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  1. Escapee parks in Casa Grande, Yuma, and Benson are Co-Ops and 55+ parks.
  2. 12 hrs NORTH of Montana puts you where?
  3. Although when filling up gasoline in plastic bags, the situation may resolve itself and give the fire department a work out. Hoarding is a way of life for a lot of people - the same ones hoarded TP, etc. a year ago. All about "I'm getting mine before 'others' get some".
  4. A lot of repair shops lost people to the virus, so their staffing is down, plus after they saw a lot of people becoming ill, they spaced out workers so that reduced the number of people they could take in. In addition, the parts they would need to fix anything are harder to get, because everything is on a demand setting, so parts supplies were down, etc. We had a problem with out car and told if they needed to get parts, it was going to take a minimum of 2 weeks from Ford. Luckily the problem resolved as we drove it and the car settled down and we have had no problem since then. It is going to take several MONTHS before we start to approach normal.
  5. We are finding lots of parks still are only available for online registration and payment for overnight sites. Stayed in Weed, when we pulled in, there were 6 envelopes on the information door besides the office door with names and site numbers on them. Just got out, grabbed the env, got back in and surprised Dave when I said ok, let's go - - he had gone back to the bathroom after driving for a couple of hours - was use to 15 min wait while I registered. Sure enough, through the afternoon, 6 rigs pulled in. When we left in the morning, they already had the envelopes up for the afternoon arrivals.
  6. Grok you. We kept a copy of Stranger in A Strange Land and Number of the Beast, but all of the rest were given away. Same with all of the Dune series. A lot our now available through iBooks, but it isn't the same as holding them in your hands.
  7. There is an RV park in Oak Creek Canyon (lower end) that has (had) in their office pictures of a flooding event after rain up in the mountains. Several people lost rigs that were stored there and they weren't around to get them out.
  8. And that statement is absurd because when the Cascadia Fault goes (it is not an if, it is a when - she's technically overdue right now) the first wave will reach the Washington shore in 15 minutes or LESS assuming she rips on the upper end of the fault. If lower end, the Oregon beaches will be under in less than 15 minutes and Washington beaches may have 20-25 minutes. If you have ever been in Ocean Shores, with it's 1 road in and out, you quickly realize that you will end up being carried all the way to Aberdeen before being sucked back out to sea.
  9. We do a majority of nights in membership parks, so booking months in advance is part of the way we have traveled the for years. Plus we go to the Pacific Northwest for most of the summer and between Memorial Day and Labor Day everything is always full, especially weekends. We don't boondocks because I don't like to "rough it", I didn't work years taking no vacations, etc., so that I could do without when we retired. We have noticed that we aren't having any problems without overnight stays that we are booking a day or two ahead along the highways as we head north. We also only do about 200 miles a day, then stop and relax for the evening before heading out again. And interspersed will be longer stays at membership parks, which are plentiful along the west coast.
  10. Trusty me, humidity is not a worry in the Phoenix area!
  11. But on vacation usually means one or two weeks and one typically doesn't clean out the refrigerator for that period of time. Refrigerators need a limited temperature range within which to work, hence everyone who leaves for MONTHS turns off and cleans out fridge. The question of whether to leave a/c on while gone for months at a time varies with different people. We don't leave ours on, but have friends who do. Depends upon a lot of factors.
  12. When we started we put 10% of the purchase price of the motorhome into our maintenance fund. Yes, that was a fair chunk of change and we have been adding to it, each month, for the past 16 years. From this we pay for all repairs, yearly maintenance, upgrades, replacement of tires/batteries, etc. Maybe we are unusual in the amount we set aside to begin with, but then I always had a year's worth of mortgage payments set aside, just in case, plus 6 months of living expenses.
  13. Kirk, I never said someone shouldn't get one, just said that there is another way to cover your risks. Yes, we have collision insurance on the car and the motorhome. But for each of those we have a 1K deductible, and the cost of them is reasonable. Yes, we had the funds to set up an account for repairs, but also that same fund is for routine maintenance and for replacement of tires/batteries, etc.
