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  1. If you have been vaccinated and then develop symptoms, it would indicate that either you have picked up a variant to the virus that isn't affected by the vaccination or that your vaccination didn't produce enough antibodies to battle the virus (assuming that you have gotten a heavy viral loa). Either way, once you've tested positive, I would ask if monoclonal therapy would help. The trick is you have to do it right away - so if you have been in an area that is showing increasing numbers of people who are unvaccinated and getting sick and in an event with lots of those people around, then get tested and if positive, get seen right away. If in an area like Missouri right now, even though vaccinated, I would avoid any setting where there were a lot of people because the delta variant is on fire in Missouri and the more it is transmitted the greater chance of it mutating into something even more aggressive than we have now!
  2. Stargazer, you mention that it would cost you much more other places in the country. So your travel is limited to a given geographic area? And if I read correctly, you do not count your living expenses in for your RVing budget. If that were the case, yes, our costs for a lot of months would be $1200, especially when spending weeks in membership parks, only moving 25-50 miles at a time. But that isn't what most people mean when they start thinking about what it will cost them to live and travel in the RV 24/7 for years criss-crossing the country.
  3. Wasn't it fortunate that Polio wasn't seen as a political statement when the vaccine was developed. And all of the people who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccines are those who vaccinate their children against Polio, even though Polio never killed the numbers that Covid has killed. Why people would willingly subject themselves to getting a disease when it is unnecessary, and eventually those who aren't vaccinated will get the disease. And many, many, many of them will die, often still proclaiming that the whole thing is a hoax. What is even worse, is that they have already identified a number of other viruses, including a number of corona viruses, that will likely jump from animal into human population over the next few years. The next one is out there, and yet we are not preparing for it. SMH
  4. This is the essence of trying to help someone take a realistic look at what it will cost. We could have purchased a brand new rig but chose to purchase a 3 year old rig and take the different and put it into the maintenance fund and add to it every month. Some had said that was unworkable for most people, but that fund has never been close to zero and after 16 years, the coach is still running. Yes, she needs cosmetic work, and we are considering some, but mechanically she is sound and goes where we want to go. Wish I could say we were in as good a mechanical shape as she is. Alas, growing old takes it toll on all of us sooner or later. If you look back at the start of this thread years ago, you see that I suggested that it would be better if he could have a little more income. My post was: "Is there some way to get it to $3K a month - for one person that should be a very doable amount. And in 5 years, who knows what will be needed. Just try to get the amount up, whether by work camping, etc., so that you have a cushion. Repairs can quickly add up and it isn't IF you will need repairs, but WHEN." No one said no, just it would be better if he had a little cushion. And that was YEARS ago, and costs have done nothing but go up. When we started in 2006 there were a number of people stating that they could full-time on $2K a month. 16 years later, people are saying the same thing and are being encouraged on this and other forums to give it a try, and these are usually not younger people who can find a job, etc. and regroup and go on.
  5. Well apparently the consensus is to encourage ppl to go ahead with whatever they have dreamed up for ‘full timing’, reasonable caution being seen as unnecessary.
  6. Maybe a single person if they never have a break down, never stay in an RV park, never get sick, and takes decades to do can see all of the country. after 16 years, yes I do think I have a feel for what the average newbie is asking, who is usually part of a couple, when they come here to ask questions. Which is why a lot of us start the dialogs with asking some questions or pointing out some problems that might develop with their initial parameters.
  7. And how it is used - Full time sitting? Plus, the Oxford dictionary is out-of-date. Does anyone come and ask if they can Full Time sitting in a spot for the rest of their lives. Look at the OP of this thread - the purpose was to see the country. We have a Park Model in Arizona and it is technically an RV. But when we set up for the winter (or all year like last year) we are not RVing.
  8. I'm saying that what you describe isn't what the average person who comes here looking into full-time RVing are talking about. There are a lot of people who get more than $2K in social security benefits, depending upon how long and how much they contributed during their working years. Maximum benefit this year is a little over $3K. And having veterans benefits for medical care means a lot. Yes, I know that some places it isn't great, but look at what some people are paying for the supplemental to cover what Medicare doesn't - it can be A LOT. And a lot of people are talking about total income of $2K for a COUPLE. I'm glad his health was such that he could keep going. Dave had quadruple bypass last March (yes, in the middle of the pandemic), his kidneys gave out and it was touch and go for a few days, followed by pacemaker insertion in June. We are now a year later and he is just now getting back to about where he was, but it has been hard for him, but doing repairs unless very limited (he did climb up the 13' ladder to seal a leak in our bedroom slide) and thus we have a repair budget line to set money aside to do it. People seem to ignore the fact that there will be problems, things will break down, our health deteriorates as we age and NOTHING costs the same as it did 5 years ago.
  9. Randy, how would you define Full Time Rving? Because it sounds like the verb portion of RVing isn't included in your definition. If one is living in an RV 24/7 in a static location, then that isn't the same as someone RVing. Doesn't make it right or wrong, just a different calculus is needed. But that isn't what the question is when someone new comes on and asks about what it costs to be Full-time RVing. Go back to the original post (from 6 yrs ago) and look at what was said. At that time most said that if one were frugal one could get by, especially if one had a way (work camping) to supplement income. I don't know about you, but NOTHING has stayed the same, price wise, in the past 6 years. And if you look you will see I suggested that getting towards $3K a month would give the person a cushion for things like repair (because we all know it isn't IF, it is WHEN repairs are needed) and increasing costs in the coming years. After 16 years of watching people come and go on this forum, I would say that a majority of those who come on, trying to do it on very, very, very little, are gone within 2-3 years. For some it will be health, but I would bet that a large number of those who come off the road (not to say they still aren't living in their RV) will do so because of limitations of funds.
