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  1. Plywood prices are falling because the saw mills are back working. May take time to get to your area, but the mills are running!
  2. Do you really need your car if you are traveling with several others that have cars? That would increase the possibility of finding sites.
  3. There are 3 dots on the right side of your post. Click on it, and file a report asking the moderator to remove you. That would be the quickest way I know of since there doesn't appear to be a way under account settings to completely remove yourself - which by design protects you from someone else removing you who isn't a moderator.
  4. You assume that the house that was sold had been owned for decades and so resulted in large amount of funds from the sale. That isn’t necessarily true. Some of us moved around quite a bit during our working years, moving every 4-5 years, so never made huge amounts off of each house.
  5. Due dates don't stop you from paying ahead of time. I pay our credit cards the day after the billing cycle closes, and sometimes during the month I'll go ahead and pay a big charge on the card ahead of the closing date. With online payments you can set up weekly payments on credit cards so that you have ALWAYS paid at least the minimum due by any due date. Yes, it takes a little work to get to that point, but it can be done.
  6. But you will probably need a third shot, and there is room 9n the card we received for that 3rd shot.
  7. Then order those. Kirk just provided the link, and once there SEVERAL different types were offered in addition to the one he linked to. He was providing a service, not looking for masks meeting requirements he didn’t know were required when he posted. Yes, it is a little thing, but better response would have been: “Thanks Kirk, I was able to use that link to find US made masks in addition to the one you used as an example “.
  8. Well the cost of doing 2 test (one pre test and one at-home test at the border) means not going to do it for a trip to enjoy a day in Vancouver or Victoria BC, so common before the pandemic during the summer in Western Washington.
  9. Randy, remember we are talking about people who already are vaccinated, so the masks are a secondary line of defense, the vaccination being that first line of defense. The masks will grab 50% or more, depending upon type, of viral particles being exhaled by the infected person, so that if you walk through an area where they were, assuming you are still keeping distance from them, a lot of those exhaled particles are on the floor, you are blocking a large share of what remained in the air, and the smaller amount that might get through are handled by your immunization. I went into Fred Meyers and Walgreens yesterday, in the Seattle area, and wore my mask. And saw a LOT of white haired older individuals like myself, with their masks on. And this area doesn't have a massive outbreak, but in a large box store with lots of people, I just feel more comfortable having a little bit more protection.
  10. Before we went full timing in '06, I went through 2 shredders getting rid of old paperwork. We have file boxes full of old bank statements, etc., from when we were married in 1966! All the boxes had multiple stickers on them from the various moving companies we used for all our moves around the country. Checks from the first week we were married - $15 for groceries for the week!
  11. I’m afraid people waved a red flag of ‘science is wrong’, etc. and I took the bait. Sorry.
  12. Actually they have had several summers in a row where it has been warmer than usual. And the ocean water is getting warmer all the way up the West Coast, so it wouldn't take much to trigger a kill, plus increased temperature would have caused a lot of dissolved oxygen in shallower bays to dissipate. We have had 5 straight weeks with no rain and NOW are moving into the warm, dry months of July and August. There are watering bans in every town we have been in the past few weeks. And, of course, burn bans all over the state as the fire danger is high.
  13. Remember, it is doubtful that most Escapees are on this forum.
  14. If you are towing four down the only thing you might need is to add a drop extension to the existing RV hitch. Is that what you are talking about? Depends upon what type of motorhome. With our Class C it was a straight fit, but with the DP we had to add a drop extension for the Subaru and the CMax. The drops are not specific to any particular base plate.
  15. I believe that there are now adapters made so if the car has one base plate there is away to use the other's arms. I believe they are third party items.
  16. There are ball hitches that will slide into RV
  17. The hitch on the RV will accept whatever connection you have for the car. So it is your choice as th what you put on your car.
  18. To be specific they are asking the FDA for the go ahead to do clinical trials to see if the booster shot will improve the titer level (amount of Covid-19 antibodies) circulating relative to those who don't get a third booster shot. If trials do not show an improvement in level (which means 1/2 of the trial participants would get placebos and not the 3rd booster shot) then a booster will not be offered. The trial would also show if reactions to a 3rd shot are likely to be stronger than with the second shot. It is tricky to figure out when a booster is needed and what the likely reactions will be. UPDATE - so now they are asking for an EUA (emergency use authorization) to go ahead and begin a 3rd dose. Guess they information they are getting out of Israel have tipped in favor of getting the EUA while other trials of combinations are going on. Of course there are questions to be answered, specifically, will the 3rd dose be free, or will we have to pay, and how will we go about getting the 3rd dose to everyone, when they are trying to get 1st and 2nd doses in arms across the country. What fun it will be trying to figure out where to get boosters this fall while traveling. Of course, since it is only 1 shot, no worry about being able to get the second before leaving an area.
  19. We are enjoying being in a high vaccine state but will revert back to semi-isolation come fall when we return to Mesa. Luckily, there are lots of restaurants that have outdoor seating in Arizona, especially Oct-Nov and Feb-March time frames. And we can always hope that more people in Arizona become vaccinated.
  20. He has also posted on the RV.Net Full Time forum the question on full-timing on $2K a month. Kind of a pathetic.
  21. You need to book TT at least 60 days out. And for some parks, that isn't enough, especially in some really "hot" areas between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I was amazed that the TT Birch Bay actually had a few sites open over 4th of July, but then a lot of those who use this park come from Canada, and since they couldn't cross, there was room for others.
  22. Diversification is always key to successfully navigating investments that provide our income, plus the will power to ride out the wild gyrations and make prudent adjustments as needed.
  23. Doesn't matter what we know to be true, the "I'm better than you because I don't spend money" folks will always be striving to say they can get by on the least amount of money. Being honest with people would seem to be a more moral stance to take, rather than creating false hope that causes them to embark on a course that will probably lead to disaster.
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