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  1. I've served three times. Once we were into the third day of the trial when the parties reached a plea deal and we were dismissed. The other two never had to hear opening arguments as they reached an out of court settlement just prior to the first day. Since then I've been called one time and was excused for medical reasons. I did get a lot of reading time in while waiting to be called. Mrs. Camper had to sit through a four day trial and it was also settled while the jury was deliberating. Her only time.
  2. Now that you mention it, suppose that Elton Musk, the British half-brother of Elon Musk and one of his Tesla self-driving cars crashes on a Colorado highway and as I come upon the wreck and stop to help I discover that another group traveling in the opposite direction also got out to help and they were a group of tourists from China and were providing help to other victims. Do I turn around and leave the area or stay and help? This will keep me up wondering what to do.
  3. Thanks to all who posted hidden gems. We will be finalizing our plans and wanted to thank all of you and we will be adding some things to our trip. Safe travels.
  4. I've attached a link to their website. https://www.rvparkyellowstone.com/?utm_source=campgroundreviews.com&utm_campaign=RVLife_Campgrounds&utm_medium=referral
  5. We were there a few years ago and had to stay in West Yellowstone. While outside the park it is still "centrally located" to go either on the north loop road or the south loop road, or straight across and then north or south. We looked at both Grizzly RV and the West Yellowstone KOA. We decided to go with the KOA because it was the only one who could guarantee a reservation that close to our arrival date. Sites were okay and staff was courteous and very helpful. We are going back after Fishing Bridge is reopened and hope to stay two weeks. If you want to look at another location that we've stayed at look at the north entrance near Gardner, MT look at Yellowstone RV Park. Make your reservations as soon as you can lock in your dates.
  6. WOW, Zulu you are a master of the obvious. I never said anything about the Coronavirus. I was addressing the hysteria over vaccinations and the ill-advised commentary regarding flu and other vaccines. Since there is no active moderator who keeps things on track and the comments were off base, I felt a voice of reason regarding the efficacy of getting the flu shot was in order.
  7. If anyone is dealing with a chronic illness it is advisable to always keep all of your vaccinations current, including the yearly flu shot. I'm dealing with one along with 37,000,000 others and the stats on that is that many folks don't know they have it. There are not early symptoms and a lot of folks get to the later stages without serious signs. Getting the vaccinations, especially the yearly flu shot is advisable. The flu shot is also available in doses for those over 60. We will be visiting the Grand Canyon in a few months and wherever we go we are always careful, and it has nothing to do with ethnicity, race, or anything but good health practices. Always carry a bottle of antibacterial hand cleaner. It's not 100% but it cuts down on the possibilities.
  8. Thank you hemsteadc, Mrs. C. used my computer, changed the setting and forgot to change them back.
  9. Many years ago I was heading from Topeka to Florida and looked for a place to tent camp for the night. Just north of Nashville I stopped for fuel and asked if the guy knew someplace I could stop for the night, and not a big campground. He told me about a guy with some acres who would accommodate me. He provided directions and when I met the guy he offered me the use of his field and I was welcome to fish in his well-stocked pond. He wanted two good catfish. I caught four and gave him two and I had a quiet and peaceful night. I made a couple of extra stops in Georgia to see families of USAF buddies and while they offered me a room with a bed, I declined and they suggested a couple of places, one near Macon and the other just before the Florida line, near Valdosta. For the next few years I tent camped that way. Stopping and asking worked for me. A spot for the night was free with no strings. Only one other person asked for a favor. Once I set up I ran into town and picked up some supplies for them and that was it. Best way to see the USA.
  10. We appreciate the time and effort on these responses. We'll be busy this weekend checking them out. Keep them coming. We have all of the information on the National Parks and National Monuments. Haven't spent too much time on State Parks so we will look at those very carefully. Thanks
  11. Mr. Camper


    One of our long trips this year is to tour Arizona and the National Parks of Utah. We have it planned and know about all of the usual things to see (National Parks, Monuments, Historical Sites). We are always on the lookout for the hidden gems that don't either have the funding to advertise or attract enough visitors for word-of-mouth. Our interests are varied so any suggestions would be welcome and we can go from there. Thanks.
  12. I used this a couple of summers ago and since then have met a few people who "full-time" nine months and stay in one place for the remaining three months. I don't know if this will work for you but it has worked for the couples we met. All of them wintered/summered for their three months in one place and had a PCP who they met but would also do Tele-Med appointments with them via the computer when they traveled. If labs were required they either went to a Quest Lab or other independent lab to have the labs drawn and results faxed to their PCP. We aren't in a big city and one of my doctors only visits 2 days a week and goes to another city for 3 days. Should I need to see him on the days he's not in my area I could go to the office (manned by nurses for this purpose) and do a Tele-Med visit with him but on his schedule. It can sometimes be a longer wait but it's the best option. Thankfully, that practice has now found a full-time doctor to man the office five days a week. Only one of the three couples had additional hoops to jump through because of their insurance. I didn't pry when an explanation wasn't provided but you should clear this with your insurance to make sure they'll cover this.
