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  1. Ski

    RGV Parks

    Can recommend Greengate Grove Palmview, TX. It's about two miles north of Retama Village. Some lots available for rent by the owners. We stayed their two years ago. Well kept park, friendly folks and reasonable rent. Check out their website. Al
  2. Ski

    Pack Bearings

    Understand pack bearings and not fill the void. Got it.
  3. Ski

    Pack Bearings

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Ski

    Pack Bearings

    Amount of grease needed to pack the bearings on four wheels? I do have the seals not sure of the amount of grease needed. Al 2008 36' Holiday Rambler 5th wheel
  5. VZ help with Visible? Nope. Go to Visible website. I found customer service via chat quick and very helpful. Al
  6. Kirk, Look at a GL-MT300-v2 on Amazon $20.49. I purchased this a few weeks ago upon recommendation by a forum member. This little device exceed my expectations. I'm using it as an access point for my Visible hotspot. I don't see why it wouldn't work for your situation.
  7. I purchased the GL.iNet router Bill Joyce mentioned in his post. Couldn't pass up the Mango color. 10 bucks and change. Used a $10 coupon from Amazon. Arrives Tuesday. Will be using on Visible to complement my AT&T Mobley. Visible hotspot 22.9 Mpbs. Mobley hotspot 25.4 Mbps. Ran download test a couple minutes ago in Floral City, FL. Yes, Floral City with no flowers in Citrus County with no citrus. I thought that was interesting. It doesn't take much to amuse me.
  8. I don't have a computer. We use a Samsung tablet and an iPad.
  9. I would like to use the hotspot feature for more than one device at a time. Suggestions for an inexpensive router. Thanks
  10. Agree Dutch, Mobley plus Visible all the data and coverage I need at a reasonable price.
  11. About two years ago, I called 865.595.1222 (car connected plan) and was given the PUK. I called the same number last week on another matter and got a live person. The customer service rep was very helpful and answered my question. Good luck. Al
  12. Thanks. Found a Visible Party Pay Plan on Facebook. Party time, $25.00 per month in a group of four. So far, pleased with Visible. Streamed Acorn TV last night, no problem. Al
  13. Looking to join or start a Visible Party Pay. With four members the monthly rate is $25 per person instead of $40 per person. Everyone has their own account and bill. Not familiar with Visible, check out their webpage. Unlimited 4G LTE with no speed caps. Al
  14. AT&T sent me an offer for a Nighthawk hotspot. You're correct, AT&T dosen't care what hotspot you're SIM is in, mobley, netgear or nighthawk. Al
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