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  1. Phil D

    Suggestions for a dash cam

    I looked at the Rexing V1 in my pickup over the weekend. It appears that even if mounted on a vertical windshield there is sufficient camera adjustment to allow the camera view to be normal, since the lens appears to have nearly, if not a full 90° of adjustment. If you purchase a suction cup mount the bottom of the cup may intrude into the top of the frame, but you'd still have a good view of the road. If you use the standard, permanent mount, I wouldn't expect any intrusion at all.
  2. Phil D

    East Coast Rally Registration

    Carl, would you like to have the title changed to "East Coast Rally Registration" and have this pinned so that it's easy to find, as was done for the National Rally? If so, just let me know.
  3. Phil D

    Teton Wire Path

    I wasn't there when it was done so I don't know what path they took or what obstacles had to be overcome, but my BluDot installer was able to snake an air line up through the pin box to exactly where you're trying to get to on my '02 Teton.
  4. Were Verizon inclined to do it, assuming they could achieve something close to the stated 1000' range, they could cover the vast majority, if not all of the homes in Retama and a substantial portion of Tanglewood from the utility poles on Military Road, without the need to access the street lighting poles in either subdivision. I hadn't heard that they were now going to offer fiber in Retama, limited to new construction, but that certainly sounds about right.
  5. Phil D

    Fuel Cap Chain

    But they'd better be really skinny.
  6. When the Freedomline was being actively marketed by the ZF Meritor joint venture, it gained a significant share of the luxury/tour bus market in North America. Since the bus OEMs weren't a party to the "exclusive deal" that Eaton used to drive the Freedomline out of the OTR truck market, they've continued to do well in that segment. Meritor has long since withdrawn from performing the marketing and support functions for which they were formerly responsible, but ZF directly sells and supports the product in the North American bus market. While it's now known as the ZF AS Tronic transmission (Freedomline was the name that the ZF Meritor joint venture used to market the AS Tronic in North America) as it is in the rest of the world, and it's no doubt benefitted from the more than fifteen years of additional development, it is in fact the same transmission that was sold to truckers as the Freedomline.
  7. It's possible that the horsepower figure that you posted in the title may be a typo, but if that's what you were quoted, you'll want to confirm that with Volvo. I don't believe that they've ever installed a 600+ HP engine in any VNL. I seem to recall that the high output D16 could only be had in the VT models due to cooling issues (lack of frontal area for a sufficiently large cooling stack in the VNL models). Also, the ZF/Meritor transmission was only rated for up to 1650 lb/ft of torque, which a 600+ HP engine would exceed.
  8. Phil D

    National HDT Rally Registration

    Topic pinned to facilitate registrations
  9. Phil D

    Best truck to use for me.

    Fourteen years after Eaton ran the Freedomline out of the North American OTR truck market, they've finally developed their own Freedomline.
  10. Phil D

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    DEF is all the same. If its chemistry deviates very much from the "norm", engines will sense it and go into limp mode until it's removed, so it HAS to all be the same. The main reason that some buy it in bottles is that in many regions, with the exception of truck stops, DEF isn't available at the pump.
  11. Phil D

    Parts Numbers

    The OEMs and parts companies keep those systems locked up very tightly, for precisely that reason -- people like you, me, and other folks like us that are comfortable trying to specify our own parts are able to "shop" them too easily these days if they allowed that information to reside in the public domain.
  12. Phil D

    New gear ratio

    Reprogramming of the ECM is necessary to keep all functions that are dependent on calculated road speed (speedometer/odometer/cruise/fuel economy display, etc.) working normally and reasonably accurately. No gear setup should be required when pulling the axles and exchanging the carrier as a complete unit. The "setup" doesn't change as long as none of the internal components are adjusted or removed from the carrier.
  13. Phil D


    It is National Interstate, not National General, that is non-renewing all of their RV and Fulltimer policies and "placing" their former policyholders with Safeco. National General continues to write recreational policies. I just went through that myself this past February.
  14. Phil D

    Jackalopee install

    Outside is fine, so long as it's protected from precipitation. If rain can get to it, it can get in it. The "weatherproof" feature seems to be the only thing about the Jackalopee that doesn't work as advertised.
  15. Phil D

    Alternative energy trucks

    I recognize that place, too. When I was living and working in the Burlington area for a few years, the thing that I most looked forward to every year was the public tour there during the Tulip Festival. It's a fascinating place, and a guided tour with a company retiree made it even more interesting.