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  1. And at least one judge has upheld the vaccinated mandate as legal for any health care facility. Another hospital is New York just fired workers who refused to get vaccinated. One woman said they were taking her 'choice' away - when in fact they gave her a choice, vaccinate and work or not. And to get into nursing school she would have had to have gotten a whole slew of vaccinations in addition to the ones she had as a child.
  2. The EMT and his wife may find themselves out of a job if they don't get the vaccination. There really aren't any valid reasons, since the mRNA vaccines aren't incubated in eggs. The reactions that people have had they can get with any vaccination - just a sign that the immune system is busy.
  3. The icon has lines on each side which indicate waving
  4. 38' motorhome, have never worried about tunnels. Have had to turn off propane when using the ferry system in Washington State. But then we use major highways (Interstates and US Highways) to get from A to B, then explore with the toad. For example, we've done most of Highway 1 (Coast Highway) in California, but with the toad, not the Motorhome.
  5. Pick up US 97 at Weed and head north towards the Columbia River. Plan on staying overnight in Bend Oregon area. At the River, head east on I-84 for about 10 miles and stop at Le Page Park, a Corps of Engineers park right on the John Dat River where the River empties into the Columbia, just east of the John Day Dam. Keep heading east on I-84 until you get to I-82, take that into the TriCities (Richland, Kennewick, Prosser) and pick up US Highway 395 towards Spokane. At Spokane you can take I-90 across, OR pick up US Highway 2 and go across, which is a great trip and easy to do.
  6. Tipping for wait staff is problematic because a lot of people won't leave a tip or under tip if they didn't like the food but didn't complain and give the establishment a chance to rectify the problem. I started tipping the carryout folks at fast food places during the pandemic - especially in the Phoenix area last summer, having to run in and out of a/c to bring food to people in 115° temperatures. I could use my cash back cards for the order itself and then a couple of bucks to put in their 'pool' jar. Never know if there was even a pool tip jar at each restaurant. I know that Starbucks has them, so also put something in - - I was so thankful that they were able to work during that time and give us a treat. Hardest part was getting small bills when you are routinely going into place and getting change. I ended up going into an open bank branch (hard to find last summer) and getting $100 in ones and fives for tips.
  7. 1). Most university faculty are covered by an alternative retirement program which stays with the person, not the state where the school is located. They can opt for TRS, but most don't. The university's share is the same as with TRS but since faculty move frequently, it stays with you. So our retirement is based on income earned at several different universities we worked at throughout the country. It is a 403b under TIAA. 403bs are for universities, research institutions, hospitals, etc., can all belong to this investment service. 2) Until just recently MOST jobs at Walmart were minimum wage with a lot of their employees qualifying for SNAP, etc. In fact, even at $15/hr, a lot of people will still be eligible for assistance because that is below the poverty level if you have several kids at home. And wait-staff at most restaurants are paid even less! Check the wage level at nursing homes, grocery stores, etc. Unless states have raised the minimum wage level, most are at the federal level. And when those employees qualify for assistance we, the taxpayers, are subsidizing the owners of the business who do not pay a living wage. 3)Door Dash got caught keeping all of the tips. I have heard from wait-staff that they appreciate the cash tips and keep anything above the 15% the owner requires in the mixed employee jar. 4). You must understand university faculty are treated differently than K-12 teachers in public schools in most states. Even in Texas, university non-faculty employees are required to participate in TRS, but not administrators and faculty. But, the faculty who go with the 403b retirement have to pay social security taxes, not so with those covered by TRS, which can lead to a different set of problems if one isn't careful.
  8. Even more, faculty at most universities are usually invested in TIAA or another 403b company, which has nothing to do with the state.
  9. You do realize that a lot of restaurants don’t share tips with staff that are above 15%?
  10. I do not have a government pension. Where did you get that idea? I grew up in a middle class family. My drive was my love a science especially chemistry. Our retirement is based on our investments plus SS. I notice that you seem to agree that a minimum wage from 2009 is fine for today?
