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  1. VZ help with Visible? Nope. Go to Visible website. I found customer service via chat quick and very helpful. Al
  2. Kirk, Look at a GL-MT300-v2 on Amazon $20.49. I purchased this a few weeks ago upon recommendation by a forum member. This little device exceed my expectations. I'm using it as an access point for my Visible hotspot. I don't see why it wouldn't work for your situation.
  3. I purchased the GL.iNet router Bill Joyce mentioned in his post. Couldn't pass up the Mango color. 10 bucks and change. Used a $10 coupon from Amazon. Arrives Tuesday. Will be using on Visible to complement my AT&T Mobley. Visible hotspot 22.9 Mpbs. Mobley hotspot 25.4 Mbps. Ran download test a couple minutes ago in Floral City, FL. Yes, Floral City with no flowers in Citrus County with no citrus. I thought that was interesting. It doesn't take much to amuse me.
  4. I don't have a computer. We use a Samsung tablet and an iPad.
  5. I would like to use the hotspot feature for more than one device at a time. Suggestions for an inexpensive router. Thanks
  6. Agree Dutch, Mobley plus Visible all the data and coverage I need at a reasonable price.
  7. About two years ago, I called 865.595.1222 (car connected plan) and was given the PUK. I called the same number last week on another matter and got a live person. The customer service rep was very helpful and answered my question. Good luck. Al
  8. Thanks. Found a Visible Party Pay Plan on Facebook. Party time, $25.00 per month in a group of four. So far, pleased with Visible. Streamed Acorn TV last night, no problem. Al
  9. Looking to join or start a Visible Party Pay. With four members the monthly rate is $25 per person instead of $40 per person. Everyone has their own account and bill. Not familiar with Visible, check out their webpage. Unlimited 4G LTE with no speed caps. Al
  10. AT&T sent me an offer for a Nighthawk hotspot. You're correct, AT&T dosen't care what hotspot you're SIM is in, mobley, netgear or nighthawk. Al
  11. Thank you Dutch and Chris. Good to know.
  12. Switched to a Netgear 815s about a year ago. Was in a location with no coverage. Bought the Netgear and an antenna. Went from zero to 10 to 30Mpbs. Not sure if I would like to put the sim back in the Mobley. Of course, if it meant keeping or losing the Mobley plan I would. Has anyone heard of AT&T canceling the Mobley plan for using the sim in a Netgear 815s? Looking at Visible. Would use it mainly as a hotspot to stream for now. With party plan $25. Per month. Might be good to have a Verizon plan as well, in case we were in an area with no or weak AT&T coverage.
  13. Checked my data use last billing period 100gb. Was using 30 to 40gb. Question, should I cut back on data use or is AT&T okay with Mobley users exceeding the 23mb by a good amount?
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