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  1. Hammer804

    Help identify

    Ok here’s part number VO 82077422
  2. Hammer804

    Help identify

    No problem,soon as I pick up the parts I’ll post up part numbers
  3. Hammer804

    Help identify

    Thanks to all that replied, I really appreciate the input.A big thank you to Mr Jack Mayer for your assistance as I was able to get all the parts ordered today and should have them tomorrow. Thanks to all again
  4. Hammer804

    Help identify

    Looking for part number of the latch or whatever it’s called that’s highlighted in picture.Went to Volvo dealer an gave my vin#.They can’t help because truck didn’t come with work station table.Any help with part number or name of part will be greatly appreciated . My truck is a 2016 Volvo 780 ...Thanks
  5. Yes Sir Pat, Gonna definitely try our best to make it on the 7th,if not we’ll for sure visit another weekend.I enjoyed speaking with on the phone as well.I’ll talk with you soon as we find out the exact dates the wife will be at the beach for work as it’s changed twice since we last talked on phone
  6. Thanks for the info I’m in the little town of Chester sounds like your about an hour or so away from me.
  7. Hello everyone, Been lurking couple months now and finally joined up. I’m in the search mode as we speak looking to purchase my HDT.Ive made up my mind it’s gonna be a Volvo but undecided between a 730 or 780. We aren’t full timer’s yet but will be by August next year once youngest graduates and is off to college.Hopefully I won’t wear out my welcome on here with all the questions I’m about to hit you all up with 😁
  8. Glad I came across this forum post.As I’m getting ready to purchase a Volvo 780 to convert for dragging my 5th wheel around.JPL I noticed you as well as others are in Virginia as well as myself.If it’s ok with you, I may call you as well
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