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Found 10 results

  1. We removed our propane tanks yesterday to get them refilled and now today the LP alarm won’t stop going off. Any idea why? There is obviously not a leak and we don’t know how to make it stop.
  2. We have a tall 5th wheel that has two 40 # propane tanks on the side of the trailer. These tanks filled each weight approx 75 #. It’s getting more difficult as the years go by to lift & position these tanks. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas? Thanks David
  3. I have a 30ft rolls international envoy either a 1972 or 1974 with a suburban furnace.i noticed The fan wasn't kicking on when I turn on the thermostat. Upon further inspection I realized it was locked up with mud dauber nests. My question is how should I go about removing the debris in the furnace? (The fan did break free and I immediately shut it off to prevent any further damage) it was all in working order two years ago when it was last used
  4. The BBQ is portable. It separates very easily from the stand. The stand is foldable. I used it when I had a Casita. I cooked everything on it so that I did not cook inside the Casita. When traveling I put it on the camping table. I kept the stand at home to use the BBQ between trips. In fact, I did not use it as I have another BBQ on my patio. I do not have the Casita anymore. Includes: Grill (complete w/collector plate, ignitor and cast iron grate) 6’ adaptor hose for propane tank side foldable tables (non available anymore) foldable stand Priced over $300 on amazon. Asking $200 The griddle/handles and weber cover: free with purchase. SOMEHOW I CAN UPLOAD ONLY 1 PHOTO IF YOU'D LIKE TO SEE MORE, JUST ASK ME. MY EMAIL IS AZPAT254@GMAIL.COM Pick up in North West Phoenix or we could meet somewhere.
  5. I just did a check of my trailer's propane system with a U-tube manometer. There were no leaks, but the regulator is only putting out 9.5" of water column. I went to adjust the regulator and found a flat aluminum disk where the adjusting screw should be. There seemed to be no way to remove this disk. Has anyone successfully removed a flat aluminum disk and gained access to the adjusting screw? Or are they making propane regulators so cheap now that they can't be adjusted?
  6. Just filled up a 30lb propane tank at Costco in Calgary and I almost fainted when the guy told me the cost would be $12.59. I'm still not sure I believe it!! Anyone konw if the US stores have similar prices? The lowest I have found anywhere was about $15 US in Yuma last year but this new price beats even that. Anyone else ogt this kind of pricing at Costco or was this some kind of fluke?
  7. We have a 2016 Discovery, 6 months old. Now propane cooktop will not ignite. Propane tank is full. All other propane powered appliances work (we have hot water heat, pilot light working). Any ideas?
  8. Im single mother with kids , full-time family Xscaper , can someone help us, all our food will spoil, and our stove wont lite, the propane is not following out of the main tank, it stopped when we turned on the furanaces, only air came out it. We do missionary and nonprofit organizations work
  9. We have a old propane tank with an Auto Stop Valve on it. The Valve is shot, and they don't make them any more. Gad, another challenge. lol After checking into price for new valve we were advised our tank (horizontal permanent fixed tank) was to old to fill. Needless to say we decided against putting in the new valve. After checking into price for complete new tank we also decided to go another route, after we got up off the floor from the price shock. We attached an Extend a Stay propane valve. Then bought a 5 gallon tank and hooked it up. We be cookin! Total cost for kit on Amazon and tank from local hardware store less than $100. Gotta love thinking outside the box. Best part is the valve has another connection for an additional propane outlet. Since the kit came with an additional 12' hose, we can hook up either our BBQ or the Big Buddy Heater. This works out great for us! If we planned to stay in one spot in future we can also use a larger external tank. We will still use our Rocket Stove for outside cooking, but the gas stove inside is sure nice and convenient.
  10. Heating--what would you do? I have begun living full time in my new (to me) Canyon Star 3856 Ford V10 gas. I work in the Tetons from late Apr to late Oct so the nights can get down in the low 30's during Apr and Oct. I am a little concerned about preventing my water pipes from freezing. I have 2 ac/HP and 2 propane furnaces. I am not sure if I can get propane delivered to my coach in the park. I have been looking into several things and was hoping to hear from some people with more experience than me (I have none). I was thinking of getting (2) of those little 200 watt heaters to put int he basement compartments near the tanks? These would be run off the site electric (something I am provided with for my employment). What do you think of this idea? Since the HP is not very good below 40 degrees, I was thinking of using space heaters in the coach and heating electrically. My options here that I am considering are: 1) Using the Dyson oblong/circle fan/heater--it is on sale at COSTCO, is very quiet, and I think if placed at the front of the coach by the driver area facing rear ward, it would heat the entire coach. On cold nights I could open the water cabinets to aid getting heat in there. 2) Using those oil filled old fashioned radiators to provide the heat. They are also quiet, cheaper than the Dyson (even if I buy two) but they would take up a bit more room. I was also looking at the Cheap Heat system I saw on one of the RV emails I get daily but I think I would have to install (by a professional) 2 of these since I have 2 furnaces. This would eliminate having to use propane, however, as good as this system sounds it may be way more than I can afford to spend between the cost of the parts and the extra labor charges for an RV professional to install. Anyone have this and what do you think? So, what would you do? Long post--I am sorry, but need your expert advice...or just your honest opinion. Thank you.
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