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Second question...... How long?

Kirk W

How long have you been RVing in any form?  

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  1. 1. How many years have you traveled or lived in an RV in total?

    • 1 year or less
    • 2 - 3 years
    • 4 - 5 years
    • 5 - 10 years
    • 10 - 15 years
    • 15 - 20 years
    • more than 20 years

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Separating the number of RVs from the years of use, how many years have you been traveling by RV? You might add a post to comment on whether you tented or camped in some other way before buying an RV and perhaps even after owning one.


I tented some as a Boy Scout, but only enough to make me want to do more of it. Once married and out of the Navy we bought our first tent, which was followed pretty shortly by a second, larger tent that we used for about three years. Next came our first very old, well used RV which started the 40 years of RV travels. Even so, we did do some tent camping during those years as we hiked or rode horses into primitive areas for some years after that and were involved very deeply with Boy Scouts until our 3 sons were grown. We put the tents away after our youngest son left home and have not slept in tents since that day.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
Kirk & Pam's Great RV Adventure



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We bought our first RV in 1986, a used TT, and were Weekenders for many years. Retired in 2007, by then we were on our fifth unit, a 5er. Bought a lot in an RV resort in Port Aransas in 2009 and have been Winter Texans ever since. Now on our 7th rig and 7th tow vehicle. Best Wishes, Jay

2015 Continental Coach Elegance by Forks RV, 41'; 2015 FL M2 112, DD 13, by 2L Custom Trucks; Trailer Saver air hitch; '48 Navigoddess with a Rand McNally GPS

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Starting camping with the Boy Scouts. Moved up to backpacking as long as two weeks at a time through my teens and early 20's. Did some car camping after that, though we continued to backpack and car camp a bit up until two years ago. Finally donated all of the camping gear to a local Boy Scout Troop this past year, so we're done sleeping on the ground!


In 1998 bought a 26' TT, no slide, used. After two years decided to get a new 30' fifth wheel with one slide. Retired in 2010, and started full timing in that 30' fiver. Then in late 2011 we purchased our current Hitchiker, which is 35' with 3 slides. Before retirement we spent probably 6-8 weeks a year in the RV, and we're starting our fifth year of full timing. So I chose 5-10 years.

Mark & Teri

2021 Grand Designs Imagine 2500RL, 2019 Ford F-350

Mark & Teri's Travels

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Tent camped, Then added a cargo van to which I add a bed ect. for the wife and I and the tent for the kids. Then in the early 80's we bought a used pop-up which we had until about 2000 when we bought a travel trailer. By that time it was just the wife and I. We now have our 5th wheel and are full time.

Dave and Marge

2010 Phaeton Motor Home
Previous Mobile Suites 36 RSSB3 (for sale)
and 2005 FL M2-106 Sport (for sale after 5er sells)

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First rv, September, 2005. Been in an rv ever since. If we make it to September of this year, it will be 10 years. Interestingly, we went from being in one of the smallest groups in your last survey to being in what appears to be the largest group in this survey.

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I guess in a way, I started RV'ing in Jan. 1951, some 64 years ago! Mom & Dad were forced to liquidate their sporting goods store in urban Chicago. We traveled to Calif. and bought an Airstream trailer and traveled full time for 2 years.


But as an adult, we started camping, in the back of our station wagon in 1969, and bought our first RV in 1970, if you consider home made wooden slide on camper a RV.

Al & Sharon
2006 Winnebago Journey 36G 
2020 Chevy Colorado Toad
San Antonio, TX


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According to the calculator Dave & I bought our first tent trailer 34 years ago. We were backpackers before that. My parents bought a tent trailer in 1957 that we camped in for several years so technically I was an RVer back then.


Linda Sand

Blog: http://sandcastle.sandsys.org/

Former Rigs: Liesure Travel van, Winnebago View 24H, Winnebago Journey 34Y, Sportsmobile Sprinter conversion van

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Chose 4 years because that is how long we have been fulltime. Did a week or two every so often in an rv during vacation.

