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  1. Have you seen a dermatologist that is in that area? That is the most logical way to treat it. BTW - since the rash returned when you returned to the area, clearly it was not the immunization that cause the rash but rather the environmental conditions. A little detective work on your part seems to be in order. It can be as simple as the humidity (too wet or too dry), local pollen, hardness of the water, water source, local ingredients in common foods that normally don't bother you, etc. And you already know the easiest solution - just don't take an assignment in that area. Have you actually seen the rash appear, or is it just a 'tingling' in the same general skin area? Again, a local dermatologist would seem like the logical place to start.
  2. You gave 2 weeks before optimal protection, but yes, your good now !👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  3. The new shingles vaccinations (2 shot series) is much more effective at preventing an attack, and as your friend showed, the old one doesn't last a long time. Yes, shingles near the eye can cause horrendous problems, including blindness in that eye.
  4. At least until they get a better idea of how virus can or can't be transmitted after one is fully vaccinated, plus whether it is effective against all variants and the positivity rate is way under 5%. Probably be next fall.
  5. And did he run a fever after 2nd dose? If high enough that could stress his system and cause the dormant chicken pix virus that was lying along his spine. Of course it could be any stressor in his.
  6. Because you can still GET the virus, the vaccinations aren't 100%, just like every other vaccine. There are always a few people who will still get the virus because their immune system doesn't operate at peak efficiency, but if you do get it the course of the disease will be mild/moderate and so far no one has died from the virus who has had the vaccine. Also, even if you don't become ill, it is still possible that you can be infected and might pass it one - we just don't know the much about the disease yet to be sure. So you are still wearing the mask to protect yourself and to protect others. Again nothing is 100% all the time in real life. You can still get it, but so far, no one has died who has been vaccinated. Now you are just being argumentative. Did you get a Polio vaccination, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, etc? NONE of those are 100% for every single person. And all can fade over time.
  7. No one said the vaccine guaranteed that you couldn't get sick from the virus - that's what 90% efficacy means - 90% of people won't get sick. The other 10% have mild-to-moderate symptoms and so far NO ONE HAS DIED who has had the vaccination. And of those 10% who did get sick, I would be willing to be that a large share of that were people who had been exposed already, but it was still incubating.
  8. Linda, you still do. C2C is, I believe, partnering with parks to sell memberships in order to increase C2C membership.
  9. When I was a teenager I worked in a restaurant my senior year in high school. We had to get a TB test at the county health department and couldn't work without the card that they gave with a negative test. Had to have the same when I was in college and worked at Picksweet during harvest. Shot cards for kids as they are growing up. Couldn't go to college without a physical from our family doctor and he filled out the required form that listed the vaccinations I had, which was Pertusis (Whooping Cough), Tetanus, Polio and Smallpox at that point, plus listed the childhood illnesses I had, which included mumps, measles, Rubella, chickenpox (all in kindergarten). Couldn't enroll in college without it being done. Had to have the TB Tine test done before I could student teach when I was finishing college. I didn't see any of those as having "special rights and privileges" but they allowed me to work, go to school. Didn't your kids have to have vaccinations before they started school? Aren't military membership required to take a whole host of immunization based upon where they are being sent? I do know that a LOT of colleges will be requiring vaccinations for incoming students probably starting in September of 2022 - just like they required incoming students to have a set of standardized vaccinations. Do you see that as "special rights" because I don't. I've seen disease move through a college dormitory - it is not a pretty sight. Personally, when I finally get the nerve to travel by air again, I'd like it to be with an airline that required people to show their vaccination cards for Covid-19.
  10. The C2C system uses Classic (1 week at the park) Deluxe (2 weeks) and Premium (or something like that) which I think is 3 weeks but also requires more "points". You purchase points, 1000 pos = $10/night. For years that has been the case and their Good Neighbor Parks (GNP) were 1500 points ($15)/night. Now the GNP are whatever and they want it AT THE PARK, not through the reservation system. The nice thing about C2C was that you got a discount on parks, if you purchased $300 or more (30,000) at one time. When we first started, that was easy to do and the parks were all over the West Coast and Arizona, so they were our 'week out' park from our membership system. We used membership parks extensively for weekly stays and most places were 1-2 weeks at a time when we first started. After several years, we decided to plant ourselves in the Phoenix area (Mesa) for monthly stays, so only use membership parks in the summer months now - about 100 night or so from April to the first of October.
