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  1. I purchased the GL.iNet router Bill Joyce mentioned in his post. Couldn't pass up the Mango color. 10 bucks and change. Used a $10 coupon from Amazon. Arrives Tuesday. Will be using on Visible to complement my AT&T Mobley. Visible hotspot 22.9 Mpbs. Mobley hotspot 25.4 Mbps. Ran download test a couple minutes ago in Floral City, FL. Yes, Floral City with no flowers in Citrus County with no citrus. I thought that was interesting. It doesn't take much to amuse me.
  2. I don't have a computer. We use a Samsung tablet and an iPad.
  3. I would like to use the hotspot feature for more than one device at a time. Suggestions for an inexpensive router. Thanks
  4. Agree Dutch, Mobley plus Visible all the data and coverage I need at a reasonable price.
  5. About two years ago, I called 865.595.1222 (car connected plan) and was given the PUK. I called the same number last week on another matter and got a live person. The customer service rep was very helpful and answered my question. Good luck. Al
  6. Thanks. Found a Visible Party Pay Plan on Facebook. Party time, $25.00 per month in a group of four. So far, pleased with Visible. Streamed Acorn TV last night, no problem. Al
  7. Looking to join or start a Visible Party Pay. With four members the monthly rate is $25 per person instead of $40 per person. Everyone has their own account and bill. Not familiar with Visible, check out their webpage. Unlimited 4G LTE with no speed caps. Al
  8. AT&T sent me an offer for a Nighthawk hotspot. You're correct, AT&T dosen't care what hotspot you're SIM is in, mobley, netgear or nighthawk. Al
  9. Thank you Dutch and Chris. Good to know.
  10. Switched to a Netgear 815s about a year ago. Was in a location with no coverage. Bought the Netgear and an antenna. Went from zero to 10 to 30Mpbs. Not sure if I would like to put the sim back in the Mobley. Of course, if it meant keeping or losing the Mobley plan I would. Has anyone heard of AT&T canceling the Mobley plan for using the sim in a Netgear 815s? Looking at Visible. Would use it mainly as a hotspot to stream for now. With party plan $25. Per month. Might be good to have a Verizon plan as well, in case we were in an area with no or weak AT&T coverage.
  11. Checked my data use last billing period 100gb. Was using 30 to 40gb. Question, should I cut back on data use or is AT&T okay with Mobley users exceeding the 23mb by a good amount?
  12. Our fifth wheel living room sideout does not have rollers. When it come in, it tilts up a little and glides over the carpet. We were told to stay with carpet. If not, as the side comes in it would scar the vinyl or wooden floor. Makes sense to me. However, we would if possible, like to get rid of the carpet. Is there a non scaring flooring product we could use? Al 2008 Holiday Rambler 36' Floral City, FL
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