant distance behind the rear drive axle from a control perspective. I'm already light on the drives, and unless I add tons of steel, it'll always be that way. To this point I trust my experience to know when to give up the road for a rest stop.
  14. Dirt runner, I built a hitch for my '83 KW which has an aluminum frame. Although it's a pintle, it easily can become a receiver style. Here is a link to a pic of it for some ideas. A steel frame would be a lot easier to work with. https://flic.kr/p/brJeeV
  15. Randy, for our rig I use 3 filters before water gets into the tank. First a cheap Camco inline to extend the life of the second filter which is a 5 micron sediment unit, then a 1 micron carbon block filter. Then for drinking/cooking we use a 2 gallon Berkey unit. We've run Berkey's at home and on the rig for about 7 years and like them. I don't see any huge need for an RO system for us.
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