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  1. So I watched it. Interesting. Not a bad flick but not a normal movie scenario with plot, development and a resolution and action in between. It had almost no plot. No character development. Instead of a flowing scenario, it was more of a static snapshot of a woman (and many others) stuck in some life situation. This doesn't make it a bad flick, just different. At times it was very depressing, like getting trapped in that Amazon factory and other semi min wage jobs. It kept me engaged the whole time. I thought I could relate to a lot of it.
  2. I had a F350 TV plus an Airsream it was a PITA to hitch it when I wanted to go somewhere. It wasn't that often. A MH is simpler. There is nothing to connect assuming there is no toad. Not everyone has or needs one. You can for example carry a bike or a moped or something. I think if I had a MH, I probably would not bother with a toad. For a while my DD was an old F350 with a 460 motor that got 11MPG no matter what you did with it. I did the math and it was actually cheaper using just it without having to get a second vehicle. I forgot what the break even point was. Of course you can get a second vehicle or a toad if it's more convenient, not everything in life is about the bottom $. An F350 or a MH is not a great DD.
  3. I was never happy with the Airstream. Didn't feel right and towing was not a joyful experience. More sway than I wanted. And I had a rig that was more than sufficient for the 32'. Heavy duty 1 ton axles F350 with the 7.5L. Want to try something else this time, a compact Fifth possibly. Compact meaning under 30'. Not one of those huge 38' units. What entices me about the Fifths is: The variety is endless, so is the price range. More usable living space than in Class C. Much more storage. The LEGO-bility of it. You can match the tow vehicle to the Fifth. If you don't like the TV, you can sell it, get another one, or keep the TV and upgrade the Fifth. It's nice. With class A, B and C you are stuck with the whole unit. TT are modular also in that sense but I doubt I want to get a TT again. Not enough storage, towing is inferior to FV. IMO and IME I seriously considered one of these Stealth camping arrangements, making a class C look like a not-a-full-timing vehicle, of course I am aware class B is the ultimate for that purpose. However that would work just in my current position, if I moved I think the point might become moot. I think realistically anything that doesn't look like a class B delivery vehicle is not stealthy enough and since I don't want class B I might as well give up on that idea. The downside to Fifth is the eternal where are you going to park it? The upside to the Fifth is once you park it, unhook and now you have a heavy duty 1 ton vehicle to run errands with, get to work in, etc. The upside to class C it's way more compact, no hooking / unhooking nonsense. And you don't have to full time park it, you can kind of, sort of quasy-stealth it, if you paint it right, it would not be *that* unusual and certainly not attract as much attention as a Fifth. The downside to Class C, you cannot actually park it and have to take the entire rig with you everywhere, to work, errands, everywhere. There are situations where class C would be more practical like now, and then there are situations where a Fifth would be more practical. I am trying to think long-term. With the Fifth, I could even tow multiple trailers. Have a major Fifth for full timing and then a super compact one for the weekend activity type. Maybe some 19' TT, that's cheap but does the job. Or not, as maintaining many is a pain.
  4. Remember the scene where he got picked up by the RV hippy couple? They had an RV, looked like something older from the 70's, but not sure. I always wondered why he didn't get one with all these funds from his parents instead of donating it to charity (and then working at that farm to get enough funds to go to Alaska) https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/who-are-jan-and-bob-in-into-the-wild-312980
  5. I spent weeks looking for the right C class and couldn't find anything I want, meaning F550 based, like Dynamic Isata F-series. My budget is 40K, maybe 60K if I can get some financing. Lots of C class at that price point but I liked none of them as 99% of them have van front. Back to the drawing board. Exploring class A and exactly just how hard it is to maintain in an emergency, models like Itasca Sunrise M-30W. Supposedly removing the doghouse exposes the entire top of the engine. I don't know. It is in my price range if from 2004-2008 or so. Then I am tempted to do what I once did. Get an Airstream and just tow it. One of these wide bodies, 34' tri-axle. OTOH, cool as they are, Airstreams sorely lack storage space. IMO. Not great for full-timing. So then maybe the solution for me is a Fifth. Easier to tow, I get to pick exactly the heavy duty/super duty TV I want. Not an inexpensive option either. Something in the relatively compact size.
  6. I am specifically interested in this class A model. Supposedly removing the doghouse exposes the entire top of the engine. I have never owned a class A so have a hard time visualizing this. youtube searches went nowhere. 2004 Itasca Sunrise M-30W
  7. How hard is it to do any maintenance on Class A, both pushers and the engine is in the front configurations?
  8. which RV was used in the movie Into the Wild? By the hippie couple.
  9. I want to find the IF-255 model. I wonder how many were made. Likely nowhere as many as by other brands. Found the 30' model in Montana, and it got sold. Wasn't what I wanted anyway, 30' and 2 slides. IF-255 is only 26'.
  10. It looks like a design thing. Here is a 2009 from another angle: https://www.smartrvguide.com/L51138142
  11. Here is an example of a 28' for $57,900: I think the smaller 26' with no slides and some other features of the larger models can be had hopefully in the 40K-50K range. https://www.smartrvguide.com/L48797888
  12. The closest to F-series is the Isata 5 but it comes with a sticker shock. It's nice but I can get a nice E-450-based RV for a fraction of the cost. I think my budget allows something like a 2007-2010 IF255 series. It's the 26' Isata with no slides. The most plain-jane model they got. I don't care for slides so it works just fine.
  13. I found all that too, including the PDF from 2012 but still could not get a definitive idea when they were made, first year and last year. I did find a few 30' all over, with slides, in the 60-70K range, circa 2007. I think the smaller 26' should cost less, theoretically.
  14. slackercruster, Question, what kind of RV do you have? Assuming you can share this info. That works for you for 'urban boondock'. I am at crossroads and trying to make a decision.
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