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  1. Phil D

    Parts Numbers

    The OEMs and parts companies keep those systems locked up very tightly, for precisely that reason -- people like you, me, and other folks like us that are comfortable trying to specify our own parts are able to "shop" them too easily these days if they allowed that information to reside in the public domain.
  2. Phil D

    New gear ratio

    Reprogramming of the ECM is necessary to keep all functions that are dependent on calculated road speed (speedometer/odometer/cruise/fuel economy display, etc.) working normally and reasonably accurately. No gear setup should be required when pulling the axles and exchanging the carrier as a complete unit. The "setup" doesn't change as long as none of the internal components are adjusted or removed from the carrier.
  3. Phil D


    It is National Interstate, not National General, that is non-renewing all of their RV and Fulltimer policies and "placing" their former policyholders with Safeco. National General continues to write recreational policies. I just went through that myself this past February.
  4. Phil D

    Jackalopee install

    Outside is fine, so long as it's protected from precipitation. If rain can get to it, it can get in it. The "weatherproof" feature seems to be the only thing about the Jackalopee that doesn't work as advertised.
  5. Phil D

    Alternative energy trucks

    I recognize that place, too. When I was living and working in the Burlington area for a few years, the thing that I most looked forward to every year was the public tour there during the Tulip Festival. It's a fascinating place, and a guided tour with a company retiree made it even more interesting.
  6. Phil D

    Shifter just for Jack

    I guess that's the reason you were asking here a few years back whether anyone really used it. At least you were able to "save" it. Truckers maybe don't consider them essential these days, but they're really handy for RV service.
  7. Phil D

    Shifter just for Jack

    Good looking shifter, Scrap. Mighty strange Johnson bar, though.
  8. Phil D

    Volvos for sale

    As installed in the truck, the differences in the reverse and first gear ratios will be irrelevant. The direct drive will be coupled to a much taller (numerically lower) gear in the rear axle, which will make the final drive ratios at every step almost identical to the OD trans coupled to a numerically higher ratio axle.
  9. Phil D

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    We're currently in Battleground Campground, Ringgold, GA, through 3/3, then on to northern Virginia for a few months of work.
  10. Phil D

    10/4 good buddies

    You KNOW that you're old when you can remember when "good buddy" was a friendly greeting, not a derisive insult -- and unfortunately, I can count myself among those that do. Unfortunately, I also fall into the group that's weighed in as being so old that they've paid for a CB license that came with a three-letter call sign. So with that said . . . KXT2266, out!
  11. Phil D

    2004 Volvo 780 vnl for sale

    Yes, a 2004 model year truck would have either a 2003 or 2004 model year engine, which, in the case of a Volvo engine, would be Cooled EGR only.
  12. I first noticed those signs at the Buc-ees in Wharton two years ago, where we often stopped (in the pickup) during our occasional trips back and forth between our home in the Valley and where we were staying in Spring. Presuming that the management and staff would react in a similar manner as the way that the Baytown folks did, I planned to avoid all Buc-ees when towing from that point forward, much to the disappointment of the DW, who loves them. I've also avoided fueling my pickup there when we've subsequently passed through "Buc-ees country", because if one of my vehicles isn't welcome somewhere, they lose all my business.
  13. Phil D

    Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

    Volvo created a lot of confusion with the way they worded that first tag, but all of the information is there, and it indicates that it was built as a tandem axle truck. What is confusing is that, instead of itemizing the two rear axles at 19,000# and 19, 000#, they simply said "19,000 (EACH)", which, combined with the FAWR of 12,350 and the GVWR of 50,350, declares by implication that it's a tandem axle truck.
  14. Phil D

    Troubled diesel-makers unite?

    The Lonestar is a very polarizing design, for sure. People either really love it or really hate it -- nobody ever says that they think that it's just "okay". Count me in with those that think it hideous, with that big chrome cow catcher on its nose, but I understand that those that don't share my opinion of it think that it's positively gorgeous.
  15. Welcome, Rod. If you're certain that all you'll ever want to haul is an ATV and your fifth wheel, the 6 X 2 version would be an ideal setup, because it could easily handle what you're proposing to haul, and it's essentially "pre--singled". The rigs that are "marginal" that Jim alluded to, are trucks hauling a smart on board, often along with a large, jam-packed drom box, and a trailer with a lot of pin weight, that was singled by separating a tandem set, so its 20k axle is very near its limit.