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  1. thanks- i saw the colo dot reports
  2. monarch pass is no picnic either. thanks for the info. looks like we'll take the long way around
  3. looking for info on the grade percentages and lengths of the grades to cross from buena vista to taylor reservoir. we have a 33 foot gas rv and towing a jeep. don't want to beat up the rv by crossing over here if it's a backbreaker. thanks
  4. colorado precision rv- jake diagnosed our electrical problem. we couldn't hang around for the part to be ordered, so once we got settled in for the winter, i ordered the part and with jake's help over the phone, i installed it. great customer service. he could have blown me off because i was 1000 miles and 2 months away since he did the original diagnosis.
  5. nope- no more washers for the new ones. looks like prest-o-fit is the only choice for our steps
  6. yes- they went in the washer. frayed the heck out them. first time washing them. last set - probably the originals hit the washer many times without getting beaten up
  7. anyone know of another source for interior step covers besides prest-o fit? my new ones shredded after one washing
  8. i think buying and shipping a window would far exceed $30.00. thanks tho
  9. maybe, but i'm still looking for a cheaper solution. anyone else have a source?
  10. well i broke one of my window latches today. if i knew they were pretty much extinct, i would have been more careful. anyone know where i can buy replacements without spending $30.00 on an aluminum one?--thanks
  11. yep- we figured on a week max time. we're leaning towards mustang island for the electric. at least I can run a/c or heat pump when needed to draw out internal moisture. thanks for the info folks. keep it coming
  12. good info. as far as why i'm worried about the potential electrical system problems, the fog and mists create humidity and moisture. I'm concerned about all chassis and interior contact points. is there any way to protect these other than staying several miles inland?
  13. we were thinking of mustang island state park or padre island national seashore. i'm a bit concerned about corrosion to the electrical systems. living in a Monaco mh, and I don't want to create problems.
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