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  1. Very interesting thread. I had no idea these trucks could run that hot. Thanks for all the info.
  2. Dirt was fun to ride with after the West Coast Rally. I’m sure everyone would have a great time riding with him at his location. If we could make it we would join you.
  3. Got home today exhausted but happy. We had a great time at the Ambassador Park and at Hemingway OHV park. Thanks to Chad for a wonderful event. Can’t wait for next year. Thanks as well to all of the great new friends we met at the rally.
  4. We are leaving this morning and meeting up with Chad & Jen in Winnemucca tonight. See everyone on Sunday afternoon.
  5. I got the sticker as well in the same envelope the registration came in. It is so small and not really a sticker. Mine had no backing and tore when I tried to separate the front from the back. I just taped it to the registration card. I will deal with the officer if questioned. My sticker will not stick to anything.
  6. I read that a couple days ago. Closed until June 21st or so. We will miss you guys!
  7. Ten days until we leave for the WCR! Can’t wait. Truck and trailer are ready. Razor not so much, my fingers are crossed.
  8. How long did Jack have your truck to complete the work?
  9. Congrats, Beautiful, that is about the way I would like my 670 to look someday. What is your wheel base?
  10. Message Cory (Vegas teacher) then. He is in Las Vegas and spend a lot of time in Pahrump with his dogs.maybe he can meet up with you.
  11. I am glad you came back. Anyway my answers stand from your previous post. Welcome to the forum. Are you in northern or Southern Nevada.
  12. No, bobtail is not an issue. It is no longer a commercial truck. My insurance is not a commercial policy and I do not have a commercial class A. Others may have more to add but just because you drive bobtail does not make you commercial.
  13. I registered mine as a Motorhome. However mine was previously titled in Colorado as a Motorhome and made it easy. Others who just convert theirs have had to register as a private truck. Because I pull a trailer in excess of 10,000 lbs I need a class A non commercial license.
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