  11. So offer the jobs at the wage you would pay after two years and list the qualifications necessary. That would give you employees who could do the work, are more efficient, and would help the US economy. But you would probably have to pay more than what you pay in the Philippines, right?
  12. What would the 1.25 hr wage be today adjusted for inflation? In 1963, $1.25 was the minimum wage, assume that was the year we are talking about, it should be $10.71 now. Even the $15/hr wage would give a gross of $600/week, or $2400/month. Current cost of living in US for a family of 4 is right about $4500/month. And that is abysmal type of living - just getting by.
  13. Last time the minimum wage was raised was in 2009. Has ANYTHING else stayed the same since 2009? Your initial hypothesis is wrong. It is NOT just kids getting minimum wage. The rest of the post is you trying to explain why you are willing to give people living in another area of the world a wage that allows for them to support themselves given the cost of living in that country, but not willing to offer a living wage for someone in this country. BTW, what trade are you teaching that requires 2 years of instruction? Is it a trade that community colleges should have in their curriculum?
  14. Yes it is possible. We did it with Smallpox and were almost there with Polio before antivaxxers and internal political strife in Africa caused a halt to a lot of vaccinations. I expect, given the current political climate and anti-vaxxers, that we will again see polio cases in sufficient numbers in this country.
  15. Kirk, Chemists and Chem Engineers do occasionally misspell words - and it has only gotten worse since auto-correct on the iPad came into play filling in what it thinks I mean to say. Yes, the word should have been shudder.
  16. We always leave the tip in cash at restaurants, even if we use a card for the meal. As most people I have heard comment, we are tipping larger amounts since the pandemic hit. Trying to circulate that stimulus check we got. 😉
  17. So only 'girls' work as wait staff? Careful Kirk, you're using old stereotypes about wait staff. Last 3 restaurants we were in had male wait staff members that served us.
  18. I shutter to think about quality when you see something like that!
  19. Just a reminder, the vaccine effectiveness doesn't mean you can't catch the virus, just that if you do, you will likely have less severe disease. About 10,000 people out of the 170M vaccinated with at least one shot so far have had breakthrough infections. For example, all of the crew of cruise ships are vaccinated, but a ship getting ready to sail had 8 crew members test positive - 6 were asymptomatic and 2 had mild illness. The ship and crew is now quarantined for 2+ weeks and the scheduled sailing has been pushed back.
  20. Did I say some particular person was defaming anyone? I said if one didn't like the way Apple does business, don't buy an Apple product. That is just a general statement of fact.
  21. Last summer, stuck in the Phoenix area when it is over 115, I went out of our park model one afternoon and smell 'gas' (which is actually the odorant added to propane) and was trying to figure out where it was coming from - turns out it was the propane attached to the grill - the heat had gotten so hot that the gas inside had expanded enough to exit through the relief valve.
  22. There are help wanted signs in every state as things open back up. Excess deaths due to Covid will account for some of the shortages, and a lot of women have dropped out of the workforce because they are still trying to find child care they can afford. Huge numbers of child care firms went out of business when everything closed down. Then there are not insignificant number of people who didn't die, but have developed long-hauler syndrome and may be out of the workforce for a long period of time, if not permanently disabled by the virus.
  23. More and more people have hybrids for toads, at 50+ mpg, our toad makes a great vehicle for sight-seeing, shopping, going to concerts, museums, etc.
  24. How big are your holding tanks going to be and where will you put them? Where will your fresh water tank be, and how big? Will they be enclosed so they can be kept warm? Where will your water heater go and what size? Bathtubs take huge amounts of water, which is why most RVs now go with just shower. Propane tank for furnace and cooking? Lots of infrastructure needs to be in place before flooring is considered. Also, electrical systems need to be planned for, especially if you want roof solar integrated into the rig. Then controllers, inverter/charger and house battery bank.
  25. Which is why most people don't buy and live in RVs in cities with limited parks and high rental rates for the parks. If a park charges $1600 a month and people pay it, then that is the market telling them they are charging the correct amount. You don't agree, don't rent there. Seems to me you are outlining why an apartment might be a better choice for you.
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