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  1. I agree. I used to rock crawl a lot and you typically aren’t pulling the entire weight of the vehicle. It’s more of an assist of sorts. I was looking at a Warn 16.5ti today, just need to figure out a method to mount it. Often if you can get a vehicle to advance a few feet you can get rolling.
  2. You are correct, can’t have liftable drive axle. Learn something everyday.
  3. Let me check with the dealer again but I’m almost sure its an option even in 6x4 configuration but I’m easily confused😀
  4. Your point brings me to another question that I have been pondering. Would it be best to have the ability to lift one of the axles?
  5. It’s almost 40k! I think we need to reach another income bracket to afford that😀
  6. Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out. I don’t understand all the info either, just a farm boy trying to figure things out.
  7. We will not be hauling a car but will camp in the truck and haul UTV or Jeep without the trailer attached. This will require driving off road and we will also be driving off road with our trailer. I’m equipping the truck with a fully locked rear end so we will have 8 tires pulling in the forward direction. We also plan to build a very heavy bed to add weight to the back. Since we are ordering dual 150 gal fuel tanks and a 217” WB with full fairings we won’t have room for tool boxes. Our trailer has a lift kit for pulling it off road so it can accommodate a high pin height. I’m considerin
  8. Thanks that’s what we are looking for. We don’t live far from Crossville and might head over in April.
  9. No way would I consider a commercial hitch. We currently have a TrailerSaver BD5 and will continue to use an air ride hitch possibly switching to ET in the future but TrailerSaver is giving us a deal trading our BD5 in because we hardly used it. We also plan to add a heavy bed (approx. 4K lb plus gear) to increase weight on rear axles.
  10. Thanks for the responses everyone. That’s interesting about the trailer tracking better. I forgot to mention we hooked our trailer up to the commercial hitch on the test drive truck and we had plenty of clearance with the hitch moved backwards or centered. We didn’t attempt to slide it forward. Prior to hooking it up I went through a series of maneuvers in my 1 ton with the trailer and then attempted to replicate them in the HDT. I attempted every maneuver I could think of on the lot and didn’t have any problems. I honestly couldn’t tell a huge difference and I think this particular
  11. I’m not smart enough to figure out how to search the HDT section instead of the entire site for my question, so I’m just going to ask. It seems 99% of the HDT’s have the hitch behind the axles which makes no sense to an old farm boy. I was alway taught to install my hitches just in front of the rear axle. With practically everyone placing their hitch well behind the axle, I would really like to have a better understanding of the rational as well as the pros and cons. I’m really concerned about overall length and weight distribution. Some of the singled trucks appear to be squattin
  12. I’m happy to hear of someone else going off road and having lockers. More than a few have looked at me like I’m crazy or ask why I would want to take it off road. Do you have any idea what your bed weighs? Any thoughts on off road tread or putting wider tires on the steer axle (OEM on Mack Dump Trucks)? Thanks fo the info and well wishes, Randyretired.
  13. Chad, according to the dealer they discontinued factory sink option in the truck we are ordering a couple of years ago (maybe he is wrong and I'll ask again). Due to our family situation the potty will get used with all the kids and my growing prostate😆. I'm used to cleaning up their messes so no big deal. I expect the potty and sink will be of no use once the kids are gone that's why we want something well concealed and with a factory look.
  14. Thank you! Your truck looks identical to what we are thinking, we are also considering Smoky Mountain Blue as a color option.
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