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  1. Looking for recommendations for seat covers to replace the original ones on my 2012 780.
  2. I know it’s an old post but did you ever get the measurements for the bracket? I saw the post where you had made one. If you have them could you pass them along?
  3. 77” 42” 35” to the light fixture, 43” to the bottom of the bunk
  4. What gauge 2x2 are you using?
  5. The 7 wire I picked up was 3 #10’s (wt, bk and bl) plenty for the current being carried so the crimps were tight but fit fine. The other 4 were #12’s. I used all four for the controller. +12 switched, Blue to brake controller terminal, the red I crimped together with the red wire from the truck. The ground I went to the aux ground at the top left.
  6. It was but my truck had 2. The traditional one behind the cab and one that ran to the rear. I pulled the rear all the way back to where I could cut it so it was just long enough to reach in to the side storage box.
  7. Jackalopee came today. Already had the wiring run so it was a pretty quick install. Nice product Henry! You eagle eyes might notice my brake controller wiring colors don’t match the terminal labels. 4 wire only came in Rd/Gn/Bn/Yw.
  8. Thanks, gives me some ideas.
  9. You guys got me hooked and are showing me the way.
  10. That’d be great. I’d like to see them.
  11. I’m wanting to convert my single stack on 2012 VNL 780 to a weedburner. Wondering if anyone has any pics from doing the same or even a factory one. I’m curious about seeing how the fuel lines on the right side tank are routed and shielded from the exhaust. I know all the pros and cons of weedburners just want the space behind the cab for storage.
  12. Slixter

    Cabin filters

    Thanks for the chart Nigel. I’ll just go with paper Called local Carrier Center yesterday and they have them in stock.
  13. Slixter

    Cabin filters

    I want to replace both cabin filters in my 780. They’re the same size. Are the OEM paper ones the only option or does K&N make one? Saw one for a 670 on their site but no dimensions.
  14. These are from the document I found for the Secop controller. Looks like a different value resistors determine at what battery voltage it'll cut out.
  15. I found the answer to my own question. Lol. It’s used for a battery protection resistor.
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