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  1. Went to dmv yesterday to ask questions about changing semi title to rv doesn’t seem to be a big deal sales tax is higher but most of our retirement isn’t taxed by illinois and we are happy with drs. Here. Need to do more research on having an address or do we use a family member? Been busy going through and purging stuff we moved 9 years ago and put under the stairs only to never open the totes. Probably don’t need anymore
  2. It sold at an auction for 12 million
  3. Thanks Phil I was looking for that and knew what most were but couldn’t remember all of them. How are the pups?
  4. On doing more research registrations and yearly renewals from what I’ve seen on web sites are kind of higher in South Dakota. Cheaper here in Illinois but the sales tax on vehicles is 6.25 from what I’ve seen our drv we have now is the highest travel trailer renewal that Illinois has and its 50$. Rv are 102$. But a lot of it is going up 50 dollars the first of the year. Need to make some calls and talk to real people at the dmv. One web site said Illinois plates for cars are 78 dollars they went to 101 a few years ago and 150 in 2020
  5. we are selling our home and property and getting out of Illinois. Still looking at South Dakota domicile. Haven’t talked to anyone about LLC in Montana don’t know if it would be worth doing
  6. We are thinking South Dakota I didn’t know you didn’t have to go to register vehicles. We are planning on buying a new hdt and thought the sales tax would be better than illinois where we live now. I wonder if they can change a title from truck to rv without going there. Anyone know?
  7. I hope I do better than you did. looks like if things go the way they look we will be homeless in February and out of Illinois by April. Got a smart car last week. Order truck in February and probably stay in Tennessee until truck is done
  8. The one I saw was on a drv mobile suites seemed easy to get too
  9. Saw this in October. One motor with a long shaft and two gears. One gear at each end of slide. 1/4-20 bolt holds gear to shaft probably broke. Pull covering down under rv and move insulation. They fixed it in the campground
  10. Getting info on an LLC to see if the sales tax savings is worth the price. The hdt will be new and fiber will be too. It might be just as cheap to pay South Dakota sales tax though.
  11. Thinking South Dakota domicile and Montana vehicle registration. Me too on the weather it’s 27 and snowed all day with high winds. Ready for warmer weather
  12. We are planning to join the 2020 group. We have a contract on our house now just waiting for the buyer to sell theirs so we could be homeless anytime. Wife is retired and I’m 4 years from retirement but I will quit working soon after the house is finalized. We to are tired of the work we have 40 acres in central Illinois great hunting and fishing but a lot of mowing and tree trimming. We are going to order our hdt when the house is final and change our domicile. We are hoping to be gone by spring and can’t wait
  13. You have to use them for what they were made for. Don’t know of anything camping world sells is rated for full time use.
  14. Hope you can make it roger and Karen was right on that one you don’t need to be climbing. Hope to see ya tomorrow
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