  11. Standard for membership parks/park systems. Remember, C2C isn't a membership in a specific park, it is an affiliated program where you can stay in other member parks for a reduced rate. Almost all membership parks have the 3day-2 night stay to entice people to come and try it out. C2C is undergoing a change in that most of their parks are becoming "Good Neighbor Parks" which is just about the same as PPA, in it is around 50% off, but you mark the reservations, etc. Not very many of the regular membership style left and we will probably not renew when ours runs out in a couple of years.
  12. Watch airlines require proof of vaccination before boarding their planes - it could be coming. Want to travel overseas or just to Canada, watch you will be required to show proof of vaccination, including batch numbers of the vaccine. Going to get a new job - don't be surprised if some firms require vaccination for new hires. Want to get into a venue, might be required to enter. Remember, we're talking about private firms, who can require all sorts of things. Don't want to show the airline your vaccination card, fine, they'll say, fly on some other airline!
  13. RV, there was an article today and the CDC is advising people NOT to laminate their cards as we may need boosters, which is why there is space on the cards for at least 2 other shots and that is where booster information (type, batch number, etc.) would be put.
  14. Water, one of the strongest molecules in the universe, responsible for life on planet earth, capable of crushing mountains all because of 2 hydrogen-oxygen bonds with an interior angle of 104.5 °
  15. 550K+ and conting have died. That isn't insignificant. Over 1/2 million people in this country are dead. And MOST didn't need to die if we had all done those things that would help to slow the spread while they worked on a vaccine. That you were lucky to have a mild case and recover is wonderful. Others aren't so lucky. I have a cousin who has long-haul symptoms, especially the 'brain fog' that still lingers at times. He's 70, recovered in about 10 days, but the long term lingering effects aren't fun. Everyone is different in how they handle the virus, what their viral load is and which variant they catch. We will have people who will spend the rest of their lives with problems as a result of their infection.
  16. Had my done 2 weeks ago, 2 weeks and 1 day after my second vaccine dose. Sounds like the salon here in the park. Everyone masked, slowly worked around the ears. Felt so great to get 1 year's worth of hair - GONE!
  17. Well, since Yankees were those who fought against the British to ensure freedom for this country, I would have thought that all persons who valued those freedoms would consider themselves "Yankees".
  18. The vaccine means you won't die and likely will not get sick, but if you do, your illness will be much easier. So far NO ONE has died who was vaccinated, about 10% will become ill, but they don't die and I don't think any have been intubated. In fact, most don't end up in the hospital, as their body has ammunition against the virus and they can help that along with convalescent plasma.
  19. No, he was already exposed before he had time to build up antibodies, but the vaccine helped ameliorate to disease effects.
  20. You can IF you’ve been exposed and are carrying the virus in nasal secreations. Doesn’t mean you will get sick, but you could pass it on, hence wear a mask when out and about because you might pass it to someone with no immunity.
  21. I watched her statement. Doo you realize there are now ppl under 40 being intubated because not only did they catch the virus because of their lack of precautions, but the variants they are catching are more aggressive resulting in more serious disease. what I can’t figure out is why everyone is ok with MORE deaths?
  22. No, another warning that it isn't all behind us, there will be more unneccary deaths because politicians caved to minorities and let up restrictions when just another 30 days would have made a great deal of difference!
  23. Young people are being intubated, we are likely to start seeing deaths of younger people because they are catching the new variants which may be more aggressive all because they couldn't wait 30 more days to get vaccinated.
  24. Every year we clean out take things to Goodwill or throw things in the trash that we haven’t used. Just remember once to get started, if something comes in, something goes out.
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