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  1. Keep safe everyone! This is not a "flu" when this ends we will maybe be told the true numbers but IMO I think it is much worse than we know or are being told. Time will tell.
  2. Chad, Sorry for the loss of your co-worker! Also, thank you and all first responder's world wide for their heroic efforts through some very trying times. Dave, IT IS REAL! Comment's like yours above make no sense to me and if they put doubt in the minds of people you are part of the problem not a solution. Think about editing your post PEOPLE ARE DYING and that's not a lie.
  3. RickS

    Volvo Sleeper Project

  4. Well for now the USA/Canada border is closed to all non essential travel. We have had another 23 cases documented in the last 24hrs in Alberta.
  5. We are in Alberta. We have been to all the West coast rally's since the start and would really miss this trip as it is our biggest planned trip of the year. The amount of cases here in Canada are very much related to population base with Ontario and BC having the most cases as of today we have 74 cases in Alberta from last report. The USA has about 10 times the population we have here and from what I have seen from USA reports has about 10 times the cases we do. I hope that a vaccine is developed very soon so we can put this behind us.
  6. Here in our province we had 18 new cases since yesterday. We also have a very accurate way of reporting factual numbers with a national public health care system. I also hope to be able to travel this summer to the rally but wouldn't do it with out travel insurance or without the lifting of the travel advisory from health Canada being lifted.
  7. Well, I hope we can get through this world wide pandemic by June. You may know as Canadians traveling to the USA we must buy travel insurance and the current state of things there are no insurance company's covering any medical cost's associated with the COVID-19 virus if you travel out of country. God bless us through these trying times.
  8. Dave, Something like this may work as it is called an edge roller and could be recessed or hinged to pop up when needed.
  9. Can we pin this to top of page please!
  10. Hey Dave....hope you have a great time out at Q. Say hi to everyone from us and hope to join the snowbirds down there soon. Snow and -35 this weekend for us.....just about had enough of that.
  11. I used to fully charge my cordless tool batteries for storage but since I got a new e-bike that sits most of the winter here I use the charging recommendation from the e-bike for my cordless tools as well. 1. Before storage make sure that the battery is not charged more than 50% so that it will accept a periodic charge. (You cannot periodically charge a fully charged battery) 2. Once every month you must attach the supplied battery charger and charge for a period of no more than 15 minutes. 3. Continue this procedure once a month until more frequent riding. This process will make sure that your battery does not stay at a specific rate of charge for long periods of time.
  12. RickS

    Smart to TH tiedown

  13. I'm pretty sure its mostly Tony's fault for introducing us all to the hi desert riding experience....look forward to it every year now! With the amount of combined solar I'm sure we could power the whole site there.
  14. Dave, Congrats on the new system looks great...Chad does do excellent work! It sure is going to be quiet when we meet up in the desert this June again.
  15. Dave, We'll have to introduce Phil to those frozen Canadian shots that I bring to the WCR....you seemed to like those ones!
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