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  1. i think buying and shipping a window would far exceed $30.00. thanks tho
  2. maybe, but i'm still looking for a cheaper solution. anyone else have a source?
  3. well i broke one of my window latches today. if i knew they were pretty much extinct, i would have been more careful. anyone know where i can buy replacements without spending $30.00 on an aluminum one?--thanks
  4. hasti14

    gulf coast camping

    yep- we figured on a week max time. we're leaning towards mustang island for the electric. at least I can run a/c or heat pump when needed to draw out internal moisture. thanks for the info folks. keep it coming
  5. hasti14

    gulf coast camping

    good info. as far as why i'm worried about the potential electrical system problems, the fog and mists create humidity and moisture. I'm concerned about all chassis and interior contact points. is there any way to protect these other than staying several miles inland?
  6. hasti14

    gulf coast camping

    we were thinking of mustang island state park or padre island national seashore. i'm a bit concerned about corrosion to the electrical systems. living in a Monaco mh, and I don't want to create problems.
  7. we would like to camp on the gulf coast for a while. should we be concerned with the salt air or fog?
  8. made it thru today. a piece of cake----thanks
  9. leaving deming, n.m. tomorrow. heading to van horn , tx. are there toll roads around el paso on highway 10? if so, what route would you suggest to bypass them? thanks again
  10. the lube pump I am selling is a remco lp-bk01-010. it is compatible with the Toyota rav 4 and camry's from 2000- 2012. it is an after market add on to allow you to flat tow these vehicles. Toyota does not come with a lube pump to tow your car. this remco pump allows you to tow 4 wheels down. my lube pump was manufactured 01/17. $1425.00 new. it includes- the lube pump, transmission cooler, all the accessories. if interested make me an offer. we bought a newer vehicle and don't need it anymore
  11. I still have this lube pump. check remco website for compatability. fits many Toyota rav4's and Camrys. manufactured- January 2017. $1425.00 new. make me an offer. bought a new car and don't need it anymore. includes the tranny cooler and all accessories.
  12. you folks are hard bargainers. our remco lube pump was manufactured in January 2017. got a new vehicle and it has to go. model # lp-bk01-010. includes tranny cooler and the accessories. $1425.00 new, will sell for $550.00 or best offer. fits many Toyota rav 4's and Camrys. if you go to remco's website, you can put in the pump # and see if it is compatible with your buggy. 715-204-6087.
  13. 2 year old remco lube pump model- lp-bk01-010. fits many rav4's and camry's. all hardware included including transmission cooler. $750.00 obo. buying a new vehicle.
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