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  1. Semi-Trailer RV vs. 5th Wheel

    Here in Alberta, Canada if we have a commercial type trailer with air brakes on the trailer I would have to get a class 1 license (CDL). I will never have a air brake trailer because of these rules.
  2. Bikes on deck

    I load my bikes with a Phoenix bed when needed but wouldn't have a problem loading with wide ramps where you could put your feet down.
  3. Dave, Great looking truck! Hope we will see you at the WCR again.
  4. Definition of an RV

    Here in Alberta we can register a HDT as motorhome and I feel that IMO if you can register as a motorhome wherever you live in north america it just makes things easier. In our city there is a bylaw that prevents commercial vehicles from parking in a residential area's. I was served with a notice to remove my truck off of my driveway a couple of months ago by the city bylaw enforcement division. I contacted them and asked why I had to remove my "motorhome" off of my private property and was told it was a commercial vehicle. After a short conversation emailed a copy of the motorhome registration from the province of Alberta and the case was closed as motorhomes are allowed to park on private property. Any other registration I would have been looking for a storage yard.
  5. truck brakes

    Never had to stop that fast when I lost the brakes. But with the 4-air disk brakes on the Volvo I'm sure I would have engaged the ABS system. Don't know if the tires would smoke with the ABS system.
  6. truck brakes

    Glenn, I have lost my brakes on my trailer on three occasions. The truck stopped the trailer better than any other tow vehicle I have ever used but still stops a lot better with the addition of 6 disk brakes on the trailer.
  7. My 2018 Volvo VNL42T730 spec.

    Thanks for the info....I thought you were spec'ing a truck now! So, disregard some of the questions as they are not relevant since you have your truck. The disk brake option on my spec was $2990.00 so I thought that was reasonable. Also, not many would spec 14K on two seats but the Bose seats were and still are the best option we put in the truck. Don't know what changed but my truck and others I've seen have 2.67 and 2.43 gear options....hmm! But, the info is great and thanks for posting it. Safe travels.
  8. Mag Drill

    Turbo and Gas! You know all this stuff is in the grage!
  9. Mag Drill

    I bought a few things in the past year that make things a lot easier. All very small and portable. Hypertherm 088096 Powermax 30 AIR Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw Miller 215 MIG, Stick and TIG welder with spool gun Miller ArcStation 30FX Welding Table
  10. My 2018 Volvo VNL42T730 spec.

    I like the spec and have questions about some things. These are my opinions and what I would do. I like the new body style and since it's so close would spec a 740 I take it with the wheelbase you will not be using a Smart Car Deck? May have room for motorcycle. I see Eco roll is disabled-I would enable it. Are those the biggest fuel tanks you can add..I would go with as large as possible. 2.93 gears-How fast do you drive normally? Drum brakes-I would go with 4-disks......less hassle, better stopping distance. Can you get the 1650/1850 spec? It seems that the 1650 is not enough for me some times...wouldn't want less. Are you driving in cold weather conditions? Many options for cold weather. I would add factory TPMS. Are LED headlights std? If not it's a must have. IMO Are you going to use the commercial hitch...if not delete JOST AIR SLIDE LH RETRACTABLE RELEASE and slide hitch if possible. I would also add -KYSOR HDMS VARIABLE SPEED FAN CLUTCH -165 AMP or larger alternator DELCO REMY 36SI WITH REMOTE BATTERY VOLTAGE SENSE (12V) -FULL LOCKING WHEEL DIFFERENTIAL -HEAVY DUTY MAIN CHASSIS WIRING HARNESS COVERING -CLUTCHABLE AIR COMPRESSOR -FRONT STABILIZER -FUEL TANK CAP / DEF TANK CAP keyed locks Hope some of this helps.
  11. Our travel days have ended

    Best of luck....we're going to miss you guys!
  12. D11 vs. D13, enough or more power?

    Also, the higher torque rating of the eco-torque is available in the two top gears as well (on demand). When, I first got the truck with the 500/1650-1850 eco-torque I would put my foot into the throttle at the bottom of big hills but soon found out that leaving it in cruise and letting it sense the hill the 1850 torque was in effect and pulled better up the hill than putting it on the floor myself.
  13. deck weight, too heavy?

    I don't know what part of the rockies you are in but here in Alberta they have issued heat warnings today and tomorrow. We will be in the rockies next weekend. Hopefully the BC wildfires get some much needed rain. Looks like you're overloaded.
  14. Crossing the Canadian Border with a HDT

    Some very good advice above. Also, I take my sunglasses off a few miles before border crossings and ask whoever is traveling with me to do the same. They will ask you to do it most of the time and lets your eyes adjust to light without glasses. The parking brake is a no no.....I only did it once when going through the car/RV line and will never do it again. The last time we got searched was by US customs going to the ECR this spring. I was asked to open all the door's on the trailer and get back inside my truck. I did tell them that I had to set the parking brake and asked if that was OK now? This gives them the chance to protect their hearing in advance. They went through things but didn't really dump stuff all over the place. Look the person right in the eyes when answering questions , answer yes or no if possible and don't offer or start any conversations outside of the questions being asked. If you have been shopping have your receipts and total dollars spent in the currency of the country you are entering. The last trip home when asked how much I had to declare I told him we had $957.32 based on todays exchange rate of 1.32...he knew I was ready for that question. Also, be specific don't say you have been in Canada for "about" 8 days.
  15. Back up cam and TPMS. Ideas please!

    We have the TST 510 system for the trailer and the factory TPMS in the Volvo. We have Voyager wired camera on the trailer that was installed by RV manufacture. It's funny that you wouldn't want to have the camera available while traveling. The four monitored camera's we have the one I use the most is the one on the back of the trailer when passing and changing lanes.