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  1. We have had our 2011 36rssb3 with the optional dresser slide for almost 2 years now and haven’t had a problem in rest areas opening both slides. We have even opened 3 of them up a couple times to sit at the table to eat just have to pick the right parking spot.
  2. Hey brad you going to be at the ecr?
  3. Stopped in Nashville for the weekend headed to crossville on monday
  4. Is anyone that is going to the ecr going to the cornbread festival in south Pittsburg tn On the 27th? We were thinking about going and being back for the 5:00 start that Saturday.
  5. I was going to ask the same thing. Just got done washing and waxing fifth wheel and supposed to rain both days on the way there.
  6. Has the email been sent out yet? Haven’t ad one come through
  7. We will probably be there to had a good time last year. Counting the work days down to the ecr.
  8. Shuttle will be money well spent
  9. Danandfreda

    Tinker Week?

    Don’t know how those compressors work but when that happens is the big ingersoll rand compressors at work the inlet valve is sticking open. Usually a switch that tells it to open or close
  10. Checked jelly stone and I just can’t see paying 101 a night and I think they and Koa at full for bigger sites. Made reservations at two rivers and gave us a discount of 10%. Can’t beat that. Thanks for everyone’s information
  11. Thanks we’re coming from Springfield illinois so we’re not going down that far
  12. Anyone ever stay at two rivers In Nashville?
  13. Ok thanks might just take our chances at Kia or two rivers only be there 3 nights plan on getting to deer run on the 22
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