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Truck dies and ET Hitch


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When I came to Orlando 2 weeks ago I had trouble where my truck would die every time I came to a stop. it was very difficult to get it into the campground. I disconnected my battery to reset the computer and took it for a quick ride. It was shifting rough. Today I went to Henry's to get my ET Junior installed. It look awesome by the way. It ran ok but still shifted rough as I got on the tollway. It felt like my speed was pulsing up and down. I took it off cruise control and it slowed way down. Was I looking at an electrical issue? Then it started to really vary the speed as much as 20 mph. We stopped at a rest area and it promptly died. Finally got it started and proceeded to Henry's. While running around to find parts I picked up a fuel filter. Henry helped me change the fuel filter. I then headed back to Orlando. The truck ran flawlessly. Thanks for your help and for the hitch.


When I dumped the old filter I got about 30 cc of water out. What is an acceptable amount of water to dump out?

When I unscrewed the filter, there was a prolonged sucking sound. Was this due to the plugged filter?



Ron C.

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Regardless whether it is an HDT or any other kind of diesel, constant attention should be paid to your fuel filter(s). Personally, I open the drain valve on my water separator every other fill up. There's no such thing as being too vigilant when it comes to the quality of fuel getting to your injectors.

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unfortunately to open the drain valve i have to lay on my back and crawl all the way under the truck. then when I open it the stuff drains down my arm. Very poor design.

Ron C.

2013 Dynamax Trilogy 3850 D3

2000 Kenworth T2000 Optimus Prime

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Getting the existing water out is only part of the problem. When water saturates the filter element it changes the flow rate. Filters are cheap, change all of them. Like I mentioned on Jack's post about possible fuel problems, HDT's sit a lot, fuel at unusual places with questionable fuel sometimes. Tanks need to be kept full or condensation forms and creates problems. I wouldn't be afraid to use some additive like Power Service to disperse the water regularly.

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I only have the one filter.


What engine do you have in your truck, Ron? A single-filter fuel filtration system would be highly unusual for an HDT. There may only be one filter on the engine itself (the secondary filter), but there ought to be a fuel water separator upstream from it somewhere.


On my Cat C12-equipped T2000, the primary filter is out in the driver's side wheel well.



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My ISM had only one filter, and NO water separator.

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Old Goat's paradise domicile seems to attract routinely "visits" from large trucks with "issues".



I hate to think that Jack's most recent "visit" contributed to his fuel problems.



Anyway, Ron brought one of these to Dr. Goat to make better.



Ron actually agreed with Dr. Goats "medical" opinion at the Rally in October that complete transplant was the only viable option. All the joints and moving parts "on this limb" were beyond chondroitin @ glucosamine

So the "patient" was put under and Dr. Goat went right to work.



The offending limb was excised and a brand new one (of better quality) was put in its place.



Here's Ron with the "patient" in the recovery room.



Some of your "wits" might have recognized the type of bed this is, yes, it's a tilt and slide bed. Because of the sunken hitch section it can't go all the way to the ground, so Ron uses couple of short ramps to drive his Jeep right up on it.



By the way, the "excised limb" that I have,


I'm going to strip the internal parts from the Binkley head, but otherwise it's junk to me, unless somebody has use for parts or the whole thing. Any takers?

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Pick me ! Pick me ! Pick me, Tell the old goat that I would lovingly transport this hulk from the ECR back to South Carolina and shame my machinist son into working on it in his spare time. I have a binkley head on my hitch and perhaps could use what you don't strip off the hitch for making an electro magnetic ferro cosmic bananna peeler or something similar. That is, if I can affort the interstate transport charges from Florida, via Old Goat Express. By the way, I want to be much like the old goat when I grow up....But don't tell him that... Charlie P.S. a double or triple portion of BBQ might appear on someones plate at the rally.

Don't ever tell a soldier that he doesn't understand the cost of war.

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That is, if I can affort the interstate transport charges from Florida, via Old Goat Express.

I bet you could settle the debt with this ......



The old goat is known to have a soft spot for this stuff .....

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Moved from Orlado to the Keys. The hitch absorbed all the bumps and didnt hit the top or bottom at all. I am ectremely happy. Gteat job Henry


Been watching this thread as I am talking with Henry about also getting the ET hitch, with a little luck at the East Coast Rally

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AH-HA, I figured out a way to keep the Old Goat from charging exhorbitant transpot fees on the old hitch hulk. I sneaked into his shop and would have gotten away scot free....except that he caught me and forced some binkley parts on me. He was very cordial...especially since I was caught red-handed, and we had a great visit with the Old Goat, Davena and her Mom and the Old Goats cousin Tommy. Paradise is an accurate description of his abode/shop and it was really great to see him. I already feel smarter after talking to them for a while.... Charlie

Don't ever tell a soldier that he doesn't understand the cost of war.

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Yes, Charlie decided not to wait till April and pickup Ron's old hulk today. I appreciate Charlie's action since it "liberated" precious shop space which is not that abundant to begin with. Charlie came with friends and friend's truck to take the "transportation abuse"


As you may notice the hitch is "head-less" (more on that later) which made it lighter, but we had considerable discussion about the "unloading procedure and setup". It's easy to load it with a hoist, the question was what do you do once you arrive at the campground. With the "headless" weight, I offered an engineering calculation that two young guys ought to be able to move it. Noting that young guys might not be readily available I suggested that four old guys on Medicare could do it to ( make sure that their supplemental AARP insurance is current).

I offered Charlie additional engineering evaluation vis a vis the old hulk. I estimated that it was manufactured during the early days of Bill (I feel your pain) Presidency, or perhaps even going back to Bush the Elder. As a consequence there are parts of it needing "attention" and the Binkley head is definitely shot, dead, kaput, etc., etc., I wouldn't hitch up garbage wagon to it. We removed it to get to the latching parts (these never wear out) and proceeded to strip it apart in Charlie's presence, so he could "observe, absorb, learn and become an expert Binkley stripper". Sort of like these guys in Bronx who can leave your Mercedes on four blocks in 15 minutes. If your Binkley is mysteriously missing parts at the Rally? Hmm, just saying.

But, I had an ulterior motive. In two location I preside over substantial Binkley graveyards, one of them in my shop.



This is the result of "non-cooperation" between Binkley and the Old Goat in his endeavor to build Super Binkleys.





Over the years every time Super Binkley was built a regular Binkley was "sacrificed", resulting in two graveyards of zombie Binkleys. Zombies, because these are not exactly dead, but close to it. So in the immortal words of Vito Corleone I offered Charlie "an offer he couldn't refuse". I offered Charlie a brand new (never pulled) Binkley zombie, which you can see him "cuddling" in this picture.



The zombie, like any zombie is missing quite a few parts, but Dr. Goat has a ready cure as the second batch of these,



will be arriving in Paradise next week. I will ship those to Charlie so he can turn the zombie into handsome Frankenstein. The old head (seen in the truck) will supply the swivel section only and then be deep sixed.

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Well, Phoenix. I must be running on high T, or something. My TS moving adventures only took a strong back and weak mind. I didn't get pics of the loading, but this is how it rode home:





Then unloading involved a piece of 3"x12" plank. In all seriosness, the rear of the Chevy came up about 3" as the weight came off the tailgate. I was sweating bullets as it slid to ground level. The piece of deck board was under the hitch, before I slid it onto the plank. This allowed the plank to extend past the top of the tailgate.



I have been wrong before, I'll probably be wrong again. 

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