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    Hello all, We camp mainly in PA, and some states near by, Where campgrounds are tight (nothing like you see out west where you have plenty of room) My fear is I pull the trigger on something like this and find out we can't make the campground spot. I currently have a full size F-250 8Ft bed, I also drive Tractor Trailer so I understand backing-up, but you still need room to "swing" the truck around. My question i guess is: having the hitch and king pin set so far back, Does this help you to get jacked faster and into location better, before you really need to "swing" the truck around. Or do we just do pull thru only once we go this route? I would post what we are looking at, but somebody might get it before me...lol
  2. yes, same truck, but know i'm ready to purchase since it's still for sale
  3. where does one get a loan for these, my bank won't do it because it's not a "truck or RV"
  4. I would be the third owner, First owner is the one that built the truck and put the most miles on it, Current owner has owned it for 3 yrs and only put 30,000 miles on it.
  5. Hello All, New to the HDT arena, We are in the market for a used unit, I found one which i think is a great deal. 2009 Freightliner 333,000 miles 10 speed Automatic DD15 condo sleeper/ with smart car 25,000 miles. He's asking 55,000 for total package. How do i find a "book" valve on the truck. Truck has a hydraulic bed to load smart car or he said you can drive it up on. Anything I should expect to go wrong or is this engine problematic
  6. Seems like the program is slowly getting to the point where your not going to save a lot once the fees are added in
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