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  1. Pat... Pirate joke: What's a pirate's favorite letter? [Everyone says "R"] 'Tis the "C" I can see how a small C would be fantastic when you are downsizing. Good luck finding one that feels as good. Brian
  2. Quick update... took my wife to a truck auction preview, and she sat in one truck (dirty!), climbed into another (newer and cleaner)! I did not think the extra head height would be an issue, as we are both 5'9", but I gotta say that extra height is welcomed. Also, I was very close to renting a small class C for a 3 or 4 day along the Maine coast, but other plans got in the way. Progress in my mind! Pat tells me it took him 5 years to get his wife to agree... Brian
  3. Ah, the dreaded "or" <--I have to admit, I missed it. I was wondering how the HDTs with an inverter, a small refer and bunk were making the transition in registration to an RV in other states.
  4. Easy - The resources guide for VA is pretty much what I found over the last year or so. VA is just one of those not-so-clear states. I may have to spend some time at the DMV and "circle back" with any info I find. Specifically, I've been trying to figure out what Virginia wants in order to classify something as an RV - Toilet? Electrical system? 12v, 24v, or 120v? Kitchen with appliances? access from the cab? HVAC? Photos? Does it need a different inspection? Could I pull the box off the back and bobtail with just the sleeper cab for a quick weekend? I think we'd like to start out this way. I did see "PT" in the chart, so maybe it's as simple as a registering as private truck, and I'm making this harder than it seems.
  5. Star, I forgot to ask - Where do I find the resource guide?
  6. Birdman, 30' (or under) will get you into The National parks. I understand that some do allow bigger. I'd prefer to be a short as possible on the wheelbase (ground clearance and maneuverability), hence another reason I like cabovers. You gotta start somewhere with your desired length, so less than 30 (overall minus the towed) was just the upper bracket. 2 kids and a dog would be a safe bet. If I can find an automatic, I imagine my wife could tackle the driving, but she generally prefers to ride along and see the sights. Star - the Argosys have the one thing I think my wife will appreciate - the flat floor, instead of the huge doghouse of the older cabovers. They do pop up from time to time at "reasonable" prices (I know everyone has a different idea of what's reasonable). If you are willing to stretch the frame in the future, I've seen quite a few tractors (instead of box trucks). Freightliner, while not as comfy or smooth shifting (if you can find one with an automatic) as the Volvos, seems to have huge market share, and a fair number of repair facilities. The tractors look like they'd easily hold a 10' box without any mods - tight, but a nice starting size, maybe... Those overlanders seem to make due with some vey tiny setups. A small stretch (4'?) for a washer dryer, a bit of storage and a separate set of bunks or a REAL bathroom, seems doable in a 16-18' box.
  7. Hey Easy, I'm north of Leesburg, VA. I just don't see us making it to a rally this year -- kids in school. Stieny - I think I started in the overland realm, but my idea of comfort and my wife's... let's just say compromise is in order... Make the rough stuff a day trip (maybe with the towed) and head back to a comfortable crash pad. I'd start in a bunked set up with an empty 10' box and adapt as we go, if I could find the right hdt. Seems stretching is easier than I originally thought, if the right one doesn't come along. I get your point about the mdt, but used they are WAY MORE expensive and (most) are limited power and weight. I've seen a few 4x4's, but I assume 99% of the driving will be on decent hard surfaces. Why carry that extra weight and be tempted to go places you probably shouldn't. I'm an N+1 kinda guy, --> redundancy. So 2nd engine (towed), extra parts, standardized fuels diesel... I did briefly consider a truck bed slide in to get started. My conclusion - again super expensive for a cheaply built box. I don't know how ANY of these guys are legal/safe. I do anticipate a rental, although I'd prefer to skip that.
  8. I'm looking for a mentor, who has experience with all things HDT in Virginia. I don't even own an RV at this point. I own a 1999 F250 diesel, but my research has brought me to the point where an HDT is the only sensible option. I'm 10 years or more out from retirement. My kids are just getting into the teen years. My wife wants to do big trips - Zion, Grand Canyon while the kids are "young," but is "RV skeptical" <-- if that's a thing. She wants to try before you buy. In her eyes an HDT is a huge leap, and little to no chance of changing your mind later to sell it. She grew up primitive camping - boat access only in the Adirondacks, which is okay (we've done that with her parents for a number of years now.) IMO, it's a lot of back-breaking work loading, unloading, boating to and fro, and the "wonderful" night sleep in a tent. Basically, more planning than fun. My set up (dream) would be a 2000ish (pre-emissions) cabover to stay under 30'. Probably an Argosy with a manual transmission), converted to 4 seats - maybe keep the top bunk or be able to drop the rear seats to a bed, an 18 or 20' box, large lift gate (porch), and tow an extra diesel vehicle (easy for my wife to drive in a real emergency). lots of solar for boondocking, loads of batteries, diesel heater, diesel cooktops. I am not intimidated by of doing any of the conversion myself. Not expecting to be a full-timer - but a homebase, even if the kids take on the stewardship in the future. My concerns at this point, beyond my wife's, are inspections, registration, upgraded licenses (this seems pretty easy), east coast modification places (truck frames/engine inframe rebuilds/exhaust <-- stuff that you're probably not going to be able to do at home even with a well equipped garage.) Thank you, Brian
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