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  1. Nevada requires it for a non commercial A with a vehicle equipped with air brakes.
  2. Bingo, Thank you very much Mark! I just went outside and tried the same test with the engine running and all the warnings came on including the buzzer when quickly bleeding off the air. I will make sure to tell the examiner about how Volvo does the warnings.👍
  3. Thank you very much. I will try bleeding it down with a running engine today. I suspect it will work since it works properly when building pressure
  4. Just the key on after the pressure was built. Really just an air brake test. I will try tomorrow with the engine running.
  5. On bleeding down the lights come on the buzzer does not. All the way down.
  6. Buzzer comes on with the building of pressure from 0 to60. It does not come on when bleeding down past60
  7. I am taking the driving portion of my non commercial A test in two weeks so I have been practicing the pre trip and air brake tests. I have an 09 Volvo 670 with a D13/Ishift transmission. When I start the truck the low air buzzer and the red light/ dash light and warning message come on and continue until approximately 60 lbs of pressure builds and the buzzer and warnings disappear. It builds pressure rather quickly and the cut out activates at about 135lbs. Now here is the question. When I turn the truck off and the key back on it holds the same pressure with the brake applied for a minute easily. Now during the air bleeding process of pumping the brake the lights and dash visual warnings come on at about 60 lbs but the buzzer does not sound. I continue bleeding air off and the parking brake pops out at approx 25 lbs. is this normal or should the buzzer come on at 60 lbs as well as the lights? The driver test in Nevada seems he to indicate all that is needed to pass is the visual warnings. Could some of the Volvo owners out there see if the buzzer comes on on the way down in pressure. If they do I may have to have a repair done to the truck to get the buzzer to activate. Thanks in advance
  8. If you can email the pics I would like to see them to see if the truck would work for me. Please pm me and I will give you my email tim
  9. I will second Rater Bar J RV park it’s beautiful and central to everything. We stayed 10 days at wished it was 3 weeks. Mammoth Hot springs, Crazy Horse, Custer Park, Lead, Sturgis, Devils Tower, Badlands, Rushmore, on and on and on. Check out the caves and small lake hikes. I was blown away with the history in this area. If you can not stay entertained here, you are behind help! Enjoy
  10. My advice, take 299. Do not take 36. I have pulled 299 quite a few times with a 42 ft 5th. . The roads do not compare.
  11. As is the case with everything Chad owns , the Jeep is pristine. i didn’t realize there was this many accessories on it including the complete towed set up. That is a great price as equipped. Are you sure you want to sell? Just kidding, good luck with the sale.
  12. Have a great time Chad, don’t take any crap from the Can Am crowd😉
  13. Chad, you spilled the beans 😀.
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