Growing up spent all of hunting season in a tent when my family owned a hunting camp. Spent most of my summers in a one room cabin. Not sure if that qualifies in any way as camping or rving.

See you on the road!

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Boy Scouts, lots of backpacking in the Tahoe Basin, Yosemite and Pt. Reyes National Seashore. My wife and I car camped, then purchased an Apache tent trailer, then we had a Tioga Class C, and now have a truck camper. If I added all the days camped in any of them it would still be a year or less I suspect...not sure if that was what you intended?

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In late fall 1958 my Dad converted an old school bus into a motorhome. In it our family of 7 traveled from Western NY to Arizona. From that time on we always had an RV of some sort. My wife's family had a small Shasta travel trailer when she was a girl and was soon after we were married we purchased our first travel trailer. Since then we have had additional travel trailers, tent trailers, a couple slide in pickup campers, Class B's, Class C's, and Class A's. When we went full time in 1999 we purchased the first of 3 fifth wheels, the latest of which we have lived in sine 2002. Of course, none of this counts back packing the the High Sierra or those overnight camping trips with my Dad when I was 6 or 7. RVing alone I guess that amounts to about 56 years at this point, with no end in sight.

2000 Volvo 770, 500HP/1650FP Cummins N14 and 10 Speed Autoshift 3.58 Rear 202" WB, 2002 Teton Aspen Royal 43 Foot, Burgman 650 Scooter

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My wife Linda and I got married in 1975, I already had a camper van at the time. We have had all kinds of RVs and now have a MH, it is our 3rd MH. My brothers and I (young boys) used to go camp out on the creek with no RV, sometimes we made a lean-to and sometimes not.

Our Daughter's first home was a 5th Wheel RV so she started out early!! We had just been transferred to San Diego, CA in the Navy and were still living in the RV in a nice RV park in Alpine, CA. She was born at Balboa Hospital (the old one) right across the road from the Zoo....

I always told her the wild in the animals rubbed off on her... ;)


Enjoy the ride!!!

Southwind 35P


EX Submarine driver

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I started camping with the Boy Scouts in 1965. I stayed involved with the Scouts thru 1980. I bought my first RV, a 1969 19' Bee Line travel trailer in 1978. I got married in 1983, got rid of the trailer, but switched to tent camping until I turned 40, at which time I wanted to get off the ground. We got a tent camper, then a motor home, then another motor home and now a fifth wheel trailer. I retired in 2005 and have been on the road ever since.

2006 Jayco Designer 38 RDQS

2006 Ford F350 SRW

Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem

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Backpacking and mountain/rock climber since about 1962 (REI membership 12x,xxx) Bought that old home-built (by someone else) slide-in camper for a 1956 International pickup truck (complete with oak bumper painted with black and white diagonal stripes) and used that in the winter for skiing but tent camped in good weather. Spent a month in a tent bicycling through EU in '72 sleeping in a tent for all but 5 nights.


Five years on a cruising sailboat (that should count!).


Many summer weekends either on a boat, in a tent or in an RV.


A few long (month at a time) trips in the campers and one long trip in the 5er through the SW.


The DW grew up with RVs and snow machines and even camped next to me (in her parents' Champion... I was in my home-made camper 'The Tiltin' Hiltin') when she was 13 or 14 watching my pals and me on x/c skis and snowshoes. We met 5 or 61 years later and only discovered that our paths had crossed when she described how her older brother got interested in x/c skiing and snowshoing!


I am surprised at how many of us here started in tents. I think the RV life is a lot easier for people who grew through tents and smaller RVs.



1993 Foretravel U225 with Pacbrake and 5.9 Cummins with Banks

1999 Jeep Wrangler, 4" lift and 33" tires

Raspberry Pi Coach Computer

Ham Radio

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