  14. Some of us just self-fund. Put the amount of the insurance into an account and. ADD TO IT EVERY MONTH. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it worked for us. Plus, we have found that if one or two parts has a problem, them both are replaced. But, you have to be steadfast in setting aside that money each month.
  15. The 101 doesn't go through Napa Valley, it runs up Sonoma Valley (more wineries in Sonoma Valley that are nicer, not as haughty as Napa). Not really a problem. We've run it Clear up - but while California and Oregon have 101 close to the coast or right on it most of the time, it it goes inland in Washington State. Where in Washington do you want to end up? As for getting through San Francisco, I have a route that will take you over the Golden Gate: Take Highway 101 up to I-280, go north on I-280 until Highway 1 joins, stay on Highway 1 and take the Highway 1 - 19th Ave exit , get in the MIDDLE lane and stay there. It will be stop and go for about 3 miles and then you go underneath the Presido and emerge on the other side and join Highway 101 again. You will be on the far right, which is the bus/RV lane. Stay there and across the Golden Gate you will go - there is no toll going north!
  16. My cousin's husband caught it in February 2002 - one of the early ones in Mt. Vernon, WA (north Seattle). The person he caught it from died, he ended up in the hospital for about 5 days. He recovered and seemed to be doing well, but they would be driving somewhere and he would pull over and ask my cousin where they were going - he realized he had no idea where he was suppose to go. My cousin now writes him a note telling him where he is going (to the store for bread and milk, etc.) and then he is just fine. It doesn't happen all the time, but this has been going on for over a year now and seems to be permanent. Both of them had severe reaction to the 2nd Moderna shot, not much of one to the first. My 97 yr old aunt, by contrast, sailed through both of her vaccinations with just a sore arm and the usual aches and pains which might be because she's 97!
  17. Please place to get questioned answered is the Apple Support Community. Find the iPad discussion, paste in the question you have posted here, and you will get back several recommendations.
  18. Rod, it seems pretty clear that your are having allergic reaction to something in the environment where you are working. It would seem prudent to see a dermatologist in the area who would be familiar with local conditions, maybe someone with admitting privileges to the hospital where you are working. I am not sure why you are so hesitant to see someone in the local area.
  19. Actually Bruce, the research work was going on a lot longer than you realize, started with the SARS virus years ago, and since that is also a corona virus, it was easy to build upon it once they had the genome. Plus 'Crisper' has made a huge difference in how they can identify and work with viruses, and the mRNA based vaccines are going to make a huge difference in virology in the years to come.
  20. Every spring I do a temporary change of address to Escapees when we leave Mesa and say that it is for Six Months. Because this is a snowbird area, when we come back in the fall there is a green card in our mailbox to fill out telling them who is in the site, sign and date it and the advertisements start usually the next day. Actually, the green card is placed in the box the day after our 'stop' day - which is usually a couple of days before we leave.
  21. Cold sores on college campuses at the start of finals week!😎
  22. All about where the waste will go. Once that problem is solved, then things might look up.
  23. Linda, almost word for word what my internet’s and dermatologist said.
  24. We’re on Medicare, so no problems. The first year out, when on insurance from our former employer (part of retirement package), I developed a rash when out in the desert in the spring geocaching. Put hydrocortisone on it, helped, and then we left area and it subsided. Would reoccur at times, but hydrocortisone kept it at bay. When we did or annual physicals I mentioned it to my internist. He looked at it, as it was itching again, said to try Triamcinolone ointment, and it worked. Through the years it has become less of a problem in the desert areas,, but always returns about this time of year. Now just a little hydrocortisone creme does the job and I know that once we get to the coast I won’t have problems. Drug is also used to treat Psoriasis, especially when very mild, which can be triggered by any number of things.
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