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Do we fill up now?


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With the news of Gas Prices on the way up, I am wondering if I need to just fill up now. I have been putting in 20 gallons at a time when I have a big Fuel reward's discount from my local Winn Dixie. The last one was $1.28 per gallon so I saved $ 25.60 on that twenty gallons. I paid with my Discover card that cut the price more with my cash back bonus of 5% but the per gallon price jumped $.05 when I put the credit card in resulting in another $.02695 bringing the total to $26.14 in total savings on the 20 gallon at the posted $2.76 per gallon price.


All that math was really hard for me this morning so anyone want to tell me where that break out point with fuel cost rising and the exact day when it will happen????? :)


On a side note, one of my biggest discounts rewards came from a Box of red wine. This morning i learned on the news that red wine is a weight loss aid and boosts the liver metabolism. I could weigh less and have more energy to drive. Life does get better with age.



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The IEA (International Energy Agency) released a report yesterday saying they expect oil prices to stay substantially below the highs of the past 3 years for the foreseeable future. Expecting oil to average $55 thru 2015. Over the next 5 years reaching $73.


Do they have a crystal ball and can see the future? Who knows. Right now just enjoying the lower prices but burn very little diesel this time of year. After the Rally in October the local station that sells a lot of Fuel and has a truck pump was selling for $3.199/g. I literally wanted to kiss and hug that nasty/dirty thing at the time (Fuel was averaging $.40 more as I made my way to/from the rally). Saturday I had to fill the transfer tank that we use to refill the tractor and equipment and the same station is now selling $2.299/g. $.90 less in 4 months. Who would have guessed? So I topped off the right tank on the Volvo too. Was just a inch too far out to reach the left tank. So watch, my laziness of not repositioning the truck and topping both tanks off will result in fuel being substantially higher next time I need fuel. "Fill" free to thank me now .... or .... later.

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I don't typically fill my tanks unless I am doing a cross country trip. I have just been putting in enough to get me where I am going and back. Recently though, even in CA, prices have been too good to pass up and I filled both of my 120 gal tanks between two fill ups or the course of 2 weeks. I figured I will use it eventually. :P I spent about $200.00 + less than the last time I filled both tanks to the top (which was about a year and half ago). :lol:

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I filled at Walmart $2.63 a gallon after purchasing gift card and getting 10 cents off per gallon. I'm like Rick, predicting gas prices has been like predicting Wall Street. Just buy when you feel it is a bargain and buy as much as you feel you can. Remember you will be right 50% of the time and the price will not go lower.

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I actually topped mine off yesterday here in Las Vegas, paying $2.96 pg. i probably spent more going to the truck stop than I will save even if fuel goes up. But truck needed the exercise and I needed to drive it. I'm getting hitch itch, going to be about 8 weeks before I get to really scratch it.

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I have a habit of trying to keep the tanks topped off. Last purchase was at a Murphy for $2.52 plus Discover points. I put less than $150 in both tanks. I think it helps to keep fresh fuel in, minimize condensation, and hopefully trash as we buy from a mix of stations. We are using the HDT as our daily driver right now though.

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