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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I've been on the road for the past couple of days so haven't had a chance to read all the replies until now. I didn't see where to remove a fuse. I'll have to check into that further. Also I'll look into a charging circuit.
  2. I arrived at our destination tonight after a long day and the battery on our Honda was dead. I've only towed it a couple of times before and never this long of time. We bought the car already set up to tow and I had the Brake buddy that came when I bought the used Motor Home. Cable plugs in from the motor home and lights work fine. Brake buddy seems to work fine. It does plug into the 12V socket in the car. I'm assuming that it is what drained the battery. Should the cable from the MH keep the battery charged. Did it run down this time because it was hooked up for about 7 hours? What do I need to do to keep this from happening in the future?
  3. We've used Walmart for the past 6 years and not had any problems. We switched to CVS because of insurance. They keep trying to refill prescriptions from past locations. Also they try to renew prescriptions which don't have any refills and I no longer take. No real problems but just a nuisance. We will stick with CVS for now but we'll see how it goes.
  4. Cowboy, After reading you post I thought I would try calling again. I tried this morning a couple of time and got a message that the number was no longer in service. I just call and got right through to her. While I held she found the letter I was looking for and said she would send it to me. I really appreciate that as it was the title to a car that I had sent to her to register.
  5. My wife and I just got our new cards in our last mail shipment. I did try to go on line to Social Security and change my address and it wouldn't let me sign in. Guess I'll have to call them too.
  6. I had talked to Terri last Friday July 20 and told here I was sending her the necessary paperwork to register a car that I had just purchased (which included the title) On the envelope that I sent I used my return address in SD so if it is returned to sender it will just go back to the post office. Right now I do not know where the title is and I have a car without a title and no way to register it. I have tired to contact Terri but as others have found out the phone mail is full and E-mails are not answered.
  7. EagleEye

    Diesel locations

    Is there an app or something where one can find locations along a route where you can find Diesel locations which are big friendly. By that I'm looking for places that are easy to access along my route.
  8. I think I figured out how to add pictures.Mobile Suite: https://photos.app.goo.gl/58R0iiHq8BiQlGdK2Freightliner: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jyERN6rbpFSpFYnj8
  9. We have our 2008 36 RSSB3 for sale. It has the king bed, The refrigerator is a four door with freezer at the top. Has a microwave/convection over and three burner gas stove and oven. It has a new 48" TV over the fireplace. There are two ducted AC units, one also is a heat pump. Asking $35,000 or best reasonable offer. This unit has been well maintained but has been our home so it does show some normal wear. Also available is our 2005 Freightliner M2-106 Sport Chassis. If purchased with the RV the package price is $85K. Truck will not be sold before the RV is sold. We are currently located in Northern Illinois but will be moving to Western Michigan in a couple of weeks. PM me any questions or you e-mail address for pictures.
  10. Ours went out after about 8 years and we looked online for one from the same manufacture and found one that was very similar and it fit just like the old one. Didn't even have to replace the bracket on the wall.
  11. I did end up calling Branson RV. They came out about 5:30 at night a spent about an hour and half finding and fixing the problem. The charge was a lot less than I expected. I would recommend them but they are very busy especially this time of year.
  12. Looking for a recommendation for a mobile RV service near Branson, MO. I have an electrical issue where from time to time we have an electrical burning smell. Need to find someone ASAP.
  13. I'll second that they interfere with TV reception. We only use over the air TV and almost everywhere we go there are channels that won't work with I turn on certain lights. Jst something we have learned to live with.
  14. My water pump runs but I can't get it to pump water. Tank is full I've tried everything I know but nothing will go through it. I took it apart but didn't see anything wrong. It's a Shurflo Model 4008-101-A65. I need it or I don't have any water for a few days. Help Please!
  15. My water pump runs but I can't get it to pump water. Tank is full I've tried everything I know but nothing will go through it. I took it apart but didn't see anything wrong. It's a Shurflo Model 4008-101-A65. I need it or I don't have any water for a few days. Help Please!
  16. Thanks for the replies. I found some Lucas Hub Oil at NAPA. Tried a truck stop and another auto parts store before I found it at NAPA. No I didn't see any signs of a leak. I'll check it again in a couple hundred miles and see what it looks like then.
  17. My Mobile Suite has oil wheel bearings. I need to add some oil to one of them.
  18. Checked my bearings today and one of them is low on oil. What weight and type of oil should I use to replenish it?
  19. A lot of projects have a lot of maintenance type handyman jobs so I carry a wide variety of various hand tools that don't take up a lot of space. Various battery powered drills, drivers and saws. I also carry drywall tools even though it not something I like but it seems like is always needed. I carry a router, belt sander, power hand saw. Something that I didn't carry for several years was my chop saw because it takes a lot of room and relative heavy. I just started carrying it this last year as there have been several time I could of used it. I prefer construction type projects or work as a trim carpenter. As Kirk said a lot depends on the skills you have. I've run into several project that need a mechanic, electrician, etc. If you have tools that you not sure about maybe you can store them with someone until after you've worked a few projects to see what you may want. I left all of my woodworking tool with my son who has a big shop and sometimes I will drop off something that I find I don't need or pick up something I know I may be needing. Hope this helps.
  20. We're still on the road just about to finish up our fifth year. Sure has gone fast. We're leaving Branson next week heading back to Northern Ill.
  21. We're in Forsyth, Mo. for another week. Spring is already here. Heading north in another week.
  22. I have a M2-106 and have a shimmy in the when driving on a smooth road. (I know that's kind of rare). I also would like to have it gone over and checked out. I'm near Springfield, Mo. and wanted to know if anyone has used the Freightliner dealer in Springfield or have another recommendation.
  23. I've only had Coach-Net and have used them three time. Once for a blow out on the FW, Once for a damaged tire on the truck, and once for a tow on our car. Only problem was for the truck it took four hours for them to find someone to come out with a tire in Cincinnati. never used the Technical Assistance. I'll keep Coach-Net.
  24. EagleEye

    RV Flex Armor Roof

    To me the fact that they don't do slides it a deal killer.
  25. Thanks everyone for you help. I was finally able to delete the connection and then reset the Jetpack. Now I've got it working. Dave
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