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  1. When we get different rv’s we use it in the driveway for a few days or a very close to home camp ground in case something does go wrong
  2. We have one on our 2004 f-350 and it is real easy to use just plug in and it tells you what to do depending on what you want,towing or normal driving. We have 2 towing and a couple of performance modes will look tomorrow to see what brand. We’re very happy with it on a bullet proofed 6.0 liter that tows a lot more than it was rated for stock and good mileage too.
  3. If it’s 1 1/2 I can just glue and screw 2pieces of 3/4 and glue the white piece back on. Today’s not the day though it’s in mid 90’s with heat index near 110 with a lot of humidity
  4. Thanks Jim it doesn’t look too bad to replace that small slide floor I was going to try and remove all the wood off of the white piece that you can see from the outside and re glue it on the new wood. I need to see what thickness the wood is. I have a planer if it’s an odd ball size
  5. We have a 2011 drv rssb3 and just noticed rot in our dresser slide out floor resealed a lot this spring. Waiting for the weather to cool down a little before I replace it. Replaced both axles to get rid of the nev r lube hubs was a pretty easy swap
  6. voltage. Proper outlet wiring with the following is tested: Ground and neutral present and contiguous  120-volt power between E1 and Neutral  120-volt power between E2 and neutral 240-volt power across E1 to E2 If there are errors in the outlet wiring like reversed power and neutral, missing grounds or improper voltage from E1 to E2 certain lights will not illuminate. All materials other than the Camco Plug are provided – you will need to bring a plug to complete the project. BRING THIS PLUG - IT IS NOT PROVIDED
  7. Best place I’ve found for reviews is a campground. Just drive through and stop and talk to people most will give an opinion. Ask them about good and bad and you can see what they pull them with.
  8. I have had different brands of travel trailers over the years haycock, forest river,and a couple other that I can’t remember. I definitely think the older ones are the best. I would stay away from ultra light or light weight trailers. If you look close when you go through them a lot of the wood is thinner and just doesn’t seem to me to be as solid, especially if your going to use it more than just the occasional weekend. Forest river Salem model that I had was 33 ft was very happy with that one. Just pay close attention to how it’s built and not so much on the shiny stuff. For sure check the tire ratings compared to the gvwr.
  9. I notice that when it’s time to clean the Roof. After a good scrubbing and adding the protectant for the rubber roof it stops and is easier to keep the sides clean. The roof oxidizes pretty fast in the sun
  10. We are starting now to sell the house and 40 acres with pond and pool. We have 4 years until we go fulltiming and I don’t want to have to wait. Keeping fingers crossed showed house yesterday and another today.
  11. Just tried out the project 50 amp tester at the Menard county fairgrounds down the road from us. We staying here this weekend for a trap shooter event. Thanks again randy
  12. We have had that same cover for 8 years on our truck, fades after all those years but still works great. Best part is getting to the front of the bed. Would like to find one for our 2004 long bed Ford 350
  13. We have had our 2011 36rssb3 with the optional dresser slide for almost 2 years now and haven’t had a problem in rest areas opening both slides. We have even opened 3 of them up a couple times to sit at the table to eat just have to pick the right parking spot.
  14. Hey brad you going to be at the ecr?
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