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  1. Message Cory (Vegas teacher) then. He is in Las Vegas and spend a lot of time in Pahrump with his dogs.maybe he can meet up with you.
  2. I am glad you came back. Anyway my answers stand from your previous post. Welcome to the forum. Are you in northern or Southern Nevada.
  3. No, bobtail is not an issue. It is no longer a commercial truck. My insurance is not a commercial policy and I do not have a commercial class A. Others may have more to add but just because you drive bobtail does not make you commercial.
  4. I registered mine as a Motorhome. However mine was previously titled in Colorado as a Motorhome and made it easy. Others who just convert theirs have had to register as a private truck. Because I pull a trailer in excess of 10,000 lbs I need a class A non commercial license.
  5. I am in Nevada and have an HDT. Not an expert but what do you want to know?
  6. I am not a tire expert, however my trailer tires are inflated to 115 lbs cold and routinely run at 135-140 lbs when traveling down the road. That should not be an issue at all. Maybe I am wrong but cold tire pressure is just that, cold pressure not traveling temps/ pressure
  7. Great section on Solar installs and resources, Chad. How in the world can you document so much information.
  8. We have close to 5,000 miles on the truck since October when we bought it. All is good with the truck so far. We spent two weeks in Quartzsite with a bunch of HDT folks. Could not get home so had to park the truck, trailer and Rzr in Lone Pine for a week. They are currently home and waiting to get cleaned up. Going camping again this weekend.
  9. Cory, I just went through this in Nevada. The requirements are below, but I am sure you already know them. The hardest part of the tests is the worrying about passing. They are really not that difficult. This is the way it was explained to me. If you are towing a trailer more than 10,000 lbs gvrw ( that is a pretty light 5th wheel) you need at least a J endorsement. If that combination is over 26,001 lbs you need a Class A non commercial. It really makes no difference what your rigs actually weigh , it is the manufactures gvw figures that count. If the vehicle has air brakes you nee
  10. For what it is worth, when I replaced my tires I just pulled the slides in and lifted the trailer up with the hydraulic jacks, removed the tires/wheels and threw them in the truck and dropped them at the tire shop for half a day. Picked them up and put them back on. Not much of an inconvenience at all.
  11. Awesome, good for you. Just talked to Chad and looks like maybe a Razor upgradešŸ‘. I hope things work out and we can see you guys again soon.
  12. Congratulations , what a testament to how well you have organized and promoted the event. That is a lot of rigs!
  13. If I can catch them I figure 2 mph increase from the draft. I really hope we can hook up this year. I loved our discussions of snowmobile racing and tuning. I am a bit older but still remember grinding on the clutch weights trying to get the most performance out of the clutch.
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