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  1. I was hoping for an early out at the power plant I work at going to shut 3 turbines down out of 4. Two of them this year so I was hoping they would offer us something to leave to save younger guys their jobs by not yet. I’m working till April 2 and using vacation and personal days the rest of April till may 2 maybe they’ll offer something but not getting my hopes up. Anything will be extra. We’re ready to hit the road and maybe meet some other 2030ers
  2. Thank you both for your response we are with escapees. We definitely want to vote so I might make another call just to be sure. We are in our third week of full timing. Headed to South Dakota the first week of April to get drivers license.
  3. Dre you positive the receipt has to be from the county that pmb is in? I just talked to dmv and they said we could go to any of them to get dL. I guess I just assumed it had to be in the state and be less than a year old
  4. I think you need 2 pieces of mail proving your address too. I’m going through that now trying to get rv registered first and maybe rv insurance or bank acct. I want to make sure I have all I need before I drive from illinois to get dL
  5. How is the knee doing roger? It’s -12 wind chill at home we are in Chattanooga it’s 42 here see you in April
  6. Good luck on the sale. We put ours up in July and had a contract in nov closing next week. Have you thought of selling without a realtor? We did and our buyers sold there’s without one. Just having title company do paperwork
  7. We are spending our first night in the rv, we are out of our house. Don’t close until the 13th but spent the day setting up and finding places to put things in the rv. It’s filling up fast but I’m sure we brought things that we won’t keep. Still have to work till April 1st but if the time goes by like the last couple months it will be here in no time.
  8. Yes John the 12.6 was at rest no ac power to it. And nothing at all on in rv , thanks for your advise. kirk I never said anything about modifications to our home. We built and wired our home. 9 years ago (. 5000 sq ft concrete exterior wall house) and had every inspection done and passed and I would bet the rules and codes here in central Illinois are as strict or more strict than a lot of places. There is no problem with the power supply, if there was a short in the house it would trip gfci all the time.
  9. Thanks John I took the batteries to have them checked yesterday and they said we’re just low water was actually a little high. Replaced gfci this morning. It’s prob 9 years old. This morning it was only drawing 1 amp and I checked voltage with and with out ac power and it was what you said. Looking. Back when we built I should have just put in a50 amp and been done.
  10. Ok here’s what I believe happened. 1 I shouldn’t have assumed that when we built the house that we put 30 amp breakers in garage 9 years ago I should have checked. 2 I missed a wire hooking up the batteries in December and it had something to do with charger because batteries were completely dead. And 3 not turning heater and fireplace off when I reset breaker. And 4 got to far ahead of myself thinking something was wrong and how to get it fixed before we start fultimimg Sunday. Thanks for all your help. Btw when I had batteries hooked up the charger pulled 6 amps alone 3 hours later it’s down to 3. Hopefully all is good now
  11. Thanks Kirk and oldjohn, the amp reading was taken off the control panel in the rv. I realize the gfci doesn’t trip because of load but thought the batteries could have a short but then found one of the overlooked white(negative) wires wasn’t hooked to batteries. I think the reason I tripped the regular house breaker was the fireplace on the charger kicking on and drawing more amps am me not being there to see it happen. This morning I went out with no batteries and fire place off and ceramic heater off and amp reading was 0 in rv fireplace drew 10 amps and all lights worked fine. I think gfci is needing replaced, and I was just drawing to many amps for too long. Going to have batteries looked at after work. Thanks
  12. Ok I think I may have found the cause and it was a dump mistake. When we built the house I had it in my head the we put in 30 amp in the garage. after checking this morning it is only 20 amp breaker with the 30 amp plug.so I reset gfci this morning and it stayed reset, And with only the fireplace and small heater on it was 22-23 amps this but it didn’t trip gfci. I turned heater off as soon as I saw that and it dropped to 10 amps and the fireplace put out more heat like it had its normal power. I probably weaker and heated up the circuit by resetting. Now with no batteries in and nothing on but one heater everything is normal including the 12 volt lights. Thanks for your time Chad and rv. Seems like the simplest things get overlooked.
  13. I have a mobile suites rssb3 2011 and for the last 3 days the recepticle in the garage is tripping the gfci. Never did it before. I reset last night and it was fine till I got home from work and had the fireplace and a small ceramic heater on 23 amps on the digital readout. Stayed on for about an hour then tripped. So I thought might be because of the gfci so I plugged it in to an inside plug and it stayed on but the readout read 2.4. Amps. I don’t know if the decimals are some kind of code? Then the in gfci breaker popped. I checked the batteries and the plates look like they have a crust on them I added distilled water to them last night and they already looked like that. The water was low but not to the plates. Tonight I noticed that there was a white wire that I missed when putting the batteries back in early dec. don’t know what it went to but it was one of the bigger white ones. So I hooked it up and the lights were a lot brighter but still tripped breaker. I took batteries out taped up all wires so nothing touches and plugged in breaker still popped. Batteries are 1 year old Trojan t-105 motive. Need suggestions thanks
  14. We would be in. We’ve been to a couple close to there but was a couple years ago
  15. Thanks rick, shorty, I remember hearing just didn’t know if it was the whole 70 page South Dakota rules of the road or not. Was hoping not.
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