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  1. You started a thread complaining about RV parks and, instead, your upset that there isn't one in the exact place that charges what you feel is appropriate so that you can satisfy a personal need. After 16 yrs on the road, I have yet to find the perfect park that satisfies all my needs and wants at the perfect price in the perfect place.
  2. I thought you couldn't do so because of a court order?
  3. A unique problem that has nothing to do with RV parks or other items about which you have been ranting about in this thread.
  4. What type of expensive items does everyone keep in their bays that are worth having to pay $2500+ to replace the bay door - not to mention painting, pain of finding someone to fix it, being without rig while painting done, etc. Hoses, cords, patio furniture, grill, extra fluids? All of that can be replaced for fair less than the cost of a damaged bay door.
  5. Of course you have a choice. Now whether a job in others parts of the country would pay as much clearly is high on your list of must haves from the way you talk about this job. Also, your characterization of others parts of the country is really telling - how long is the nose that looks down on New Mexico. What are you going to do 5 nights a week to heat any vehicle parked on the street in the winter when the temperature is in the teens and the batteries go out trying to keep the furnace running?
  6. So why is your career choice used to denounce a whole industry. You choose a career and location in an area not conducive to RV living. Didn't you consider this before launching yourself? This reminds me of all the times I have heard owners of 45' pushers brag about always going 70-75 down the highways and, at the same time, complain about the cost of fuel and the poor mpg they are getting.
  7. We gave up on state parks shortly after we started full timing when we noticed that most states charged extra PER DAY for cars pulled by motorhomes, but not for trucks pulling a trailer UNLESS you purchased an annual pass. Since we weren't in the states long enough to make an annual pass make sense, we just stayed with membership parks when possible, COE in the midwest, etc.
  8. I had an huge supply of extra 751 keys because they were also the lock on fire extinguisher cabinets throughs the university where I worked - and no, we didn't keep the extinguishers locked in their cabinet, that was just the way they came from manufacturer. Hence my huge supply of those keys.
  9. That ‘ secret’ has been out for decades. We don’t lock bays during the six months we travel in the summer. Plus, one look in them, no one is going to want to spend time hauling everything out with everyone in the park watching, for rolls of duck tape, Teflon tape, extra water hose, old chairs, old grill, etc.
  10. Could it be that some people decided that they really don't want to work for starvation wages. Or that they were able to finish course work leading to a better job in some other line of work. A lot of people are dealing with long-haulers syndrome which can be quite debilitating. And for a lot of women, there is no reliable child-care available until schools start back up in the fall - plus they may have lost their child care (grandmother) to Covid during the past year.
  11. Not obsolete, but you won't be able to upgrade to the newer operating systems and the programs you now use will not be upgraded because new versions will be designed to run under the newer operating systems. Depending upon what you are using the computer for, you might be able to get along quite well for some time yet. I find we get a new computer about every 5 years as newer, faster, systems are developed on the old is left behind.
  12. And what difference does it make what the price is in California or Texas if you are in Idaho or Green Bay, Wisconsin? After 16 years of watching this forum, I find all of the hand wringing amusing - don't travel if you don't want to spend the dollars necessary to reach your destination.
  13. Any one who owns a Mac knows that if you keep a computer long enough, you will reach a point where you can't upgrade to new operating system because so much has changed in the industry. It is the nature of the industry - things change. Nothing stays the same. Apple has a way of doing business - if one doesn't like their way of doing things, don't buy an Apple product. We've had a Mac since 1984, it is still in it's original carrying bag, but of course, not longer works.
  14. Yup, always sit on the toilet seat and close the door if there is one to make sure you can without hitting your knees. Where's the toilet paper holder located, is it easy to get to. Kick off the shoes and get into the shower and pretend to wash your hair - does your knuckles hit on the skylight, etc,? Pull in the slides and see if you can get to the toilet, get to the bed, open the refrigerator - because sooner or later you will need to spend the night with the slides in.
  15. Wonder if it is a case of motorhome versus trailer when it comes to the bouncing inside?
  16. Kirk, my latest credit report shows that I have one credit card with a 29 year history off on-time payments on it, my Discover card. The others have around 15 year history listed with them. So some things do stay on a credit report longer. And the 29 yr history is always cited as a + factor for the credit score.
  17. They will ding your credit report for not having a mortgage, car loan, etc . It isn't much, and I don't worry about it, but it takes a small ding. It is the algorithm that banks use and regular payments on a specific collateralized loan instead of credit cards gets positive points for you.
  18. And no one, no one, said electric 18-wheelers will be running down the highway and climbing the Rockies in the next few years. BUT things will change. Many of us will not live to see the changes, but they are coming. Organisms that do not adapt and change eventually die out.
  19. List to starboard does not equal leaning to the driver's side. That is the port side of the vehicle. So which is it? Is this a diesel or gas coach. If diesel, have you started the engine and let the air bags fill to help pull the jacks up. And do you have an interlock for the jacks and slide? Our slide will not go out until the jacks are down. Slides come in before jacks are raised. Are you plugged into power?
  20. Barbaraok


    We replace at about 7 years.
  21. Barbaraok


    There were OEMs on our coach and that is what we always replace with - age out before wearing out. We replace the front then 2 years later the 4 rear tires on our rotation of about 7 years. Works for us. We also replace when we are in Oregon, the sales tax savings is a pretty good chunk of change.
  22. The key is to only use the online pay feature for the Zone Pass, never call any number a campground gives you, that will almost always get you to a firm that is marketing for TT. Or if you really want to call, go online and use the phone number listed for for TT - again, the numbers the parks give out are almost always tied to a marketing operation.
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