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  1. Again thanks for all the help. Now a new question. I am not sure what a power monitor / management system is. I have also seen the term EMS which I don't know but think it might be Electronic Monitoring System. If so, I still do not know what it is but will do some research. Have a wonderful day/week/month.
  2. Of course. I will also post photos and a review after getting it done. Actually I will wait until I have it installed before posting a link. Would hate to do that and find that it is not a good product. It is portable. It attaches outside the coach. It folds up for travel.
  3. Thanks everyone. You are a brightspot in a somewhat dark place. We are moving at a snails pace (if it had a broken arm LOL). The rig is doing wonderfully but the issues have been with me. I have great difficulty getting into the house due to the steps. With my handicaps I knew it would be trouble but that I would be able to make it work. So far it hasn't. I have fallen twice (no serious injuries). So I am going to have a handy-step installed, hopefully by the end of the week. Until then I will just stay inside and relax.
  4. Well we are finally on the road, but not without mishaps. I'll talk about those later. Now I have a question in two parts. Is a water pressure gauge needed? If so what would you suggest I get. Is a surge protector needed (I am pretty sure it is). If what would you suggest I get. Thanks every one. You have been great.
  5. I too have an Inogen G3. I also have a house concentrator. When inside I use the house one (don't remember its name) but outside I use the inogen. I have other issues also stemming from a sudden illness 5 years ago. The inogen is great, unfortunately They are also very expensive. So are the batteries, chargers etc. I have one large and one small battery. They last about 6 hours. They do plug in to the truck and charge while using them. To get out and about I highly recommend them.
  6. I noticed but being new and unknown around the campfire I didn't say anything
  7. Another newbe question: We have a residential refrigerator that only runs on electric. On the road it is powered by batteries. Will that keep it cold and frozen. 2. Do the connections from the truck have power? 2016 Redwood 5th. 39 ft. 2019 Ram Laramie 3500 4x4 cummins diesel.
  8. I was just reading the Charmin labels and they say that they are safe for septic systems. Is this good enough?
  9. Just wondering what toilet paper to use? I understand it needs to be "RV or boat" but the prices go from high to very high. Also, is it ok to use regular TP if the need arises. Like the commercial goes "we all go" thanks
  10. I am going to see about steps that should work. Thank you all for the good information and advice. You have all been friendly and kind. Have experienced worse i other other websites.
  11. New here and to full time. We are just getting started. One issue is that being handicapped (Right leg does not work much, left leg is kinda weak and I am big guy) I cannot get up the steps to the 5th wheel. I need either shorter stairs (from stair to stair) or I need a good rail that I can lean on. I don't need a lift. It needs to go up 40 in. It must also be easy to set up and to move around. Anyone have any ideas? Would love any help. We have a couple ideas how to make something but the shops we talked to said it would be like $3500.00. Thanks for reading
  12. Thank you All. This seems to be a wonderful community. You gave me great info and some things to think about. I am kinda nervous about GoodSam now. I think I will look around some more. Again thank you for you assistance. Den
  13. Hello All; We are just beginning our journey and there is so much to do. I need some help. We are thinking of getting an extended service plan on our 5th wheel. Good Sam has one that looks pretty good. Has anyone had any experience with this product? Any negative dealing with Good Sam? Also looking at insurance from them. Again same question. Any experience with their insurance? I really appreciate any advice you good people can give me. Thats all for now but I am sure to be back soon and often, Be safe and have fun. Dennis
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