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  1. Won’t miss the taxes at all we can stay in a campground all year and still not pay as much as taxes
  2. We’re hoping the worst is over by then too rick,we’ve been in This campground for almost 2 weeks mostly rainy and only 2 days warm enough to be outside for any length of time. We’ve only talked to a few people here and from a distance. We went for a drive twice but never got out of the car or truck. We have a 8x80 section of grass next to our long gravel sight. Yesterday we sat outside sipping on a drink and looked at the grass and said “we went from 40acres to this strip of grass” but it’s a lot less work, went back to sipping our drink. We’ll give you a call David when we know more on the truck. Take care everyone
  3. As much as we hated to do it we cancelled our reservation at deer run. We’re going to stay in Illinois until we hear when the truck will be done. Kenworth is on a shut down too, hopefully it will be done in may. Hope to see everybody in October.
  4. Definitely the right decision because it’s getting worse at least around here. We got kicked out of the state park we were in last Sunday when governor shut all state parks. 3campers there in the whole park, luckily we found a private campground only 9 minutes from work. Tuesday they sent us all home for at least two weeks. They will see then if they need to do it longer. So we won’t be there until April 16th now. Hopefully the truck will be ready about then. So much for planning, have to wait till places open back up South Dakota dmv sound like they are closing too. If anybody is driving trough Illinois on 55 just south of Springfield there is a campground all full hookups right on highway. It’s still open. See you all when this slows down
  5. Illinois governor closed all state parks here so we had to leave this afternoon and find an open campground. Now all restaurants and bars in the state will close for 2 weeks. Only curb side pick up is allowed. What sense does it make to close a state park with 3 campers in it, no hiking or fishing or being on the state property at all.
  6. We don’t either since we just sold our home and 40 acres but they never told us that. They would just write a liability policy to make it a full timers policy. So far herrmann Ins in rapid city has our business
  7. State Farm in South Dakota will not write a full timer policy but will add a liability policy if you are full time and already with them. They never said anything about our escapees address.
  8. Good then we won’t be the only one with an lgt again.
  9. We still plan on being there
  10. Hi kswrmk we just received quotes for hdt from miller, progressive,national general was a joke,State Farm will do it if you are a current customer. Herrmann insurance in rapid city has been the best. Miller no bobtail. St as the farm and herrmann that went through nationwide will let you great rates too
  11. Check to see if your state will give you a temporary permit to let you drive a commercial truck if you apply for it to be registered rv. South Dakota will do that but you have to send all the right paperwork in first to get the permit. Might be worth checking out
  12. I’m not an expert but the trailer fifth wheel hitch rides on air bags and articulates side to side. Air bags take the shock of bumps from beating the trailer frame to the breaking point. Might want to go to the hdt section and ask more, very knowledgeable people.
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