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  1. Slixter

    Convert to weedburner

    That’d be great. I’d like to see them.
  2. I’m wanting to convert my single stack on 2012 VNL 780 to a weedburner. Wondering if anyone has any pics from doing the same or even a factory one. I’m curious about seeing how the fuel lines on the right side tank are routed and shielded from the exhaust. I know all the pros and cons of weedburners just want the space behind the cab for storage.
  3. Slixter

    Cabin filters

    Thanks for the chart Nigel. I’ll just go with paper Called local Carrier Center yesterday and they have them in stock.
  4. Slixter

    Cabin filters

    I want to replace both cabin filters in my 780. They’re the same size. Are the OEM paper ones the only option or does K&N make one? Saw one for a 670 on their site but no dimensions.
  5. These are from the document I found for the Secop controller. Looks like a different value resistors determine at what battery voltage it'll cut out.
  6. I found the answer to my own question. Lol. It’s used for a battery protection resistor.
  7. I know this is an older thread but I’m hoping one of you knowledgeable ones are monitoring it. I’m trouble shooting my fridge and at first glance of the wiring I’m wondering about the temp control wires. I’ve removed the fan and power wires and left the temp control wires on. There’s a pigtailed second wire attached to terminal C that doesn’t go anywhere and there’s nothing plugged in to terminal P as shown in the wiring diagram. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks Bill. Very helpful. I’ll give them a call. I keep forgetting the border is closed for non essential. I’m state side more days than I’m home! Just got to NJ at 01:30!
  9. Thanks Henry. I’m assuming the export documents are provided by the vendor. Any suggestion from past experiences on an a broker? Dave
  10. Would you recommend UPS as the broker for something like this? I’ve used them for small stuff. The truckloads I take to and bring back from the US have me dealing with a variety of customs brokers. Everything I haul is food but I’m sure they handle other things.
  11. I thought of that but the 16+ hrs to get there would be a heck of a fuel bill. Shipping definitely cheaper.
  12. Thanks, I’ll see if I can get some information from Henry.
  13. I spoke to Chance at PopUp Towing Products about getting an ET Hitch. He was able to get me a shipping quote but didn’t know about duty, taxes or any border fees. Anyone from Canada have one shipped up here that could let me know about any duties or other border fees? I’m assuming I’ll pay the HST on the invoice amount. Thanks in advance.
  14. Slixter

    First HDT

    The current engine in the truck is the second. First one had the turbo go and messed up a lot of the internals. It was cheaper to replace than repair. This engine came from a day cab that was rear ended and had around 300,000 kms on it. Previous owner only added another 150,000 kms before losing medical and forced to sell. My current work truck which is a 2016 International has over 600,000 kms on it.
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