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  1. Jay, Would your premiums have been greater than $500/month for that year? That’s the question to ask. And as we age, the number of tests, office visits, outpatient surgeries, etc., can all add up. So it is a case of doing risk assessment each year.
  2. Remember in addition to the Annual Deductable, Medicare only pays 80% of each visit, test, etc. now that is 80% of what Medicare says is a fair charge, not what they bill. Your supplemental then pays that 20%.
  3. You can get a supplement at any time. If I paid premiums for a supplement (retirement package) then I wouldn't because I have very little beyond what Medicare pays - just yearly visits with ophthalmologist, dermatologist and internist. However, for Dave it is several visits a year to his cardiologist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, internist, nephrologist (kidney doctor) plus outpatients tests every 6 weeks or so for one or more of his aliments. With Advantage plans you need to be very careful as there can be problems changing or going back to original, depending upon the plan. I have a philosophical problem with those plans which is why we wouldn't get one. But I understand they work for some people. The thing with Part D is that a lot of people think they don't need anything for prescriptions because they hardly every take one. UNTIL suddenly their body lets them know that they are getting old and hits them hard, out of the blue. My sister thought the same, and then all of a sudden she had medical problems resulting in maintenance meds, and she has to pay a penalty for life because she didn't get enrolled in the cheapest one possible. I understand the feeling that one doesn't want to pay for something they don't need, but in this case just look upon it the same as any other insurance you pay but don't need - insurance against what might happen. And believe me that there are a lot of prescriptions that are out of sight without the negotiated prices that big insurance companies can get.
  4. When they needed the N95 and surgical masks for N95 mask, but much, much better than nothing! Things change and we move forward. There is still a place for cloth masks, quick in-an-out, etc.
  5. That’s correct, with the added benefit, the mask you are wearing adds protection to you. Plus it is better than not having any protection from those low information ppl who won’t wear a mask and won’t get 💉!
  6. Also get one of the prescription plans like Good Rx, sometimes that can be cheaper than your insurance.
  7. Orca, cars didn’t begin the industrial revolution. Maybe refresh some of your history concerning the steam engine, etc. would help.
  8. It gets easier once you get set up. We were lucky that our supplement and drug program were part of our retirement package.
  9. Part D is drug plan. There is no Medicare part for supplemental because that is outside of Medicare.
  10. Correct. Though we don’t pay any deductible except for prescriptions.
  11. Since you aren't on SS yet, you are paying your Part B premium separately. When on SS, they just deduct it from your payment before it is deposited. You will need a supplement if you don't want to have to pay out the deductible yourself. If in good health, you might want to just go without a supplement for a year or two and see how it goes. Since I don't have to pay for my supplement (is part of my retirement package) it is nice to have, but I never have more than maybe $500 a year out of pocket expenses. Of course, haven't been hospitalized, etc. and usually just annual visits to internist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist and I'm done. Dave, OTOH, has huge out of pocket expenses since he has heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, reoccurring skin cancers, blow retinal veins, and other assorted maladies. You do want to get a Part D plan, if you don't take prescriptions, get the cheapest you can find and review each year, but get it NOW because there is a penalty for each year you delay and at home point you will want to have it in place as you age.
  12. Orca. No one ever said man caused it all. Earth climate goes in cycles that are effected by slowing of the rotation of the earth, sun spots, movement of the moon, volcanic activity, decay of uranium in the core, movement of iron in the mantel affecting location off the poles, and on and on. And even with man interfering, the planet will be fine. But all of the current species on the planet may not survive because human activity has accelerated changes. US NAVY takes warming seriously because it affects total levels, affects locations of ports, etc. Insurance companies take it seriously because increased warming means more moisture in the air, means more severe storms everywhere causing property damage and deaths. And the list goes on and on. that you refuse to see what is happening is sad. Not unexpected, but still sad.
  13. Do people in RVs need to worry a tornadoes? Of course. Severe storms? Of course. We are seeing more tornadoes occurring, in uncommon areas as the energy in the atmosphere increases. Simple atmospheric physics at work and RVers need to be cognizant of that fact.
  14. Try being north of Seattle 2hen the heat dome descended. 106 in Seattle, only 1/3 of ppl with air conditioning and humidity was around 70% because of all the water being pulled up into the air at that temperature! It was not fun! Obviously you don’t understand the thermodynamics of what is happening. Warmer oceans leads to more extreme weather OF ALL TYPES. MORE HEAT IN SOME ARES, MORE COLD IN OTHERS, BIGGER storms because of more energy In the atmosphere.
  15. If you are in Bismarck, and the weather is ok, then run I-90 to Spokane, then take US 395 west of Spokane to hit I-82 in the Pasco area to I-84, run that to the east side of Portland, pick up I-205 around Portland and then I-5 south to Medford. Quickest way to go, least number of passes, misses the problems going over the Cascades, etc.
  16. You mean a membership? Because there is no subscription to the forum.
  17. RV, do as they tell you and don't feel you are an added burden, I think those treating non-covid patients view it is somewhat liberating. Yes, the new blood thinners are an improvement. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.
  18. Ray, I am so sorry that you got sick. I don't think a lot of people understand that even if vaccinated, the breakthrough infections can really do a person in. And when someone has a weakened immune system, they often need multiple vaccinations before enough antibodies are present to neutralize the virus. I hope you are planning on getting your booster as soon as you doctor says it is ok. We've got our appointments for booster + flu shot next Tuesday!
  19. Except in times of pandemics when the Supreme Court has upheld mandatory vaccination. Or in the case of Typhoid Mary, they ended up locking her away because she was spreading disease.
  20. Since most breakthrough cases are those >65, the data also point to why the boosters are needed. People our age tend to have immune Systems that are not as robust as those of a younger age, hence the need for the boosters and also why those with impaired immune systems are more likely to die even though they have had the initial immunizations. But by and large deaths are of the unvaccinated!
  21. Maybe because a lot of the staff didn't get vaccinated?
  22. What side effects are you talking about? Sore arms, fevers, achy muscles, etc. can be had with any vaccine. Myocarditis general heals itself without any problems. What specific problem are you talking about - and what about the side effects from ANY medication or ANY over-the-counter pills? Do you really believe that all scientists ar out to get you? The development has been out in the open, thousands of scientists have worked on it, are monitoring progress, already working on different combinations for the future, etc. Why do you hate science and scientists? Do you really believe that all of the scientists all over the world are out to kill people?
  23. Glenn do you have any idea how many people would have died by now with no maskings and no vaccination? It would be way over a million and counting. That you recovered is great - but how do you know what will happen 3-5 years from now with the virus having damaged blood vessels, etc.? We have no idea what the long term effects will be for people who were infected, but some people develop cognitive gaps induced by clots the virus caused. My cousins husband is one such individual. And how many young heart muscles have been damaged and the extent won't be know for 10-20 years. You do realize that you were contagious BEFORE you felt ill. So you could have passed it along to a lot of people, that's what is so insidious about this disease.
  24. We've had our RV for 16 years, never had an 'extended warranty', but put 10% of the purchase price into an account and kept adding to it each month. This covers not only repairs but also maintenance, and replacement of things like batteries and tires. We like dealing with mobile techs for smaller things - especially house problems. Paying in cash always get a smile from them.
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