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  1. The only I can see that the wires were even put together there was because the slides were made in a different place and then put in trailer and and then connected to the receptacle on the trailer wall , but all the 12 volt wiring is one piece no junction box. Doesn’t make sense but that’s how they did it. Safe travels guys
  2. It was easier than I thought. I remembered seeing the boxes under there an we were sitting in our lawn chairs having a cold drink so I though I could check it pretty quick. Better than moving furniture and pulling receptacles out. Everything’s plugged in and still working. May cut the ends off and remake the wires to make sure the connections don’t have any corrosion.
  3. Checked breaker panel cleaned out sawdust and lady bugs checked all terminals and were tight. Decided to check junction boxes under slides, the second one I came to was probably half full of water. It’s behind the tires under the slide. Let it dry and flipped the breaker on all was good. Thanks for the info to both topics
  4. Thanks retiredrandy we too don’t want to be anywhere that we HAVE to run both ac’s. I forgot to mention the gfci on the rv never trips. Had this problem before we sold our house when it was plugged in there to 110. It wasn’t instantly gfi tripped there but it would eventually. When hooked up to 50 amp everything was fine and even checked every receptacle with a tester and was good. Ruled out the power cord and 50to 110 power because it only happens on one circuit in the rv. Will investigate more today
  5. Thanks oldjohn I will check on the converter/charger. I pulled the panel off and couldn’t believe all the debris in the wiring. I will clean it out first then check tightness on the terminals, then if it still bad I will pick out an outlet in the middle off the circuit and unwire then turn power on to try to narrow it down. I’ve had to replace 2 outlets already because of wire that arc because they were loose in the rv style receptacle replaced with a residential old work box and receptacle. Not a fan of the push the wire between the blade to make contact. Not sure if the 50amp power was gfci protected it was in a state park and a private park with new service in a county that’s pretty strict on building codes but not sure if it’s required
  6. Gfci on the house tris when camper plugged in
  7. We are camping in my brother’s driveway for a week. We now have a drv mobile suite and am recording the amp draw on different appliances as we turn them on to get a rough idea and writing it down. On another note we are plugged in to a 110 gfci plug now and it trips as soon as it is plugged in. We were on 50 amp power last 3 months and no problem. I’ve narrowed it down to the living room circuit ( receptacles, ceiling fan , stereo system). Going to plug stereo into another outlet to rule that out all the outlets were use and one time or another in when hooked up to 50amp power with no problem. Any place that comes to mind to start I’m thinking it’s in the stereo mane a small short? This has done this at 2 different houses while plugged in to 110. Turned all breakers off and turned on one at a time to narrow it to living room circuit
  8. Thanks for the information the recharging will be from a generator at first no solar yet we will have it wired for solar. Trying to decide on generator. Going with Onan diesel but not sure on size 6000 watt or 8000? The 6000 has 50 amps 8000 has 66.6 I’m assuming that makes a difference on run time to recharge batteries. The 6000 will run 2 ax’s with 1000 watts left, the 8000 will will run both ac’s with 3100 left. I think the 8 is a little over kill. I think our plan will be to run frig on propane and the way I read it it’s 2.75 amps dc on propane.
  9. This is the info I’ve been looking for. We are trying to figure out the set up on a new fiver. Want to set up for some boondocking with 6 battle born 100 amp batteries. Going with the new norcold 18 cubic foot refrigerator that draws 2.75 amp on dc and 5.0 on ac. So if it’s 10 times 5amps times the 6-8 hours run time. 400 amps per day would 6 batteries be enough to get through a day? Not sure if I’m figuring right and that does not include lights or tv. Think it might be better to run on propane at 2.75 amps. What is the lowest you should run the batteries down before charging? Thanks for any input
  10. We went there a few years ago we went from illinois to okrakoke island then from there up the coast and around nyc. We stayed at a inn on bailey island, no campground but at Acadia National park there is, looked like pretty good size sites and plenty to do and see there. Plenty of lobster shacks on the way there.
  11. I have been running the manual machines since high school and didn’t want any part of cnc machines. Didn’t want to sit and watch it run I wanted to make the part. Maybe in our travels I can find some small shop to do some part time work off and on. Not a lot of schools pushing the machinist trade.
  12. Very nice shop with the lathes, horizontal mill and radial arm drill. If I would have ever made a shop like that I would have a different view of going full time rving. Don’t usually see that old equipment in that hood of shape. Very nice
  13. We talked to some people that were headed there(close to Madison) and said campgrounds are open, said Wisconsin made campgrounds essential. Haven’t checked on that but they were full timers with kids and headed there.
  14. Danandfreda

    ECR Do-Over

    Let us know when you are planing and if it works out we’re in. Have some dentist and dr appointments to make up in may hopefully but it sounds good
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