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  1. Can we pin this to top of page please!
  2. Hey Dave....hope you have a great time out at Q. Say hi to everyone from us and hope to join the snowbirds down there soon. Snow and -35 this weekend for us.....just about had enough of that.
  3. I used to fully charge my cordless tool batteries for storage but since I got a new e-bike that sits most of the winter here I use the charging recommendation from the e-bike for my cordless tools as well. 1. Before storage make sure that the battery is not charged more than 50% so that it will accept a periodic charge. (You cannot periodically charge a fully charged battery) 2. Once every month you must attach the supplied battery charger and charge for a period of no more than 15 minutes. 3. Continue this procedure once a month until more frequent riding. This process will make sure that your battery does not stay at a specific rate of charge for long periods of time.
  4. RickS

    Smart to TH tiedown

  5. I'm pretty sure its mostly Tony's fault for introducing us all to the hi desert riding experience....look forward to it every year now! With the amount of combined solar I'm sure we could power the whole site there.
  6. Dave, Congrats on the new system looks great...Chad does do excellent work! It sure is going to be quiet when we meet up in the desert this June again.
  7. Dave, We'll have to introduce Phil to those frozen Canadian shots that I bring to the WCR....you seemed to like those ones!
  8. Thanks Jim & Kellie! It was really nice seeing you at the rally again......maybe catch up with you on the gulf coast one day.
  9. Don't see why....same as all other tools instructions in the trash!
  10. Well if I could pay off that meter in 4 scans I may have to order one!!
  11. I think this would be great at a rally.....you can pay to weigh your rig and now you can get a picture or video of where your air leaks are.
  12. I like this a lot but at $20,000. is out of my price range. FLK-ii900
  13. Great to see some new people coming this year....and am going to miss some people from past years. Looking forward to this years WCR.
  14. RickS

    Truck battery charger

    I use CTEK chargers....no problems they have temp.compensation.
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