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  1. Has anyone actually installed a residential toilet in your rv? We have a very nice china bowl in our motorhome, I just don't like rv toilets. I was thinking if one was installed a ball valve could be installed in line to turn the water off while traveling. Just flush the toilet after turning the valve off will take care of having water in the take while going down the road. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
  2. 4X with USAA. I've been with USAA over 40 yrs with zero issues. I have all my banking and insurance needs with them.
  3. Ditch the tubes. Go the the local big box store and get you a can of Great Stuff Foam. Look on you tube "foam filled tires". I've had all four tires on my finishing mower filled for over 2 years. Really works...........
  4. Rick


    At 67 I still don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up. Oh yeah, I'm still riding motorcycles. So much for growing up.........
  5. Photos of your rig would be great.
  6. Rick

    Winter Haven FL

    Don't dismiss because of lack of reviews.
  7. Rick

    Winter Haven FL

    You might want to check out LeLynn RV Resort in Polk City. It's right on I-4; probably 20 min to Winter Haven and 35-40 min to Tampa. http://www.rvparking.com/fl/polk-city/lelynn-rv-resort
  8. Rick

    Jegs Tools

    No experience with Jegs. The below hoist from Northern Tools I purchased a few years ago to use once or twice. As it turns out I've used it a lot and still works like new. I have no interest in NT, just a customer. https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200693585_200693585
  9. Hopefully this the controller touch pad you need? https://www.ebay.com/itm/kwikee-level-best-touchpad-/273038442984?hash=item3f925c01e8
  10. Last sentence in 2nd paragraph states "A full hookup RV pad provides a spot for your RVing friends to come visit in style".
  11. My bank (USAA) is in Texas. I've banked with USAA for the past 35 years and I've never been in Texas.
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