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  1. The above information by Mike 57 is very good. Be aware that if you do not know how to hook up your waste hose do not open any valves as being improperly hooked to a sewer could end in a very bad/stinky mess. Best advise is get a tech to explain everything to you. You may be able to find a helpful and knowledgeable camper near you who may be willing to walk you through things also. Those are cable operated valves that you showed in the second picture. In the first picture I noticed that the water heater bypass and the winterizing valve were in the wrong positions. This makes me wonder if you have tried to use the plumbing yet? Best of luck to you
  2. Congratulations on your purchase. Thank you for joining our group.
  3. Have always left the heat set and never worried about it. Have been in below zero temps and the heater ran almost constantly. Did you worry about your heater when you were in a S&B? The only reason to shut off the heat at night is to save on propane. If you want to be cold then leave the heat off. If you want it in the 80's set the thermostat and forget it. Just be aware that you will use propane.
  4. We have both satellite and OTA. Unless you have ab unlimited data plan any thing such as fire tv or Roku or almost useless. We split our time between cities and far enough out in the country that OTA gets us no to almost no service. We find that we watch a little more tv then we did while we were working. There are days when the weather will not cooperate and since we are retired we do not have to force ourselves to be out in bad weather. My advise is to at least consider setting the money aside for a satellite system. Then see how things shake out. If after a year you find you do not need or want the satellite system then spend the money for something else. As far as a DVR goes there is nothing on tv that we feel we cannot miss, so we do not use one. Good luck on you new adventure.
  5. We also setup or address service six months early. We did not use Escapees but another service. The six months allowed us to make sure all the mail we needed the address changed on got changed and was forwarded properly. When we stopped in S.D. For our drivers license we needed two pieces of mail with or S.D. address on it, we had that due to setting up our mail forwarding early. Even though we set it up early I still forgot one or two pieces that needed to be changed during that initial six months. My suggestion is set it up early. Once you can move to the state then you can get drivers license, titles and plates, wills, and all the other minutia taken care of at that time.
  6. Lived in Wyoming and worked in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana until about a year ago. Verizon had the best coverage in all those states though there were areas with no coverage at all. Next was AT&T. Sometimes could not get a signal even with a booster where Verizon I could get three bars with out the booster. T-Mobile was non existent. Most communities would not even offer Sprint or T-Mobile because of the lack of coverage. Verizon unfortunately is still the leader in coverage.
  7. I am with teachers pet. Walk away. If the hot water tank was not drained it may have been damaged, the water lines may have been damaged, and even the waste tanks and lines may have been if not drained. With the damage you know about and the unknown damage are you sure that you want to get involved? If you could repair the damage yourself then it maybe worth considering. If you are not handy enough to replace the water pump and a waste tank or a water heater yourself then it could get real expensive real fast. Just my two cents
  8. Thank you sir for the help you have given not just to me but others as well. It has been much appreciated. Sorry to hear that you had to leave the Rv lifestyle and that you will be on the forum less then usual. Your advice will be sorely missed. Best wishes to you and yours
  9. My guess is that due to the close quarters of most Rv parks it would be hard to break in without being noticed. Imagine trying to get a tv off the wall and out the door without someone noticing. I really doubt that anyone is going to drive around looking for folks in dispersed camping areas. Not enough profit for the time involved. Much easier to break into a house that has landscaping and tvs and other things setting about then trying to remove them from wall mounts. As DuneElliot stated they may not know whether you are on vacation or fulltime. Then again who has the most stuff someone in a S/B or in an Rv?
  10. Welcome to the forum. I will throw my two cents in. You have recieved some very good advice so far. In our case I spent over two years researching different makes models and brands of rv before we settled on our toy hauler. The toy hauler fit what we wanted and needed. I have had ours in 100 degree heat and - 18 degree cold. I would not recommend these temperature extremes to anyone but our toy hauler was very livable in all those conditions. My advise to you is take your time, think about what you want. You decide what fits you and the life style you want to lead. What works for others may never work for you. Do NOT jump at the first thing you see that looks good. Think it through. Consider every option, think about how it will fit your lifestyle and whether you will have to compromise. Last bit of advise is buy the RV then fit the haul vehicle to the RV. As I said just my two cents.
  11. Assume when you say that the valve is freezing you mean that you are in cold weather. If that is the case here are my suggestions. The reason the valve is freezing is because of moisture in and around the valve in cold weather. My suggestion would be to place a heat tape around the valve and duct tape it in place. If you have no access to heat tape I would then suggest a styrofoam cooler with a light bulb cut to fit around the valve.
  12. Kirk. Considering that the other side had one I believe that a worker forgot that one.
  13. Just an update to let everyone know what happened with this problem. Took filon off the front of fifth wheel. All of the frame was in good shape. Removed front cap. Manufacturer had forgot to place 2x4 between frame and a wall stud. Placed 2x4 where it should have been. Checked other side it was fine. Built up fiberglass then glued and clamped. Put everything back together. Now fixed. Should call and rant at RV manufacturer but won't.
  14. Welcome. Welcome. Have found many answers here. Hope you enjoy fulltime half as much as we have. Do not hesitate to stop by and ask questions or even share an answer or two.
  15. We use the dyson V6. Have used it for over 4 years only complaint I have is if it is on sheet vinyl flooring you can not turn it on max. Not really a complaint just has way too much suction.
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