  10. Arizona announced that it didn't matter where you were from, if you were in Arizona they wanted you to get the vaccine. It was tricky sometimes to get them scheduled together because of antiquated computer systems, but by the end of February we had had our 2 Pfizer shots. Didn't have to wait until spring and travel without being vaccinated.
  11. Randy, would you agree that when someone comes on as a person learning about Full-timing, they are envisioning traveling down the highways of the USA/Canada, visiting all of the National Parks, etc.? They envision taking all of the comforts of home with them as they travel into the sunset. I went back to the initial post and realize that my initial reaction to the OP was to think about our monthly outlay. OUR outlay, not what a SINGLE person would require. Our costs aren't double that of a single person traveling, there are some basic costs are the same. Fuel costs the same whether there are 1 or 2. Site costs are the same (maybe more when you get above 4) or added amount for a pet. But after that, costs will different for a couple versus a single person. Not twice as much for a couple, but different. But you can't separate one from the other. It is all about what it costs you each day to make it to the next day. And one of the things that can quickly have people 'off the road' is the increase in medical costs as we age. I realize that everyone thinks they will live forever, but that just isn't true. Even with great health insurance and prescription coverage, the costs of various medications can be frightful. So if one is a diabetic, for example, and insulin takes another price hike out of the blue, how does the person adjust their minimal income to cover that? Obviously by not moving as much. And when the 'living' costs become so high, then RVing, using the word as a verb, will become impossible.
  12. And thus you see it differently than those who full time do. When you full time, EVERYTHING is part of your budget. Food costs differ considerably depending upon the area. And you spend more time in unfamiliar markets that the grocery store in your local town. More time in the store means you are looking at different products, etc. In addition, you don’t have the room to stock up on essentials, take advantage of sales, larger sizes, etc. health care costs often go up if you are “out of network” and aren’t on Medicare. And your ability to get decent coverage if not old enough for Medicare is likely to be severely limited. That’s just two examples.
  13. We’re in Blaine, no there isn’t a stream of Canadian cars coming across. In fact it is a ghost town. And the 3 Canadian plated RVs in the park have been here since last year. In fact there were a couple of open sites this morning, something we’ve never seen on July 2nd before.
  14. I disagree, because a lot of people want to know how they can exist on very, very little money in an RV. Notice, I said exist, not 'live'. The ones who touted $2K a month even 16 years ago, were showing existence level budgets, stealth camping in cities, obtaining food from food banks, sitting in parking lots at McDonalds to get online, etc. Most people think of budget as the TOTAL they need for everything needed to exist. And groceries do not cost the same in different parts of the country, nor does medical care or insurance on their rigs. $2K a month is poverty level income. One might exist on that, but one doesn't 'RV' in the true sense of the word (Recreational) on that. Our first year out we met a couple that were full timing in a popup trailer, with their clothes hung across the backseat of their car, using the campground facilities for all toilet/shower needs as well as washing clothes. Cooking was all done outside under a tarp to keep off the rain. While we were at this park it got particularly cold (ie, down to the 20s at night) and they had to spend a few nights in a motel because their tiny furnace in the popup couldn't keep them warm. They were doing the best that they could with their limited resources, but in no way would I have considered that a model of what is called full-time RVing.
  15. StargazerAl how do you have a budget that doesn't include FOOD, health care, clothing, entertainment, etc.? All of those are costs that all FULL TIMERS have, plus more. Just getting online has a cost associated with it.
  16. I believe those are rigs that were stuck here last year and never got back across the border. It isn't open yet though for Canadians there will be some changes on July 7th.
  17. Happy Birthday to all Canadians who frequent the Escapees forums. Hope that we will see you all again this winter!
  18. Yes. It is really something to see. We also loved the glassmaking work going on during most days they are open. Really something to see.
  19. Well I'm still listed as "Rookie" - of course I've only been here since 2005. Clearly have to do some more work! Just realized that the #posts seems low - but then I remembered that they seem to "lose" posts with each software update they do. Because the 4K would mean just 250 posts each year. And we all know that I'm shy and retiring, but not much.
  20. You’ve been isolated in barren areas since the beginning of May?
  21. Lots. Don't forget that Ayn Rand championed everyone doing everything for themselves, but she was enrolled in both social security and medicare, which paid for her hospital stays, etc., before she died.
  22. I don't know why, when it is apparent that he isn't a leader but just someone who wants to do whatever necessary to get the most votes. That's pandering to the loudest bullies in any crowd.
  23. I don't know, if you are trying to show-off what you remember from HS French and screwup the usage of two words in English that are close to the same spelling, then you open yourself up to someone poking you in the ribs. 😉
  24. BUT, most people who are full timing are not working. We set up for one or two weeks and then spend the time exploring a 75-100 mile radius before we move again. Driving 20 miles for breakfast, sure thing. 30 miles to visit relative no problem to do it daily for a few days. Set up in one central place and visit 3 different national parks - sure thing. We put LOTS of miles on the toad exploring the areas we are in.
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