  13. If we are ever again to stay in one place for the summer there has to be a lake or river nearby stocked with catfish.
  14. Stay out of the big rivers in Arkansas and you'll find the cats plentiful and in the 2-4 lb. range. You'll get bigger cats in the fast flowing rivers.
  15. Our favorite fishing hole is anywhere the catfish are plentiful. Arkansas has some of the best, followed by the rivers and streams in neighboring Oklahoma. Fishing rods not always needed. Further details will not be forthcoming.
  16. It's been a while since we visited Key West, and the last time we did we stayed at Boyd's Campground in Key West. Sites were okay for us but for big rigs it might be a little tight. Key West is not a place for a day trip, unless you aren't interested in the evening activities.
  17. Almost all campgrounds require a 6' leash on your dog. We have never seen an exception for "e-collars." We don't boondock but they won't be acceptable in non-boondocking locations.
  18. After many years of tent camping we finally purchased our first RV, a 1994 Dutchman Classic TT. A few years later we traded it in for a slightly larger Prowler Regal AX6. Tropical Storm Debbie wiped out that one and we have our third and last TT, an Open Range Light. I say our last because we aren't sure how much longer we'll be able to use it as we like.
  19. There was an incident at a campground this summer where the folks across from us had to leave because they insisted that their dog would not leave the "invisible fence" area. The shouting match with the owner/manager didn't go well for the RV'er as he was introduced to the local police and had to leave the park that afternoon. The folks next to him also had their dogs outside in a pen and they were also told they were not allowed. They complied. No pens means no pens.
  20. Hwy 7 is a winding, twisting road that is narrow in places and wide open in others. From Hot Springs to Harrison you're looking at about 185 miles. Going through Hot Springs, Dardanelle, and Russellville you will find some very cramped (Hwy 7) two lane roads through the towns. Lots of fuel and restaurants along the route to enjoy. We've traveled to Hot Springs many times and up towards Harrison a number of times. There are some very sharp turns especially between Sand Point and Jasper. We have a 28' TT towed by our RAM 2500. Having been on that road numerous times, we knew where to slow down and be mindful of the turns. You can make the trip if you are careful with that long of a rig, just be careful. You didn't mention when you were going so use this website to see if there are any road issues you should be aware of before you head out. www.idrivearkansas.com Best of Luck
  21. In 26 years of RV camping we have never had anyone approach the dogs to pet them. This has been with four different pets over the years. They also have never asked if the dogs bite. The dogs have been a Border Collie, a Shepherd-Samoyed mix, a Black Lab and a Beagle (the Beagle has psychological issues, she thinks she's a Great Dane). Our summer trips are when we usually encounter kids in the parks and they always seem to be to interested in doing what kids do and not the least interested in petting anything. The Shepherd-Samoyed mix did get a lot of comments from folks who were walking by our site but none asked to approach.
  22. We've always used an ADCO cover with very good results. When we purchased our current RV almost six years ago we went with a fitted cover. We have used cut tennis balls to cover the sharp edges on the roof spouts. The straps are adjustable and can be tightened which we do as needed through the winter months.. It really doesn't take that long for both of us to get the cover on. Prior to getting the cover on we thoroughly clean and wax the outside of the RV. When we take the cover off in the spring it's easy to wipe it down and get the outside ready to travel. The cover we bought has a zippered access by the door so we can get access to the interior when and if we should need it. We store it on our property so we don't face the issues you might face when storing it someplace other than your own property. Our neighbor bought an RV last year and didn't bother with a cover. Come this past spring he had so much stuff to clean off the roof and the sides that he asked us where we got our cover and we told him. He's putting his new cover on his RV this weekend. Best of luck.
  23. The longer you stay in a TT the more closed in you feel. If you are happy with the 26' and you have no issues towing it, go for that. We have a 27' TT and it works for us and never have an issue about getting in anywhere we want to stop.
  24. Actually, we usually meet folks at the places we stay at and ask or be asked to go along on either a hike, nature walk or a tour in the area. We had one couple mention they were going on to the same place we were and asked to meet up and go on a hike together in Rocky Mountain National Park. We met them at the campground and went into the park and went down to Bear Lake. Parking was at a premium so it worked out well that we only had one vehicle. The advantage in doing this is that we don't have to schedule around a clubs activity dates and it's much easier to go when we want and meet folks already there and who usually have the same interests as we do.
  25. We found that the guided tours were the best. At least our truck didn't have to traverse the roads we went on. Maybe later in the year they do repairs but we were warned and didn't want to take the chance. Besides, it gave me a chance to enjoy the scenery and not worry about the driving.
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