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  1. I am kind of inclined to get something else. The seller said it was a phone company utility vehicle, which explains the generator and the toolbox. Looks neat and yeah, the question about engine hours is totally legit. I overlooked it. Now looking at this item (Can't get the pics to automatically load, not sure why, works elsewhere) 2011 Ford F550 32 pass Shuttle Bus V10 6.8L Under 130K miles and under 20K, cheaper than the other one but it's completely stock. It does look a lot more promising. Either one of them will require a lot of work. I think if I get the 32 passenger for say 15K-17K and then invest 20K in it, which is not unusual, I will be happy. https://imgur.com/LYQYKKP Then there is really sharp 2016 F650 shuttle bus, also 32 passenger I already posted about, pretty low miles of 17K miles ( need to inquire about the engine hours). Looks sharp but they are asking 45K. Not sure if it's worth it or what. Will still need about 20K of stuff put into it which will put it into the 65K range, and in that range there many alternatives that do not require any work at all. Although I do like the concept of what I am getting here and get to pick exactly what goes in it. https://imgur.com/I8EnGnh
  2. Makes sense. The mileage is about 35,000. Still the question remains.
  3. I asked the seller, just got a response that it does not lock, but maybe he doesn't really know. Anyway these sliding doors have to go. I am just puzzled as what to do with it, installed door on hinges or completely seal the gap, or what. And it's nice to have access to that area from the inside, and he said it currently doesn't. So it needs some body work. It's not essential but can be done as time / finances permit. Still, I am considering a few other units in the 28-32 passenger configuration. The 14-passenger one is cute as a button, I like it also despite realizing I will have to make sacrifices there, it won't fit everything I want.
  4. The above one looks nice but requires some reconfiguration but it comes with some goodies like a nice tool box, a genny, fridge, etc. Perhaps not as much work as starting from scratch with a newly gutted one. It's a 2012 14-passenger Ford F550 Super Duty XL. Around 25K and miles are super low about 35K. Also looking at this one, 2016 F650 32-passenger shuttle bus, also with the glorious V10 6.8L. The miles look absurdly low at 17K but the price is significantly more around 45K and at the very upper end of what I want to spend. The first one I can buy outright, the second will have to finance some part of it. Still, it looks very sharp. It's about twice as long so I have much more room to experiment during my build. The bigger size will mean lower MPG and harder to park. The 14-passenger does not appear much bigger than a B-class Sprinter van or one of those Amazon delivery vehicles. So no parking issues. Either one I think blends in and either one will require a lot of work. The reason I want to build my own is because I have some specific requirements, for example I want to install a nice wood computer desk. 8' couch. I don't think I need the dinette at all that usually comes in an RV. I am a single person and I've seen single people full time in an even smaller vehicles, like a converted ambo or a EMT truck. These seem tiny in comparison. So I am thinking about the cadillac solution or just something to get buy. I have been watching skoolie classifieds also in the hope of finding a build one but nothing really comes up and when it does, it's usually diesel and I don't care for diesel. some alternatives I am looking at, this is the F650 I mentioned above https://imgur.com/YTyzLLI
  5. I am picky, is that a bad thing? I haven't seen an RV that I wanted, with all the parameters I want. Plus, this has a degree of stealth. Not uber-stealthy like an Amazon delivery truck but some. A B/C class RV has none. It screams "someone is full timing here". This one I can paint some things on it to designate it a utility vehicle.
  6. I like this shuttle bus (looks like a 16-passenger?) but have questions about the conversion. It was a utility vehicle. Fits me length-wise (more or less), gas V10 motor, truck front, all desirable features not to mention low miles. It will need some work, install basic utils inside. My number one question, what about these external sliding doors (Like on a Uhaul truck). They do not appear to be lockable and need to be replaced somehow, any ideas? Apparently the area behind the doors is not accessible from the inside as seen on the pics. Opinions? Or should I want for a larger 28-32 passenger shuttle bus in my area. I could use more room, but this one is sweet. https://imgur.com/1bWsPZY https://imgur.com/2TfDQ2F https://imgur.com/c5NVE0m
  7. That is certainly a most interesting question. I do know you can pull engine hours from the computer..
  8. I am planning to relocate either to FL but more likely to Texas due to this new vax mandate. I am in IT and have to go where the jobs are. Texas is currently number one on my list, I identify ideologically with it. I am currently in Northern VA. They are not putting up a fight against the mandatory vax. I will do so at a huge pay cut but this situation has become completely unacceptable. Thus I am back to the same old dilemma what to do, get a TT+ trailer, or a class B, or C, or a conversion bus. A shuttle bus is *a lot* more discreet than one of these class C Rvs. Not as discreet as an Amazon delivery vehicle. which all might be a moot point if I can find a campground near my potential workplace. NoVA is absolutely terrible with campgrounds. Most of the east coast is. They are far away, expensive and generally just not an option. That's what prompted my search for a discreet B or C class. Also I've never done a conversion, it will probably take me 6 months if not a year.
  9. Okay, forget the above one. Back to the drawing board. Found this item, opinions? I think it fulfills all of my criteria. 1) Truck front (C4500) with easy access to engine. 2) Low mileage gas engine (8.1L Vortec) - do not want diesel at this point 3) Discreet, semi-stealth, I don't something that screams "someone lives here" 4) Location - Florida. Can go there from DC area and register it there. 5) Size - not too large, not too small. 6) - it needs to be converted into an RV so I figure that's at least 10K but the upside is, I get to configure it exactly the way I want it and do it gradually. I have never seen an RV floor plan that I liked. Opinions? What's a reasonable price for it? https://www.commercialtrucktrader.com/listing/2008-CHEVROLET-C4500-5016955601 the above is 20-passenger, then there is this option, 24-passenger: https://www.snautolocators.com/2008-chevrolet-c5500-startrans-bus
  10. I am definitely not interested in the 5.4L, not sure how that came up. It's slow in a full size pickup, let alone a much heavier / bigger RV.
  11. I have a feeling for me it will be the "money pit" clause. I do light vehicle work and am pretty familiar with gas engines, can do spark plugs, water pumps, even survived a timing belt once. I never dig inside, heads are beyond me. But a PSD ... don't think so. The whole nature of RV is to go and be in the middle of nowhere. I don't stay in campgrounds near civilization. Thus the likelyhood is something will break in the 6.0L PSD and leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere. I think I am going to back to the drawing board and will look either for the gas V10 motor or the GM alternative.
  12. Who makes a B or a C class on the gm chassis, I have had good luck with GM motors, although Ford 7.5L was also most excellent. After reading all the diesel stories, I am getting concerned. Plus I don't really need it as ideally for me, something in the 25-28' range works. Not towing a mountain. A truck front is a nice benefit but you can't have everything apparently..
  13. I think I am going to pass on diesel altogether, just too many potential problems. I have always been kind of a big block gas engine type person. Realistically, something like this is a much better choice all around (for me): It's a 25' E-based with Triton V10 6.8L. Cheaper and being compact easier to deal with. Also much easier to find than the F-series. Why, oh why can I not find an F-series with the base V10 gas engine? I do not need the more expensive and less reliable powerstroke. https://www.shoppok.com/corvallis/a,38,116805,2005-Dynamax-Isata-Touring-Sedan-250SL----39995--30-small-rv--39-s-to-choose-from-.htm
  14. I thought 2006 Isata PSD was a 6.0L, what other option is there? The 6.4 and 6.7L came later. Should I avoid the 6.0L completely? This does not look too enticing. https://www.littlepowershop.com/blogging/are-the-ford-60-powerstroke-diesels-just-junk-with-too-many-problems/
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