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  1. I am aware of it, as I indicated. It's more of a guide and it's useful in the sense it pointed out a collections item on a debt I did not own. And I was able to resolve it which should bring my score up.
  2. 2008 Tahoe with 5.3L, 3.42 rear axle ratio, pretty much plain-jane. Thinking about a 22' TT, something relatively light. My previous TT was a 32' Airstream towed by a F250HD so I am totally aware the Tahoe is not even in the same category. 22' is max, maybe even smaller than that like 19'.
  3. I am not going to be late with credit card payments
  4. I did that 2 months ago. Got 3K limit. Unsecured. So using it. can you explain the "Don’t pay the balance in full", is there some strategy I am not aware of? I just tried the local Navy Federal Credit Union and got denied. I do not think they are aware of my credit card at all, so you are right, it needs to be 6 months. will try again in 4 months.
  5. I tried to pull my FICO score, I get a free try from my bank and they could not do it, it does not even exist. So I fall in the "no credit" category. No established accounts for over 6 months. I am totally cognizant of bank's requirements and that is the dilemma: Wait and rent for another year, hoping it will hit 700, which is doubtful and lose tons of money in the process or buy under not very good financial conditions a new It's not that I am doing this to save money but I like it as a lifestyle choice. For what it gives me, the entire package. I full-timed for 2 years and came to
  6. I don't like all white or mostly white or the ones with stripes all over. I understand the reasoning for that, to keep it cooler inside. But are there any paint colors that are in between like light gray? I just don't like white. I will be focusing on C class.
  7. Have the same question. Do you have links to specific models? found some here, e.g. 2014 JAYCO MELBOURNE 29X https://www.rvuniverse.com/listings/search?Category=150021&ScopeCategoryIDs=150000&Length=29*31&sort=4
  8. Is there such a beast? I know it's a contradiction in terms, but are there any compact Super C? i.e. between 26' and 30', with a lower price tag than the 'full size' models.
  9. Not getting a working link / image, please repost. But this is helpful and giving me a direction to look at.
  10. are there any class C with a truck front, not a van front?
  11. Which model has the easiest engine access for DIY work: spark plugs and think heater hose or belt or water pump failed in the middle of nowhere? Or would a class A be a better bet? Possible to get something as open engine bay design as an older F250/F350? I am not familiar with the F450 platform.
  12. what's the difference between a bank and a credit union?
  13. I never got a loan for anything in my life, incredibly, so this is the first time. I operated much pretty on a save-it, spend-it basis. But now I would like to get a RV loan. How much I get will drive my purchasing decision. Probably either B-class or more likely, C-class. Looking at credit via CreditKarma, my TransUnion is 705 and my Equifax rating is 630. I know that CreditKarma is optimistic. I got a credit card for the first time in my life a few months ago and apparently it boosted it some. No bankruptcies. I don't know the FICO score that banks use. I can afford to pay at least
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