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  1. Actually, I think you just did clear it up quite nicely.
  2. COVID cases may be going down in certain areas but in many others those pesky variants are going to be making spikes around the country. From what I've read herd immunity will only be obtained when 75%+ of the public has been vaccinated. That won't happen until late summer or fall.
  3. We have a Open Range Light 27' TT and when we bought it we had a RAM 1500 (gas). It was great until we hit the mountains. Not the mountains in the Ozarks but the Rocky Mountains. After a couple of years avoiding that area we traded for a RAM 2500 Turbo Diesel. Now I have to check to make sure the TT is still behind me. If you already have the 1500 then be careful of weight and transmission overload if you hit mountainous terrain.
  4. Politics, grids, renewable energy, solar panels, BS. Let's put the blame for all of this squarely where it belongs. It's all the fault of Punxsutawney Phil. If he hadn't seen his shadow we would be having spring-like weather, but no, he had to be afraid of his shadow and look at what that has caused! Phil
  5. We pulled out the sofa in the back of the TT and installed a special chair and a table for me. Mrs. Campers recliner was in one of the slide areas and along with a table and the two dog beds they have a lot more room. For reasons of my own the chair was purchased for medical reasons and since it came in two parts, was very easy to fit through the door and we added locking wheels on the base to slide it around when we close up and are on the move. Standard recliners would have worked but we never considered looking for one.
  6. It has been some years since we asked this questions and we were told it was the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA. Hope this helps.
  7. I'd like to thank you for your stand. Let me explain. I have several underlying health issues that will have me getting the vaccine much earlier than my wife. With folks like you making the choice to not get the vaccine my wife will be moved up that much sooner. We appreciate your decision.
  8. Since it's just Mrs. C and I we didn't need the original furniture so we bought new recliners we preferred and gave the RV made couch and recliners away.
  9. You might want to accompany your partner to the next appointment with a physician and get an expert, medical opinion on how serious the illness is and the best prognosis at this time for future travel and any possible limitations. If your concern is the partner wandering off, there are location devices that can help in their being tracked and found before any serious repercussions. Best of luck.
  10. Which is why when the truckers moved to the interstate system, we rarely travel on them. The best way to see this country is on the US Highways and even some of the more scenic state highways. There was a guy out of the Miami area many years ago who traveled with his cat in a truck camper and put out a newspaper and he referred to avoiding the interstates as shunpiking. It's rare when we find ourselves on any interstate.
  11. According to early reports the Pfizer vaccine requires the 2nd shot to be about 3 weeks later. The Moderna one is closer to five or six weeks between doses. As of this posting I haven't heard any details about the time each vaccine will be effective.
  12. Correct. When I saw the report for the first time, my TV buffered and I didn't hear the Walgreens addition. On a later repeat of the broadcast, I did hear Walgreens mentioned along with CVS.
  13. We can add to that with our experience. We had the first Shingles vaccine at our home pharmacy, and the Shingrix vaccine, (the 2nd one) several years ago while traveling, in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
  14. We seem to have drifted from vaccines to being tested. There was a news report this morning that CVS has signed on to be a location, all 10,000 outlets for the vaccine. Nothing has yet been said about proving you have an underlying condition that puts you onto the top of the list. Since the story also mentioned this happening sometime in April, it will be up to the new administration to set the parameters and get things started. It will still be a personal choice as to when/if each individual decides to take the vaccine offered.
  15. I agree. The fact that this is a Corona virus means that it was a new one. Information from medical experts in the field of infectious disease evolved as they learned more about it.
  16. There are too many uncertainties at this time to answer that question. Follow the guidelines from the medical experts who know about infectious diseases and not others without the proper experience. Until the vaccine is proven and there is a plan in place that includes an orderly path to receive the shot(s), we will be staying at home.
  17. We use the app WeatherBug for just that purpose. I can set in points along my entire trip and know in advance what to expect when we arrive at each one. It helps me know when to pull off the road to prevent going through a heavy storm and also how early I need to arrive at our next stop to avoid bad weather. The only negative is that sometimes a pop up storm doesn't give you much advanced warning.
  18. Including RV travel and military duty I've made it to 45 states and 15 countries. Lots of interesting sights but nothing compares to the USA. We hope to make it to all 50 states when/if the pandemic ends before our traveling stops.
  19. Live and Let Live. If you don't like what he says, don't go there. If he violates the rules then someone will deal with it. Getting a group consensus for someone to be outed seems a bit much. What's next, getting rid of someone who has a different opinion but stays within the rules? In football they call this "piling on."
  20. We had this happen many years ago and we had just changed tanks and thought the valve wasn't tight enough. We eventually found it to be some critter had nibbled at a hose. Luckily the campground had a repair service on site and the guy told us that it wasn't a big hole and with the full tank hooked up it set off the alarm. In the 13 years since that happened it hasn't happened again. Now we know to check the hoses each time as we prepare to hit the road.
  21. As far it goes we've run into a few campgrounds during normal times when the parks didn't do a good job of enforcing their own rules. We are friends with several folks who work at area campgrounds and ran into them over the last couple of weeks and their biggest concern is with new folks into RVing who don't understand common courtesy who believe that the rules don't apply to them. Another complaint was with groups of hunters using the campground as a base and every evening being drunk and disorderly. Local police were called but all they did was ask the offenders to "tone it down." None of the three we spoke to wanted to be at the campground when the pandemic ends and it fills with inconsiderate folks thinking they can do as they please. We continue to stay at home and venture out only when safe.
  22. I use a cane for getting around and I would not be comfortable walking inside with an unleveled unit. Thanks for the information.
  23. We pull our TT with a RAM 2500 Turbo Diesel and I was always under the impression that the trailer behind the truck should be level when towing. The 5er in the photo is definitely not level. Is this okay for a 5er? What do you do if you pull in for the night and don't unhook? Will the frig and other appliances and systems work as well if you are not level?
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